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Is FapShows are scam or do they play fair? Let's learn more together.
Is FapShows are scam or do they play fair? Let’s learn more together.

FapShows features, pricing and safety information

We recently discovered another new adult webcam site called FapShows which is located at and so today I am taking the time to share our experiences using this site in this detailed review. As always our job here is to try and test each site and then share the latest adult webcam site reviews (all the reviews are there). We do our best cover all angles of a site from a totally honest and complete perspective. Before I get started I just want to start off by saying when I found this site I was pleasantly surprised to see that the whole page was covered with online and active models in openly accessible shows. That is not always the case, which can be illustrated by the last review I did earlier this week covering another new site called; (review at that link). My point is that does not appear to at all suffer the common pitfall for newer live adult cam sites of lack of selection. That being said, let’s get down to business with all the nitty-gritty details.


  • Token Costs: As far as initial costs there was no cost to register at and so the membership itself was 100% free with optional premium memberships once you join or credits options. You are presented instead with options for credits packages as follows: A. 19.99 Credits for $ 19.99 USD, B. 59.99 Credits for $ 59.99 USD, or C.  A. 99.99 Credits for $ 99.99 USD. (As shown below in the image below) costs

  • Auto Re-billing / Memberships: FapShows is a prepay model meaning that if you are concerned about ongoing charges you can stop worrying. There is no automatic re-billing or renewal that will take place unless you specifically look for this option and explicitly opt-in. When you buy a package of credits, it’s up to you and only you if you buy more if you do not get a membership. This gives you some peace of mind over sites that charge membership fees without disclosing auto-renewal. Be advised that billing and all payments are handled for the most part by a very widely known 3rd party that has been around for a long time and handles billing for tens of thousands of other sites. Epoch is a safe bet.
  • Price Per Minute Breakdown: I shared the price per credit/token above but when I did the math it looked to be about $2.50 -$3.50 per minute for live 1-on-1 shows and based on all our reviews that is a middle-of-the road value when stacked against other adult webcam sites.
  • Payment types: Visa, Mastercard, or any major credit cards are accepted by FapShows and transactions are securely handled. How the billing itself appears on your credit card statement also does not appear to be any sort of adult entertainment service as well; an absolute necessity for most people who enjoy using adult webcam sites.


Screenshot of the home page at
Screenshot of the home page at

As shown above, the home page is well-laid-out giving you ease of access to the search features and as noted above the selection of models online was good when we visited. As I noted in my last review of OnWebcam, there was an immediate sign of lack of active models; whereas that was not my experience here at FapShows. has a unique site lading page and thousands of white label sites just like it many of which you have has

To be exact we say about 200 live webcam models that we had never seen before on other platforms which is clearly a wide enough selection to make sure you find an entertainer that suits your tastes. There were also no clearly unattractive featured performers, something that cannot be said for all sites as well.  Our test session was with a brunette model by the username of MuttFuck; below are our detailed site observations:

OpheliaQT, one of the hotter models we found during our trial of
OpheliaQT, one of the hotter models we found during our trial of
  • Search Functionality: There were about 7 categories and a well thought out list of sub-categories underneath these which are located in an easy to find area. These categories are shown on the screenshot above, under the self-titled categories search tab.
  • Zooming Ability: These days being able to zoom in and get a closer look at the models during their shows, particularly in the middle of live shows is really important. You do not find extensive options to zoom but you can go full screen and the feature to do that is in the lower right hand corner of the model show profile pages.
  • Favorite Functions: Once you are a member you can easily click favorites to save time locating your favorite cam girls (or guys) at a later date. Find that function in the upper right hand corner.
  • Support: Luckily we did not have to use it but support is offered 24/7 and the tab is easy to locate along the bottom of all pages. There is a clear form that is not overly burdensome to use either.
  • Registration process: Most adult webcam sites these days make it easy to register because they know that is important and FapShows was no exception to the rule. Total time to register was 30 seconds for us. This was near the fastest registration time I have seen on any site anywhere. (I get more into that below)


Overall I thought that FapShows presented a solid value and would be an alternative to the larger adult webcam sites like our current favorite, Streamate (review at that link) but we still have our clear favorite for all the same reasons that can be read the review for that site. However, to the credit of I did feel that this site maybe a contender for our top 10 list as an up and coming site for 2015 and this was why;  once you register you can chat INSTANTLY and your comments can be seen by the models of which they will usually reply. We did not have to use our credit card for those steps. From there a green button above prompts you to buy credit but you can use the site a bit before getting credits which is rare in the adult webcam industry. Of course businesses do have to make a profit somehow and that is to be expected but the way by which they let you see the full operating of things before you agree to buy anything was refreshing.  I appreciated that you did not have to input your credit card before your comments could be read and replied to by the actual models. This reverse order of how we are used to adult webcam sites working could bode well for this site long-term.

However, like all new sites we want to give it time to see how our experiences are long-term and get the feedback of  others. We also want to see if FapShows maintains its’ ability to attract top adult webcam models.  Typically with adult webcam sites, having both a transparent and clear billing policy, as well as a really strong selection of models; coupled with a good marketing program is what determines over time if they will grow to serve a really wide audience.

My final words on this site are that, from our experience using, everything was clearly marked as far as fees and there were obvious steps taken to make sure we were not charged unless it was a premium show that we specifically sought out.

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