Free Cam Secrets, Is it Legit or Scam? advertises that they have the secret to free live cams, otherwise known as the Free Cam Secrets. This popunder has now been seen by nearly 7 million people by our estimates based on their traffic patterns.

What you need to know about Free Cam Secrets at

A. FreeCamSecrets has in the past carried a trojan virus that can infect your computer and lead to lots of wasted time and hassle getting this scam site / virus removed from your computer. Clearly for that reason alone you should avoid clicking on this site or staying on the page for long. Learn more about what is called camfecting here.

B. Their is NO SUCH THING AS FREE CAMS, nor any secret to be discovered about what they call ‘free live cams’. I would refer you to this post, where I discuss the types of business models and real options for consumers to be made aware of before they use a live cam site for adults.

The truth about, a virus and scam!
The truth about, a virus and scam!

So, no this site is not legit. The creator of is merely an affiliate of the Mtree affiliate program, and has devised a landing page and then taking it to the masses advertising on thousands of adult tube sites and elsewhere; something anyone can do.

You can read HONEST and 100% REAL live cam reviews here.

I should add the caveat that the site that Free Cam Secrets refers users to, in though in fact a excellent choice, we merely take issue with the deceptive manner that they employ in leading consumers to believe that it is free.

The sites name is streamate and in fact is it not free to use the live webcams as far as private shows.

However, that being said it is in fact 1 of if not the top  cam site online. Read the review for that site here.

In the meantime, stay virus free by steering clear of!