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Is OnWebcam a safe site? How does it stack up to other older adult webcam sites? Find out here...

Is OnWebcam a safe site? How does it stack up to other older adult webcam sites? Find out here…

OnWebcam.com features, pricing and safety information (Note, this site also operates explicitcams.com, exposedcams.com, and lesbotrick, the latter not a cam site) 

The other day we stumbled onto a new live adult webcam site which is called OnWebcam.com. Today I wanted to share the results of testing and trying this adult webcam site called OnWebcam.com. First of all as best I could tell it was not a platform but operated all on its own outside of being a brand over a different site. If I learn different I will update this review. Before I get into the costs I should just mention that the site is a lot like MyFreeCams (which is not free!) and Chaturbate; at least from my first impressions but it has a lot and I mean a lot fewer models. I will go back over observation in my conclusion of the site below. In researching this adult webcams site I also came across the fact that the owners of onwebcam.com must have recently purchased this domain for their new business as it was being advertised as recently as late 2013 in this post at forums.digitalpoint.com as a domain name for sale. The live cam site has just a two month old blog as of today and I also noted that OnWebcam.com is on Twitter but has a follow ratio that makes a spammer look good. Sorry guys, but if you follow 1,000 people and only 300 follow you back at least buy yourself some fake followers to save a little face.

Again, my point being that OnWebcam.com does not have much history in the adult webcams business and the domain appears to be managed by FABULOUS.COM PTY LTD.. The site says it is operated by Protranstech BV DBA Netpass Postbus 218 ljmudien 1970AE in the Netherlands though.  The parent company also appears to operate a streamate powered site called explicitcams.com. I’d be frankly a lot more apt to suggest you join their other venture but that is a white label site operated and run by streamate; and with white label sites I always suggest you join the main parent site. Ironically streamate is our editor pick so that is the site I would always refer with confidence. Streamate reviews are here.

Anyway, let’s talk more about costs and features of this new site.


  • The sign up process was fairly painless and took about 10 minutes. Unfortunately I was met with the one thing that I dislike about adult webcam sites; that is of course credits. Here is a screenshot:
This flat fee pricing is not a very good value.

This flat fee pricing is not a very good value.

  • am a big proponent of transparency when it comes to billing and I think the anytime you have to pay in advance and buy a package of site currency you always end of with the short end of the stick. That being said I didn’t rush to judgement.
  • At OnWebcam.com the credits were on the high side, making a dollar in the U.S. about 5 credits or rather a credits costing about 20 cents; meaning it would cost about $22.00 or more for the average full performance on live webcams. To put that into perspective it would cost about 5 bucks just to have a live webcam model stand and give you an ass flash; prices that are frankly too high. Overall that meant that the cost for shows averaged out around $6.00 – 9.00 bucks a minute was too high for us considering what other options are out there when it comes to live adult webcam site entertainment.
  • TIP: Like most adult cam sites you will pay twice as much for cam models in some cases whereas if you browse a bit the prices for other models maybe half that but on this site the token costs are really quite high compared to streamate where you can get ass flash and chat all day long with thousands of webcam models from all around the world for free. This is why I recommend streamate as often as I do.
onwebcam.com models did not overly impress us.

onwebcam.com models did not overly impress us either.


I thought the branding was fresh and clean on the landing page but what caught my eye was the archived live sex cam shows on the bottom 1/3rd of the page. This for me was a bit of a red flag that this live cam sites might suffer the issue that so many others do. What I am referring to is not having enough traffic to keep a large volume of models content. Sure enough I did find that OnWebcam.com only had about 15 webcam girls at the site and of these models many were not attractive. Anyway, let’s talk specifics.

  • Zoom: OnWebcam.com has a fairly nice zoom feature that is similar to the one I discuss in my reviews of Imlive.com. (review at that link)  but the one at OnWebcam.com is not as advanced.
  • Models Direct Messaging : This is an industry feature that is only offered by Streamate and Flirt4free (reviews at that link). This site does not offer this.
  • Look and feel: Load times are a bit slower than the top adult webcam sites at onwebcam.com. Perhaps that will improve with time.
  • Search: The search is there but not in a prominent and easy to find fashion. We suspect that the very limited selection of models that are on offer here is why they buried search. Really, there is not much use for search when you do not have enough models to even cover the home page.
  • Payment Options: At this time this live adult webcam site takes either any major credit card or bitcoins.


OnWebcam.com seems like a fine but very small adult cams site; it does not have neither the features nor the vast models selection that you find with the larger more advanced platforms and the prices are higher than other far superior platforms. Our general concern with smaller sites is that they are not:

A. Proven yet as far as acting responsible with billing practices and B. In general might present more risk than potential rewards to consumers. That being said there is nothing specific I experienced would lead me to caution people against joining onwebcam.com except a poor overall value. The Editors Pick for the top live adult webcam site here.

We don’t link to this site anymore because it’s just a copy aka white label of Streamate. We instead link to the original platform

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