Which adult cam affiliate programs are the best converting

…and where to sign up for adult webcam affiliate programs.

Welcome webmasters. These are our own suggestions based  on our personal experiences that we have had here at BestAdultCamSites.com as far as which adult webcam convert the best. I have always believed in transparency and helping other webmasters. All we ask is that you write your own reviews and do not base you thoughts off ours or copy any of our own content. We have taken a lot of time and energy in writing out in a rather meticulous way, our adult cam site reviews so please do your own research and don’t take shortcuts. That being said here is our take on the best performing adult webcam affiliate programs.

1. Slut Roulette affiliate program – operated by Live Free Fun under the Crak Revenue affiliate program has been very good to us but you must send good quality traffic versus bounced around adult gallery traffic. TGP or Tube traffic, in general is really crap and does not convert well at all. The prospects you send really make all the difference in the world and they need to be from outside sources that are not overexposed to adult cam offers.

This program also encompasses FreeCamsExposed.com, MyFreeCams.com, ExposedWebcams.com, GayCamsExposed.com,  Ruscams.com, WebcamHispanas.com, as well as dozens of other sites including some dating sites that also do well. They accept global traffic and and revenue share is as high as 30% or $ 75.00 per signup depending on the specific offer that you decide to promote. Evaluating your traffic and trying different offers is the key to getting the best conversion ratios. What we really like about Crak Revenue is the fact that this site creates opt-in pages that increase you conversion ratios over sending someone into just a cams room where they would need to hunt down and find the registration page. If you do a good enough job selling the reasons why one should sign up then all that is left to do is send you traffic to a page where they can sign-up. That is just one reason why we recommend this program though. With their Slut Roulette site, harsh site names aside, men respond well to the offer and layout of this particular adult cam site. Their wide array of offers and creatives make for a great all-around adult webcam affiliate program.

You can sign up for this program here.

adult cam affiliate signup

2. Streamate Affiliate Program –  The next best adult cam affiliate program we can recommend is streamate by Mtree. Streamate adult cam sites now power the vast majority of the industry leading adult cam sites and it’s no secret that the sites has better conversions than more sites by nearly a 2-to-1 ratio. The sites operated by streamate now number in the thousands and many adult webcam sites by large affiliate adult cam affiliate program companies are simply white label streamate sites. You can though go direct to the source and sign up with the streamate affiliate program and promote adult webcam site streamate or opt for any of their other niche adult cam sites like Streamen, the gay version of streamate, or  TS mate the shemale or transexual free cam version of streamate. The compensation levels are $40 per join of streamate or $35 for the other two. While that may not be as high as other the conversion ration is what you really want to compare to evaluate your return on investment. Clearly, the best  compensation plan with Streamate or Streamen is their revenue sharing option since people who sign up tend to stick with streamate for the long term. Over 1 persons lifetime it’s not  uncommon for them to spend thousands of dollars. Think about it. It you refer 10 people who spend $1,000 each that is $ 10,000 in revenue meaning your split is$ 3,500.00. Clearly over time, if you have a high traffic site you maybe able to register hundreds or even thousands of people. The income potential can be substantial.

You can sign up for that program here.

adult cam affiliate signup

I hope you have found  our article on the best adult cam affiliate programs for 2014. Please consider sharing it with other webmasters and make it a great 2014!