Reviews of ExposedWebcams

ExposedWebcams Reviews (It’s Not Free!)

Exposedwebcams is not really a legit offer and while it’s not so much a scam it is more of a sneaky way to introduce to you a platform that is just interested in making money off visitors. Let me share the details on how exposed webcams really work!

exposedwebcams scam
exposed webcams scam is just a gateway from this site to an offer for a cam site that has nothing to do with ExposedWebcams!

Reviews of ExposedWebcams

This is going to be a blog post more than a review of Freecamsexposed and ExposedWebcams. These are interesting portals designed by crack revenue for their live adult cam sites and so I wanted to take a few hours out to shed some light on what they are, how they work, and if they are safe to join.

Safety concerns can be put to rest…

First off, let me start with the last and most common question.

Yes, they are entirely safe to join.  The fact is some people respond to simply seeing an adult cam site such as how has presented their value proposition.

However, you deserve to know the truth. is just a marketing ploy to explain a service of a site their site is cloned from, which is oftentimes what an explainer landing page does; presents services for a different actual site.

In the case of this xxx webcam site, you can just register directly at the ACTUAL UNDERLINING SERVICE which is located at Read our Streamate reviews for a real first-hand understanding of what is free on exposed webcams

It’s really that simple. is merely a video explanation that shares the signup process for Really that’s it. You may have seen this ad before and wondered whether it was a scam. is not a scam but it’s not very transparent either.

These are the exposed webcam ads. I disclosed the actual site that powers this one so you know what you are actually getting.

The bottom line is no different from a coca-cola ad, they are just approaching the way to share their cam site with you in a more effective manner for some people who will see the video. The ads are currently used all over adult tube sites and on adult thumbnail galleries.

Likewise, also directs you to the same site and walks you through the sign-up process. Here is that ad which if you spend any time on adult tubes or looking at nooky online, you have most certainly seen as well…

Is a scam? NO it's simply marketing. The site is in fact 100% free.
Is a scam? No, it’s simply marketing. The site is in fact 100% free.

Is it really free? Yes here is why…

Since guys decide to take women into private chat sessions at their own discretion using the free chat is always 100% free. That is the business model and I might add it works.

Tens of thousands of men use the site every day but most are smart enough to read the fine print and go over to before they sign-up.

I suggest you read the slut roulette reviews as this site is under the same management and their adult cam sites are awards-winning.

JUST DON’T ACTUALLY REGISTER THERE. Go to the source site at

At the source site called Streamate, the support is always there in the extremely rare case you ever had a problem. In 4 years as a member though I can’t ever remember even thinking of anything in which I’d need to email support.

The fact is the billing is discreet if you ever ask a gal to go into private webcam chat, which is boldly and clearly marked as such.

What many sites won’t tell you is that this is also the same company that has the explainer site and clone called Jerkmate. That too is not even a real original sex cams site but a clone-like exposed cams!

Reviews of ExposedWebcams
Reviews of ExposedWebcams

The features and functions are great on the site and there is a massive selection of models but again do not join at the explainer page go to the true source site which is

The fact that is costing you NOTHING to chat in free adult cam chat is supported by the fact that guys want to take gals to private chats. So it’s not rocket science as to why the site is free and will always remain free in the general chat areas. I MIGHT ADD YOU REALLY DO SEE NUDE CAM GIRLS IN.

exposed webcams
If you take the time to read you will learn none of the so-called exposed webcams models really work for that website.

Listen, I am not a fan of how these folks present a cam site as totally about free sex cams though as that is not what keeps the lights on and cam girls chat sites are not free because the women are working.

The most recent reincarnation of exposed webcams from the same company is called Jerkmate; and you guessed it, this too just tried to repackage streamate.

Other sites like it are doing the same thing though, such as xhamsterlive.

Not to mention this is certainly a lot better than risking life and freedom using sites like DirtyRoulette.


If you are paying attention and visit the true underlining erotic webcam site, the company that REALLY owns it has every reason to always make sure everyone involved is as happy as a clam. Are clams happy? Apparently.

There is no trickery or deceit going on with both Free Cams Exposed and Exposed Web Cams except that there not telling you you could go directly to the real site they promote on your own and that is of course at

It’s simply a marketing angle to convince you stubborn ox out there that adult cams are safe and fun and won’t cost you an arm and leg.

The bottom line is that millions of men now log into adult cam each day and the parent platform here is one of the top nude cam sites.

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