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Top Alternatives to Chaturbate, Sites Like Chaturbate

Tried and just burned out? Looking for other cool cam sites like chaturbate? You are in luck. We share the top alternatives to below. See what makes for a site like Chaturbate and what other neat things you might find from similar cam sites.

Hi and again welcome to best adult cam sites. We’ve been offering cam site reviews for 5+ years now but we also examine all the interesting topics in the live sex and cam shows realm. That said today we are discussing and the similar sites to Chaturbate.

Most Well Known Site like Chaturbate is Called BongaCams

As far as sites like Chaturbate the first live porn cams site that I might recommend you would want to take a look at also uses tokens. I suppose the key difference to point out between this adult webcams site and are the fact that there’s more American cam girls at Chaturbate then there is at bongacams. Yes the cam site like Chaturbate is actually bongacams.

So as far as bongacams. It’s actually a Russian version of adult web cams site chaturbate…. Or at least that’s how I would describe it. Let me explain. Basically launched about 5 years ago a year after Chaturbate and at first it wasn’t very large and they didn’t have many cam girls. However, since that time they’ve grown at hyper-speed. They required a series of different European live sex cams sites, they have launched also initiatives; such as a heavy drive for marketing and promotion via their affiliate program and they have come out guns a-blazing with sponsorships and adult entertainment conferences. Coupled together these efforts appear to have really helps bongacams reach critical mass.

sites like Chaturbate
Of the 3 adult cam sites most like Chaturbate, BongaCams is the most similar.

Just an interesting side note both Chaturbate and bongacams have recently been banned by the Russian government and that means their websites are nearly impossible to access from inside of Russia. However for the rest of the world including the United States where live sex cams are so popular accessing either site is not a problem.

2nd Cam Site that is Similar to Chaturbate is ImLive

So the next cam site that I might recommend you to check out doesn’t use tokens they actually use credits. The site is called I’m live. No, it’s actually spelled I-m-l-i-v-e dot-com, but like this Okay so Imlive is a more privacy centered nude sex cams site. I think I should mention right off the bat is that this cam girls chat site is also easy to bars at costs are considered. You see with credits are worth exactly one US dollar. Typically you’re going to spend around a dollar to a dollar fifty per minute using this private sex campsite. Okay so here’s a few quick differences. You first need to register at and get a small package of credits. That said Imlive cams is actually cheaper than Of these 3 cam sites like chaturbate I think is the best because the costs are lower and the quality of mobile sex cam shows is better.

similar to chaturbate
ImLive is similar to chaturbate

3rd Alternative to Chaturbate is StripChat

Okay so now I’m the last site. The last adult webcam site like chaturbate is called operated out of cypress and actually shares the same parent company as the huge free porn tube site called Yes that same xHamster…you know the one. So the funny thing is recorded free porn is sort of dead…I mean right?! So apparently is The Mastermind of the owner and CEO of the holding company that operates hammy media; who also owns this tube site. Rumor has it they were losing so much traffic but they decided to launch their own live sex webcams site. Well the funny thing is is they’ve actually achieved a limited amount of success and it’s starting to catch on. Minus a few early bad decisions in management, stripchat seem to have found their way and are adding cam girls at a pretty healthy clip. So as far as the actual site goes the cost of reasonable the speed of the streaming sex webcams is quite good, and the selection of good xxx cam shows as a result is solid.

xxx cam shows
The featured model for the screenshot is Vellarin, one of my favorite cam girls at this adult chat site.

You can actually read all Imlive reviews as well as reviews on bongacams as well as a description on how works here. So that’s pretty much a wrap on cam sites like Chaturbate. They’re really not that many similar sites to Chaturbate because Chaturbate really is in a league of its own. I mean let’s be real…if you have really taken the time to learn how the ‘Bots’ and back-end features at work then you know as well as we do that it’s one of the leading places for adult cam chat. We left off CamSoda but it too might be considered a cam site like Chaturbate because they offer nude webcam shows that users tokens as currency. You can you read our CamSoda reviews for the full details on that option.

You can try as a viewer or register as a cam model on chaturbate and even make a few bucks being watched. If your a hot or creative minded male or female you may even make some serious coinage there. A couple from San Diego who are friends of my wife and I did just that, earning 6 figures over the past year creating one of the top couples sex cam shows on this platform. We also wrote a really detailed chaturbate review where we went into a lot more detail about what makes it such a popular streaming site for cam girls as well; something you should consider reading.

Lastly, just to share some other interesting reading here; if you are looking at ways to just save cash on your adult entertainment costs then you also may want to read our post about super cheap cam sites. You will see some valuable points there on saving some money while having nearly the same experiences with cam girls. However, if quality over cost is your objective skip to the post about the top cam sites of 2019. Maybe the most fun of all our content though are our feature articles on the hottest cam girls.


Streamate or LiveJasmin – Which is Your Favourite Adult Webcam Site?

Asking me to choose between my two absolute favorite adult webcam sites? This seems to be a trick question. I have been regular on both equally, had my moments (or hours!?) of pleasure and yet this question has set me thinking…

What the heck? I am up for this challenge, and will review each of this top adult cam site on pre-set parameters and hopefully arrive at an answer.

To be unbiased and fair, I have laid down a few criterion and will be rating these sites out of 5

(5 being the highest) to arrive at a well-informed decision. So, let’s begin –

streamate vs LiveJasmin
streamate vs LiveJasmin – featured cam girl is from

Look and Feel

I have to admit, I am NOT a fan of shady looking, shoddy webcam sites that offer nude cam shows at cheap rates; I would rather spend a little and enjoy a good show. So, when it comes to ‘look and feel’, both the sites give each other a tough fight. They look clean, uncluttered, smartly laid out (Noobs rejoice!) and well planned.

But again, when it boils down to a personal favourite, I will have choose LiveJasmin over Streamate. That Red color in background sets the mood right and enhances the thumbnails that are populated by gorgeous cam girls and boys. Not only that I also get to choose the size of the thumbnails which means no endless waiting for the ‘next page’ to load. LiveJasmin also features – Two-way audio feature, Cam2Cam feature, and a private session with the model – this is something not available with ‘all’ the models of Streamate.

So, the score is LiveJasmin – 4.5/5

                        Streamate – 4.0/5

Costs – Which offers Cheaper Cams Chat

Costs have to be one of the most important factors while comparing two adult webcam sites. Let’s quickly have a look at the costs of each before we dive into comparisons.

LiveJasmin Membership Costs – LiveJasmin has few membership plans that allow you to purchase credits for a certain amount. The cheapest package comes at 17.99 worth of credit at $31.99, which I think is dirt cheap when you compare it to other good adult webcams. As the prices of the packages go up you also get to lay your hands on free credits with each package.

Streamate Membership Costs – Surprise surprise, Streamate offers you plenty of quality stuff at absolutely zero costs. It doesn’t have a concept of membership fees which makes it a free adult webcam site.  They also have this ‘pay per minute’ chat rooms that can be accessed without any membership fee or recurring costs. That means you only pay for what you see.

LiveJasmin – 4.5/5

Streamate –  5/5 (who says no to free, quality stuff)

good cam sites
We compared Livejasmin and Streamate 2 good cam sites to see which is the best.

Security – Are They Both Truly Private?

When you parting with your personal sensitive information like name and credit card details it is only natural feel paranoid about the security. Are these alleged ‘best sex cam sites’ safe? Take my word, when I say 101%. I have had inspected both of these from various angles, and have found them to be secured and safe. They both follow basic internet norms, and definitely fall under ‘safe to enjoy adult cam sites’.

We need to settle with a tie here.

LiveJasmin – 5/5  

Streamate – 5/5

Variety – Which Site Has Hotter Cam Girls

I couldn’t have possibly counted the number of models on each of these websites offering me Best live porn to ascertain which website gives me a better variety. So, I took the next logical route and compared the categories that each of this adult webcam sites has to offer. And, Streamate wins, hands down. It has about 25+ categories with approximately 50 cams in each. And, that, mind you, I have quoted on the lower side. Crazy is an understatement.

Of course, I have to admit that not all cams are free and I may have to shell out few bucks to see the show, but hey why not! That said, LiveJasmin, is not really lagging. It also boasts of about 15+ categories grouped on the basis of price, kink, ethnicity and so on. However, because it is a ‘comparison’ I find Streamate slightly better than LiveJasmin.

LiveJasmin – ⅘

Streamate – 5/5

I think I have summed up fair number of points for you to judge which adult webcam site is better than the other. I would, however, still remain undecided, and blissfully so!

Join Streamate and LiveJasmin and let me know whether you have a personal favorite or you like me would like to sit on the fence. To dig a little deeper read our reviews or Streamate reviews and see what else sets these two cam sites apart from the crowd. 

college cam girls

5 Hottest Chaturbate College Cam Girls

There is nothing hotter than college cam girls and Chaturbate is the leading place these days to find hot young girls on cams. All over 18 and working of course, but many not far over 18; as this is the adult cam sites most know for University girls getting naked on live cams. Today we have a special treat for those of us that love adult webcam site and super hot cam girls. It’s our annual list of super hot college cam girls at Chaturbate.

Chaturbates Hottest University Cam Girls

college cam girls
Chaturbate is known for college cam girls, but this list helps you find the hottest University co-eds at this popular adult cam site.
  1. A virtual university of orgasms venezolanacute is an ‘OH WOW’ cam girl show if I don’t say so myself. The cam girl venezolanacute features either 1 college cam girls from Venezuela or her and a few friends heling each other orgasm; and yes it’s all live in HD on webcam. These ladies are getting naked and totally wild each time I watch this cam girl show. Masturbating on webcam, dancing in their panties, fondling each other on live cam and much more! It is a super fun, playful, and vivid college cam girls show! Check it out her show here.

  2. katyavalachova is a Canadian College cam girl who is 18 with a passsion for role playing. She also has a big ass and loves to twerk on cam live. Check it out her show here.

    3. Wowzers is all I can say when it comes to Chaturbate cam girl amy_wise. This newbie 18 year old cam girl is as kinky and wild on cam as ladies who have been camming for eons, but she in in fact brand new! Check our her live sex cam show here.


    4. Real orgasm webcam shows don’t get much more authentic that popular Chaturbate college girl ariadna_miller! Check out her live sexy webcams show here.

    ariadna_miller has a real live orgasm each time she goes on cam

    5. Last but far from least the resident 420 friendly cam girl and naughty University girl wake_and_bake. She’s sweet, naughty, fun, and stoned cam girl who has a blast getting naked on webcams. Check out her nude cam show live here.


We’ve enjoyed helping you located the most incredible hot college girl cams models at the most mobile masturbation cams website Chaturbate.

Sites like Chaturbate with Hot College Cam Girls

3 other top college girl cams websites are BongaCams, StripChat, and CamSoda. As far as sites like chaturbate with really hot college cam girls it’s really hard to locate any that are nearly as fun as chaturbate. The chaturbate college girls just due to the size of that cam site are probably hottest among all the current live sex and masturbation webcams. That said, we tried the others and will highlight a few facts from the reviews.

  • Our CamSoda reviews also share why it is the best alternative to Chaturbate. There are lots of really exotic women dancing naked in chat rooms here and they are typically more adventurous in our experiences. really can be a blast as far as lesser known adult cam sites.

  • As we noted in our BongaCams reviews, that cam site is similar to Chaturbate, but most of the cam girls are from far off countries in Eastern Europe like Latvia or even Russia. It’s hard to tell if they are telling the truth about being college cam girls or just role playing, whatever the case; their gorgeous cam girls. is a fun adult video chat site overall.
  • As noted in our StripChat reviews, that is another fine site like Chaturbate, but it’s still new and sometimes seems like an unfinished adult chat cam site. might be new as far as sex cams but it’s also a very busy cam girls chat site with more 900 performers live at most times. 

Also remember we have detailed adult cams site reviews, which is the biggest focus of this website!

3 Super Cheap Cam Sites!

Let’s be real. Men are cheap when it comes to most things and men who are paying for sexual services online are going to be just as cheap if not cheaper as they would be when they are shopping for other services. Therefore, today we are taking a closer look at the cheapest live sex cams sites. It’s as simple as that. We wanted to know, “Where can you get the best deal on live sex webcams?” I bet you do too.

Save major bucks at these 3 cheap sex cam sites.

Values and Prices of Live Sex Cams

We are not going to beat around the bush today. The two lowest cost sex chat sites are Streamate and StripChat. The selection is better at Streamate (reviews at that link) as nearly twice as many cam girls are active on as most of the other xxx cam sites. Porn cam sites really vary in cost and the fact is discounted shows or free token offers are usually just a trick to get you to register and then pitch you at full price. Some cam sites are even shady enough that they will try to make you pay for a membership. What is this early 2000’s adult dating? Come on now, guys we have to be hip to that fact that there is never a need to pay for a monthly membership. Likewise, I am here to tell you that the real secret to getting the best deal is shopping around. Just like you would for a pair of shoes, you need to first check the prices of adult webcams sites. However, most of you don’t want to register at a dozen or more adult webcam sites; giving each your personal details, just to run a few test on how the prices compare. Am I right? This is why we think some of our readers will enjoy our frank, straight-to-the point observations on this topic of xxx webcams costs.

Okay so if you read our adult webcam reviews section then you will not be shocked that we have as the best cheap sex cams site. Again, it’s just a fact that this cam site has more English-speaking nude women on webcams than any other webcam site on the internet. When you have that many women competing for customers your bound to see a large degree of separation with the prices for live sex webcams.

With that said, StripChat (reviews at that link) is another often untapped resource for very fair if not low average prices for xxx chat on webcam. We did a little hunting and were able to come up with dozens of cam girls that charged less than 2 dollars per minute. Likewise, we found this was typical that there were quite a few low-cost cam girls at this site. Anything under 2 dollars per minute is on the lowest end of costs for adult cam shows. is a must try new adult webcams site.

The 3rd Lowest Cost Sex Adult Webcam Site is ImLive

Prices for live sex webcam shows at sites like LiveJasmin (read the livejasmin review here) trend toward $4.00 per minute. Also don’t be fooled into thinking that Jasmin, LivePrivates, or MyCams are any different from LiveJasmin, they are all the same site with different logos. That cost per minute is not bad but, based on our experiences the cheapest sex cams sites; sites where you can find the lowest cost adult webcams shows are the two we mentioned above because of the sheer numbers of naked women on webcams. What you need to be aware of is that fact that these cam girls are competing for customers. Prices of live sex cams really are set by the models considering the cam sites merely facilitate the shows by offering the technology and payment systems to connect the 2 parties. They make a cut of the total amount of money spent, but there are certain methods based on each cam site whereby you can find lower cost cam girls shows. This is where you can save some money, in knowing how the navigation and search works and what patterns exist within each site. So while the average prices maybe closer if one was to total all the cam girls prices and divide that by the number of models online; we instead looked for ways to pinpoint anomalies or rather the best values.  So best way to find those anomalies in xxx webcams costs at is to search for what are called, ‘Happy Hour Shows‘. These are clearly marked on their home page and these shows are just cam models who are offering live nude shows for .88 cents per minute. The complete reviews are here as well if you want to get more information about what else this site offers.

Top 3 Cheap Sex Cams are ranked above. We saved the most on live xxx cams using these websites.

In conclusion we found our best deals for adult webcam entertainment at these 3 sites in the order listed. Particularly though, by searching either ‘1dollar’ in the search box at the cam site linked to the image above or by just browsing the newest cam girls we nearly always saved a ton of money. Our costs dropped by nearly half actually once we started doing those two simple things and with over 1,000 cam models online the selection never really suffered. Lastly, I should also mention that if you want to learn about all the different options, you should make sure read our adult webcam reviews.

Chaturbate vs LiveJasmin Head to Head Comparison

It’s time again for us to look at direct comparisons of two very popular adult webcam sites. First we have Chaturbate, a site that was launched in 2011 versus LiveJasmin a site that what was and maybe still is the undisputed king of adult webcams. This is a head-to-head comparisons of Chaturbate vs LiveJasmin. Remember at any time you can skip this and go direct to the rankings and reviews for the best adult cam sites. This tool saves you time in sharing our experiences using adult webcam sites.

Which adult entertainment site is better and why?

livejasmin versus chaturbate
livejasmin versus chaturbate

head to head comparison of LiveJasmin vs Chaturbate

Let’s start with the old guard, LiveJasmin. LiveJasmin was started in the good old early days of live chat and it was a league ahead of everything else when it came to naked adult webcams. But what about now? It’s since matured into a refined adult webcams site with loads of gorgeous ladies, but there are cracks in the seam and it’s not perfect. For example as LiveJasmin has grown up it’s placed rigorous requirements on studios and performers to constantly improve the quality of their internet speed and also provide the site with high quality professional photography. This is sort of the hallmark of LiveJasmin and if we can insert our own opinion for a moment we also think this is a reflection of the personal style of the György Gattyán and Karoly Papp the men who first created this website. They must envision live webcams for adults as something that will inevitably blend with Hollywood; perhaps they see LiveJasmin webcams as a place the stars of the world will use for their adult escapades and make money from those endeavors. But will they? At least looking from the outside in on how LiveJasmin has evolved this is just one webmasters impression.

Next we have Chaturbate, a site that over the first 3 or 4 years was sort of looked down on for the fact that everyone was allowed to see all performers shows. The focus of the site was to mimic a local strip club; albeit to be the online version. These are one must agree radically different businesses. Most thought that Chaturbate would burn through their performers and that this freemium model would not compete with premium adult webcam sites. Most were wrong though at least so far.

Chaturbate today continues to take market share from LiveJasmin and performs as well. Their traffic continues to grow and because it’s all driven by the models it’s hard to bet against their business model. Chaturbate does not provide the same quality user experience for those who want 1-on-1 sex chat, but the powerful weapon it does have not is more of a cool factor than ever before. Couple that with more American cam girls and you have a real threat to LiveJasmin live sex webcams site as well as the other top adult webcams sites. As of the last few months more models with Colombian and Romanian webcam studios have also moved over to Chaturbate and some of the top models on LiveJasmin have also started to broadcast from Streamate. (Streamate is an American premium adult webcam site. Full Streamate reviews) Our just try and see what we mean.)

NOTE: Another site like Chaturbate is on the rise called BongaCams. Learn more about BongaCams in the bongacams reviews.

Adult Cam Siteschaturbate comparisonLivejasmin comparison
Cost of ShowsTie - LiveJasmin and Chaturbate are neck and neck for costs but LiveJasmin provides lower cost shows because of the fact their are more foreign girlsTie - It could also be said Chaturbate was cheaper for sex webcams though if you look at shared group adult chat.
Number of cam modelsChaturbate does not have as many model but their are more American webcam girls.Cost and value again are two different metrics that you can argue til the cows come home. However for bottom dollar savings Streamate does prevail.
Business model, post pay versus pre-payYou can use paypal here and you cannot at LiveJasmin. However both are credits systemsReally both are prepay businesses where you have to buy tokens or credits for adult webcam chat. LiveJasmin in that way is the same as Chaturbate
Quality of modelsThis is a tie too as the styles of cam girls are quite different at Chaturbate. Real American cam girls then Chaturbate but not if you want truly private naughty showsLivejasmin wins clearly for quanitity and of course has more cliche slender glamorous girls that by magazine standards maybe better looking but this comes down to preference.
Outcome:+1 -2 and 1 Tie+2 -1 maybe - Again near a dead tie

As you can see there two adult adult sites are really not as different as one might expect.

What you see at LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin Pros:

LiveJasmin offers the arguably more attractive women. Or do they? This is a matter of preference and LiveJasmin glamour girls look some would say is more cliché and not real in that it does not reflect women in their free sexual form dressed and acting in the ways that really reflect their lives. However, for the man who wants the glamour girl with a perfect body in the cliché sense of the word LiveJasmin has more of these ladies on webcams.

LiveJasmin Cons:

LiveJasmin has few real girls next door for American men who use sex cams. That is a BIG WEAKNESS. Jasmin is losing the cool factor with real women in the United States. That could spell real long-term trouble for the livejasmin webcams brand. However, LiveJasmin still attracts more traffic everyday than any site in the world and that is partly because they pay more for traffic; this bodes well for models. Model registration page for LiveJasmin is here.

LiveJasmin Overall Strengths

LiveJasmin as we said in our LiveJasmin reviews is still the king of adult webcams and they have such a massive amount of models and webmasters still pushing the site as well as such a massive amount of money that they could to be perfectly honest probably buy Chaturbate.


Next up Chaturbate…


Chaturbate Pros:

Chaturbate as a recent article claimed does indeed have the ‘Cool Bitch” factur now and they have been very successful at making Chaturbate a mainstream and somewhat socially acceptable site. This begs the question of, “What if the same models across america that work in strip clubs” came online. Just how big can chaturbate get. Chaturbate recently introduced daily pay and this is a HUGE advantage for performers in a pinch to get paid fast. This is not available anywhere else. You can become a cam model on Chaturbate here btw.

Chaturbate Cons:

Mobile user experience even with the new Chaturbate mobile beta does not compare at all to other top adult webcam sites. They must improve the mobile experience. Likewise private shows are nowhere near as enjoyable because the focus at Chaturbate is on open group tipping. For the closet pervert in all men and some women too this is a huge ding for Chaturbate and where LiveJasmin is still a far superior site.

Chaturbate Overall Strengths

Chaturbate can run the map and get most of the talent as far as American adult webcam girls if women are paid more, paid faster, and feel more comfortable. Because American men prefer to talk with American webcam girls this is a huge strength and will make Chaturbate a go to site even if mobile and private are areas that the site is not as good as other adult webcam sites.


Complete ADult webcam reviews

Being Respectful to Cam Models on Cam Sites!

Being respectful to models while using adult webcam sites is a topic not often discussed online but today it’s something I want to cover. I should also say that judging by the comments I see on public chat sessions at adult webcam sites this is probably well overdue. Let’s start off with the basics.

How to Treat Adult Webcam Models in Live Shows

Guys, just because you are on an adult webcam site does not necessarily mean that cold, crass, and outright disrespectful comments to adult cam models are ok. If you want to have a sexual based chat session with cam models consider a new approach if you are someone who thinks that starting off with these types of comments in free adult chat areas of these sites is okay.

THINK OF IT LIKE THIS. What if you were a roofer and your employer (a homeowner) came home and barked out orders at you. You probably wouldn’t appreciate that, right? Well the same thing applies to cam models who are merely people working and looking to make a living as well. Yes, the dynamics are sexual and yes it’s okay to be sexual and sometimes crass when the dynamics of a paid for show encompass that.

However, going into adult webcam sites as a non-paying member or non-member and getting your rocks off by demeaning cam models is a really shady and shitty thing to do. So, if ‘control’ or BDSM chat shows is your thing and that is what you are after let me suggest a better approach for talking with cam models.

Go into an adult cam site, choose a model who either agrees to that nature of live adult show, then go private, then have your fun with cam models!

Chaturbate cam site chat sessions are notoriously brutal and crass; and 100% public!
Chaturbate cam site chat sessions are notoriously brutal and crass; and 100% public!

The worst offending sites for treating models with disrespect

1. Chaturbate (review at that link)

2. Bongacams (review at that link)

3. Evelive (review at that link)

I should just add that it’s more difficult to tell if the same behavior I see on the above sites goes on in the private sites like Streamate, where fewer comments are public for that very reason the models are less likely IMO to encounter rude treatment.

Check out all our adult webcam site reviews here.