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5 of the Worst Live Sex Websites

From pornhub live to rabbitscams to camfuze the internet is overrun with bad cam sites. Let’s just come right out and say it. Today we’ll share some of the worst adult webcams and live sex sites. These are just duplicate CLONES and the idea that they are unique webcam sex chat sites is a fake idea! Sure the service is real but you should know the truth.

There are so many of these duplicate webcam sites on the web these days we thought why not talk about it. That’s right, all these sex cam live sites that claim to ORIGINAL need to be exposed for what they really offer. Yes some of them may operate the same as the real deal but you should know before you register at cam sites like camonster and so many others that there nothing more than a bit of a webmaster’s trick.

I mean shit man, there are boatloads of articles that offer lists of all the best webcam sites and list these duplicate sites. WHAT THE HELL?

So why not tell the truth about the cam sites that really are nothing more than a damn logo. If you don’t know what I’m talking about. let me explain.

For like fucking ever we have ACTUALLY been testing and trying all the best cam sites offering real reviews, not some bullshit word soup! There you can get the truth about the leading platforms to chat with nude girls on webcams. Here you can read which cam sites suckers think are real, but are not.

WL Live Sex Sites Trick Lots of People…

The biggest example of this is Pornhub live. Now I like the guys over at pornhublive but they really do not own the webcam sex shows their serving via the site. They’re just sending you to a totally different service via computer technologies that API webcams onto their pages. Our bet is that if you knew the truth about pornhub live you would just visit the real website that delivers the pornhub live sex cams.

So here is the table of duplicate cam sites, what we’re referring to as the worst adult webcam sites.

Cloned, Fake, or Just Not Really What they Seem to be Cam Sex Sites

Fake Live Sex SitesSummary
1. Pornhublive
The largest fake sex webcams site of all them merely because they are the biggest places to watch free porn on the internet. People watch the videos and assume the cam girl shows are legit. WOOPSY! Yes, that is just a duplicate of Streamate. Go to the source at Streamate.com.
2. Camfuze 
Does not take a mathematician to figure out that is a bad webcam site because of the fact that it's literally a exact duplicate of a live porn cam site called BongaCams and other sites like Chaturbate.
3. Camonster
HA! Ranked as one of the supposed top cam sites by a webcam reviews website because they own it. Truth be told that too is just a clone of Streamate.
4. xhamsterlive
xhamster live is just StripChat folks. It's just another huge free porn tube site slanging cams that are actually coming from an entirely different place. Once again go to the real live sex webcams site instead of joining here. You can login at all the clones then. Stripchat.com is the real source site of xhamsterlive.
5. Rabbitcams
Dozens of webcam site reviews websites online rank rabbitcams as the supposed cream of the live sex crop. Pure bullshit again, because it's not an original webcam sex platform. Not to knock the source, just go to that source to register which is Streamate.com once again. If you do your same usersname and password will get you full access. Read the streamate review to learn more about how it works.

There are also other cases though where webcam sites suck worse though because of actual bad experiences. Take for example soulcams.

Wait but why share a list of the worst adult cam sites?

Well, it’s simple. These days real cam sites for adults are offering any Tom, Dick, or Harry a profit split to just push traffic to their sex webcams site. This is great for webmasters but you probably have no idea about it as a casual user of sex cams.

I mean seriously take one cam girl and search other cam sites and you can see what’s up silly! In the case of camonster, rabbitcams, and pornhublive just search for MiaColeman on Streamate.com and it’s a dead giveaway.

You can also take the first cam girls you see on these sites when you are there next and do that same cross-search.

You will see what we mean right off the bat.

sex webcam shows
Example of how some webcam sex shows are not exactly what they seem.

How it’s Happening: What To Know About Sex Cam Sites

What they do is simply have you create a logo and change your nameservers. The casual arrangements are called adult webcam white label sites which is just a glorified way of saying they are cam affiliates with a branded version of the site under a domain they own.

Fuck that bro. It means that 20%-40% of each dollar your ass spends gets diverted for as long as you use that fake ass dirty webcam chat site.

Obviously, the reason it converts for the adult webcam webmasters is that most people have no clue that this cam site is just a copy of one of the larger international platforms.

The problem is many articles across the web misrepresent by omission that a webcam chat site is a unique cam site ranking it over others. More often than not they have some ownership interest in that cam site. Hey, no problem; we just think there should be a prominent disclosure.

Truth be told the vast majority of sex cams sites are just a copy of some other legit sex webcam site.

So yes, basically anyone can start their own cam site like pornhublive or cammodels.com. When we talk about adult cams we are always after writing about and talking about the unique and original adult cams sites. Sites like Chaturbate or flirt4free or DXlive.

fake live sex cams
Maybe not fake live sex cams, but certainly most people don’t know about cam sites like Pornhublive.

Adult webcam sites are hard enough to understand with all the native currency math involved in determining what the fuck credits or tokens are worth.

Moreover, these damn clones like nude cam sites don’t even post earnings disclaimers. We do it right!

Since we are seriously committed to honest cam site reviews, we’re finally exposing all the non-legit adult cam sites! Yes, they function fine in most cases but hell you’d probably like to know who you’re buying your live porn from? NO?!

You also deserve to know who the fuck you’re giving your credit card details and when your dick is in your other hand.

Likewise, if you are anything like me you are not trying to read tiny ass terms of service page while your j/o lotion and tissue on sprawled over the keyboard. YES, DUDE! We get it, and we got your back bro!

Our creed a B.A.C.S. is simple: A woman or a man has the right to jack off with faith in knowing if the webcam site their use is really a true love sex cam site. And no! Just because Billy Bob bought a logo and some traffic doesn’t give him the right to claim he owns a webcam sex platform. He ought to have to put across that cam site the fact his name and the facts about where those cams are really being served up from.

“Finally sex cam reviews with a little backbone..we just have the cajones to do our job. That job is to inform people about how live sex webcams work, what they cost, and who the fuck is actually running them.” – Brad

Likewise, we warn people about the real risks of chat roulette sites as well; which are not safe places for sex chat. We also debunk all the nonsense about just how fake spy cams are especially with real life cam sites.

Frankly, other examples of bad places for sex cam chatting are freechatnow, Chatroulette, or chatavenue; all are unsafe. The latest to that list is SoulCams (review at the link), one of the poorly made webcam sex chat sites.

The 25 Days of Shitty Bad Webcam Sites

Over the course of the next month, we’re writing about 25 of the most visited adult webcam sites that well, fucking clones. The key difference is these are crappy adult cams (in our humble opinion) because they are getting a fuck ton of traffic and people are wanking to cam girls without a clue that it’s not even an original platform.

Again in our opinion, it’s best to go to the cam sites where you know the businesses themselves are who are handling your requests.

These duplicate types of adult cams are places where you really don’t want to be going to for sex on cam.

At least it unless you truly understand how adult chat cam sites work.

duplicate type of adult cams
Most people do not realize they’re using a duplicate type of adult cams website. Camonster is just one example!

If you want to see a real list of the best live porn sites you can count on the fact we will never plug some clone site as the real deal.


We have live sex site reviews for the following real platforms. Just always cross-check these true sex webcams chat platforms and see if a cam site you run across matches these platforms. If so there is a HUGE LIKELIHOOD that it’s just a clone using the WL programs of one of these xxx cam sites.

Disclaimer: Our cam site reviews are our opinions and we may be compensated as highlighted in our earnings disclaimer. So if you decide to join any of the cam sites we review we may get paid a fee. SHOCKING, right?

Of course, we do. It’s a business.

We just also think the live sex business should be transparent for users. We do not refer to the actual platforms in the reviews of the white label, fake, or clone cam sites.

Our gripe is the fact that there is not apparent disclaimer that the site your visiting is in fact just serving webcams chat from an entirely different place and business unless some dickweed takes a day to read all the fine print. (…and even then it’s hard to tell.)

We just think that people ought to know right from the word go. If you know your cam girls chat site is a copy of another and still decide to join any of those sex webcam chat sites that are a whole different thing than joining and not knowing.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to report other duplicate cam sites.

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