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One of the leading live sex webcams platforms LiveJasmin offers a very straightforward interface with hordes of truly beautiful cam girls streaming in HD. Our LiveJasmin reviews also apply to the sister site called LiveJasmin. The full review will cover prices, features, costs of credit, payment options and so much more. We rate this adult cam site 4 out of 5 stars for 2022.

Reading reviews on the internet leads me to believe that half the people who have written these summaries never actually used this cam girls chat site. First of all, let me point out the fact that there’s no “e” at the end of LiveJasmin either.

Okay, that said, what exactly do we mean when we say, ‘cam girls chat site’ site.

Well if you read our LiveJasmin reviews you would know that the history behind the platform itself was it the creators (who are Hungarian) actually wanted to create an online-based reality show and inadvertently created the sex cams website.

UPDATE: So before I move ahead too far I have to tell you that just before January 2020 LiveJasmin took down another white-label which was a hybrid version of LiveJasmin, In the place they put some sort of half baked blog up. Our guess is their new idea flopped and so now they have some sort of alternative to webcams there pitching feature video and a badly planned buffet of cam girls content. It’s just not ready for primetime. Until they decide what the hell they are doing with just head over to the real cam girls of

The good news is they launched a really cool sister site called BimBim that I have really enjoyed and written a detailed review of recently. I still prefer the cam site version though at Livejasmin cams

Here is a cool new LiveJasmin discount wheel they just put out proving the core brand is still on point.

GO FIGURE…This is funny but very true. So when we say cam girls were talking about women as well as men who are adult performers and do XXX cam shows for customers live from both studios and their homes.

That’s the basic premise here, LiveJasmin connects you with freelance or independent contractors (models) or anyone who wants to do xxx webcam shows. Most of the users are guys and most of the guys are located in America or Western Europe. So with that in mind let’s talk specifics about how LiveJasmin adult webcams work and what this sex cams site costs.

 LiveJasmin Reviews – Is it safe?

LiveJasmin Reviews
Is it a safe adult cam site? Learn more here…

Yes, LiveJasmin cams are safe. Actually, it is one of the oldest adult webcam sites online, but if you are like most people you are probably curious about how this live porn webcam site works, what it costs for cam shows at LiveJasmin and what they offer as far as features and functions. You also may be curious about if it works on mobile devices and what kind of payment forms are accepted.

We conquer all the pressing topics and most asked questions in our reviews here.

First off LiveJasmin has been renamed from another site but the LiveJasmin brand is a separate site. The two sites have the exact same cam girls. As I have discussed in the reviews and reviews, these are 3 cam sites that are the best overall along with LiveJasmin.

What stands out about all these sex cam sites is the number of models (cam girls) and the value or rather the price per minute.

LiveJasmin cams excel on both these points. As far as the interface LiveJasmin has a glamorous look and feel and models here place make-up and clothing high on their list as far as looking like sophisticated high-class women. Have a look at the screenshot below.

Our LiveJasmin review goes into greater detail about LiveJasmin than this review will.
LiveJasmin cams is a very popular live sex site featuring beautiful women from all over the planet.

Glamour shots aside, having been a member of this and other cam sites I can assure you these cam girls do the same dirty kinky live cam shows cam girls do at other cam sites. Another key difference is more European cam girls are working at LiveJasmin.

Many of the webcam girls here have somewhat exotic looks but are well dressed and have lots of glamour photography on their profile pages. AmandaBarnett pictured below is a fine example of what to expect as far as the ladies on cam at LiveJasmin cams.

So if you are curious about the actual nude chat rooms interface and how that works take a look at this screenshot above and below:

LiveJasmin Girls
AmandaBarnett example of cam girls at LiveJasmin cams


How works’s cam site is very intuitive. (pictured model is MissyCharmX)

So with that in mind let’s move forward. We’re going to discuss features, costs, the history of the site, and general feedback about LiveJasmin.


As far as the costs and fees of this adult cam site operates off of a credit packages business model rather than a per-minute model which you typically find at What it boils down to is whether you like the convenience of having chat sessions on adult cams instantly deducted from your banking account or whether you prefer to buy a package with a certain amount of minutes which you will use to have time deducted from that each time you use adult cams.

Now when you first think about it, the initial hesitation is that you would not want to give away your credit card information, right?

However, that’s not necessarily true and the best way to look at it. Either way, you will be using a credit card so think about it in a fashion that gets you the best overall value.

Let me explain why, generally speaking; when you buy a package of minutes the value you get for each dollar you spend tends to be less. The fact is you tend to monitor less the cost of each model you visit whereas when you connect your card and do not pre-purchase time your money stays in your account until you actually use it.

Fans of would say that the offsetting factor with is the phenomenally large volume of international women who do live cams on this site. Let me give you a visual example of what I mean; one of my personal favorite cam girls on goes by the name MeganRogers.

Take a look at this incredibly gorgeous woman and tell me honestly when you were last on an adult cam site how many of the models looked like her? Not many rights?! This is exactly what makes LiveJasmin cams a unique adult video chat website.

Beautfil Latin cam girl MeganRogers
Latin cam girl MeganRogers pictured. There are many gorgeous girls on this live sex cam site.

Yes, is such an old and well-known brand in the adult cam industry some people put very little consideration into the method by which they are billed and instead just enjoy the vast selection of adult cam models here. However, we still believe that Streamate is a better overall site because of the fact that you pay as you go versus buying packages. Each site has its own dedicated fans though!

So let’s talk about the packages and real costs at The first packages, for which you will pay $29.99 for each point essentially equals one dollar, therefore, you can chat for about a half-hour with this package. From there, there are three other packages the first offering one VIP point the next offering three VIP points, the next offering five VIP. The final package costs $ 150.99 offers 10 VIP points.

With the largest of the packages, you would essentially get a hundred and 60 minutes $160. However, this is only a general rule! Oftentimes you will run into models who charge double if not more than the average model.

When you take that into consideration and compare the per-minute charges on Streamate it is this editor’s opinion that the latter site offers a lower price per minute.

Now let’s move on to the features of this adult webcam site. Our goal in these LiveJasmin reviews is to make sure and cover the site from all aspects so that you get a better feel of what it is like being a member of the LiveJasmin adult webcams site.


  • Video Quality: Many people love the clarity and layout of LiveJasmin typically, depending upon cam image quality which depends on the quality of the adult cam models own webcam and the quality of their Internet connection you can find high-definition video quality here which is frankly rare these days in sex cams sites.
  • Navigation: Likewise LiveJasmin has a very intuitive interface making it easy to search for adult cam models by niche. Say for example you are a guy that loves blonde girls. In such a case, all you need to do is go to the top of the screen at LiveJasmin, click on the tab that displays cam models by niche, then simply click on the category of models you would like to see.

The interesting fact remains the same that – LiveJasmin is still one of the cheap sex cam sites on the internet.

However, does put a special emphasis on the layout of how it displays cams. Many people like the site for this reason.

  • Customer support and billing, in case you ever have a concern or question you will find they are very helpful and prompt. The fact is adult cam sites understand how valuable each and every customer is and so they place a huge emphasis on making sure that people are treated fairly. Again you will find this to be the case on all of our top adult cam sites.
  • The selection of cam models on is huge. This is perhaps the single biggest factor for why they are so successful and have so many customers that use the site on a daily basis. We had no general gripes about except for perhaps the fact that they do advertise a bit too much.

Anytime you go to an adult tube site inevitably you will see as a pop-up or pop-under on his site. This does get old and tends to be annoying.

LiveJasmin Girls
LovelyyGirl4u is a top female performer on

Based on our extended research Virginia, Oregon, and Pennsylvania are the three states in the USA where this cam site is most searched for but the fact is the whole of the United States makes up the bulk of the users of LiveJasmin adult webcams.

Just a random fun fact about LiveJasmin. The states where LiveJasmin is most popular are Oregon, Ohio, and California. It turns out Californians love sex cams and this California adult webcam site is a top pick in the golden state!

Okay so LiveJasmin is not just a California sex cam site, but considering how popular it is there they could call it their own.


The bottom line is LiveJasmin is pretty much one of a kind and the cam girls working at LiveJasmin rarely work on other cam sites. That is another thing that makes this platform special is the fact that the performers really are very loyal and focused on this being their primary place to put on nude cam shows.

New adult sites like HotScope tv may follow the pattern of streaming hot cam girls but it’s not genuine though. Having said that, you will find authentic and genuine cam sites like Livejasmin in our website that got recently published for free.


That being said we can recommend Jasmin but only where they still offering webcam shows and that is at and tell you that in fact, it is a safe adult webcam chat site as well as a lot of fun. It’s not our favorite, which remains to be (review at that link), but it’s a solid top 3 choice as far as places to talk to nude girls on webcams via the internet.

One of the leading live sex webcams platforms LiveJasmin offers a very straightforward interface with hordes of truly beautiful cam girls streaming in HD. Our LiveJasmin reviews also apply to the sister site called LiveJasmin. The full review will cover prices, features, costs of credit, payment options and so much more. We rate this adult cam site 4 out of 5 stars for 2022.
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