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LiveJasmin AKA Jasmin reviews – Is it safe?

Is it a safe adult cam site? Learn more here...
Is it a safe adult cam site? Learn more here…

*Last updated July 30th 2018

LiveJasmin is one of the oldest adult webcam sites online but if you are like most people you are probably curious if:

A. Is it trustworthy?

B. It is safe?

C. Is it secure.

In our LiveJasmin reviews we try to answer all your questions so that you can make a more informed decision as to if joining this site is right for you.

First off LiveJasmin has been renamed to now be simply Jasmin.com. As I have discussed in the streamate.com reviews and cams.com reviews, the other two best adult webcam sites according to our 2018 rankings. Jasmine.com; the amount of models who do live cams and the price per minute is typically a critical consideration for customers when they decide which adult cam site to join. So with that in mind let’s move forward. Were going to discuss features, costs, history of the site, and general feedback about Jasmin.com.


*As far as the costs and fees of Jasmin.com this adult cam site operates off of a credit packages model rather than a per minute model which you typically find at Streamate.com. What it boils down to is whether you like the convenience of having chat sessions on adult cams instantly deducted from your banking account or whether you prefer to buy a package with certain amount of minutes which you will use to have time deducted from that each time you use adult cams.
Now when you first think about it, the initial hesitation is that you would not want to give away your credit card information, right?  However that’s not necessarily true and the best way to look at it. Either way you will be using a credit card so think about it a fashion that gets you the best overall value.

They offer a very good selection of models but is the payment method the best? We don't think so...
They offer a very good selection of models but is the payment method the best? We don’t think so…
This is our advice to users on adult cams.

Let me explain why, generally speaking; when you buy a package of minutes the value you get for each dollar you spend tends to be less. The fact is you tend to monitor less the cost of each model you visit whereas when you connect your card and do not pre-purchase time your money stays in your account until you actually use it.

Fans of Jasmin.com would say that the offsetting factor with Jasmin.com is the phenomenally large volume of international women who do live cams on this site.  Yes, Jasmin.com is such an old and well-known brand in the adult cam industry some people put very little consideration into the method by which they are billed and instead just enjoy the vast selection of adult cam models here. However, we still believe that Streamate is a better overall site because of the fact that you pay as you go versus buying packages. Each site has their own dedicated fans though!

So let’s talk about the packages and real costs at Jasmin.com aka LiveJasmin. The first packages, of which you will pay $29.99 for each point essentially equals one dollar therefore you can chat for about a half-hour with this package. From there, there are three other packages the first offering one VIP point the next offering three VIP points, the next offering five VIP. The final package costs $ 150.99 offers 10 VIP points. With the largest of the packages you would essentially get hundred and 60 minutes $160. However this is only a general rule! Oftentimes you will run into models who charge double if not more than the average model. When you take that into consideration and compare the per minute charges on stream mate.com it is this editor’s opinion that the latter site offers a lower price per minute. Now let’s move on the features of this adult webcam site. Our goal in these livejasmin reviews is to make sure and cover the site from all aspects so that you get a better feel of what it is like being a member of Jasmin adult webcams site.


  • Video Quality: Many people love the clarity and layout of Jasmin.com typically, depending upon WebCam image quality which depends on quality of the adult cam models WebCam and the quality of their Internet connection you can find high-definition video quality.
  • Navigation: Likewise Jasmin.com has a very intuitive interface making it easy to search for adult cam models by niche. Say for example you are a guy that loves to blondes. In such a case, all you need to do is go to the top of the screen at Jasmin.com, click on the tab that displays cam models by niche, then simply click on the category of models you would like to see. This is no different from most adult cam sites. However, Jasmin.com does put a special emphasis on the layout of how it displays cams. Many people like the site for this reason.
  • Customer support and billing, in case you ever have a concern or question you will find they are very helpful and prompt. The fact is adult cam sites understand how valuable each and every customer is and so they place a huge emphasis on making sure that people are treated fairly. Again you will find this to be the case on all of our top ranked adult cam sites.
  • The selection of cam models on Jasmin.com is huge. This is perhaps the single biggest factor for why they are so successful and have so many customers that use the site on a daily basis. We had no general gripes about Jasmin.com except for perhaps the fact that they do advertise a bit too much. Anytime you go to an adult tube site inevitably you will see Jasmin.com as a pop-up or pop under on his site. This does get old and tend to be annoying.


You won’t find any sites like LiveJasmine besides the white label sites which webmasters can start themselves and be paid a portion of the money spent. Details on that are here. However, I strongly suggest to join LiveJasmine at the main site because it keeps costs down for all.


The Top Adult Cam Site by FAR!

5 5 1
Who is that last guy kidding. LiveJasmin still has near 2000 models on at all times. 3x more than any other sex cams site. It's the best adult webcam site by a city mile!

Best Live Sex Cams for 2019

5 5 1
There is no question with all the most recent changes to livejasmin webcams that this cam site has returned to its former glory and is poised to be the go to adult webcams sites for 2019. They have the best features, selection of cam girl shows, and the prices are truly unbeatable.

northcarolina6 best REAL model ever

5 5 1
I found livejasmin several years ago. I wasn't looking for the fake Barbie girl type, and I actually bout gave up.one day I decided to just type the state I'm from in the search bar on that site. to my shock a girl popped up. I saw her pic and thought oh ok shes alright. so she happened to be online. so I popped into her free chat and was so shocked to see she was actually from North Carolina. and not only that this girl had me laughing my ass off. She is so down to earth, and that's what I needed, after a long dya at work. and to my shock she talks to all the guests and members the same. I wanted to est her so I told her I never go prvate but wanted to just sit and talk to her all night in free cha for free. I'm not lying the girl said ok that's fine with me I'd love for you to get to know me better in here. after 2 hours of free chat with her bouncing back and forth out of her privates back to talk to me, I took her private,and it was the best private ever. as soon as the private started she said "you type, I will do", I'm not here to waste your time.You are paying $1.99 a minute, so lets see if I can get you out in 5 minutes or less". That was awesome. but she did say her goal was that I remember that and return in the future. which I do trust me. This girl is 39 but looks a lot youngier, and I like the fact that she is a real woman who is done to earth. She is very pretty and a very nice person. I do recommend that you just give this girl 1 minute in private. you will thank me later. she doesn't drag it out in less than 60 seconds you see whatever it is you tell her. Its nice to not have a girl to drag out our privates. Oh and everytime I enter her free chat she knows my name and will say Hi such and such hows the weather in nc. I know she has notes, but no other model does that, or cares. Anyway I think her schedule is all night and a few hours during the day. I know she has always been there at midnight. everytime I go there.

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Jasmin Webcam Site Reviews Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.5 based on 6 reviews
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That being said we can recommend LiveJasmin / Jasmin.com is a safe site and a fun adult cams site. It’s not our favorite which remains to be streamate.com (review at that link), but it’s a solid top 6 choice! You can give the site a try here or you can check our out list of the best adult cam sites here.

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