Many of my readers here at Best Adult Webcam Sites have regularly ask us to add the best adult webcam affiliate programs of those programs that we have chosen to use and/or affiliate with. The fact is there are lots of adult webcam sites and all of them offer an affiliate program. We only use the few adult webcam affiliate programs for sites that we feel good about and can say are good platforms for consumers to use. The following are the two that I would most highly suggest promoting. We have total faith in both companies:

Top Converting Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs (That ALSO offer the best values)

These are all sites that you would want to register with if you are looking for adult webcam site offers to promote on your site or blog or if you want to create an adult webcams reviews site.

  • Chaturbate Affiliate Program is the most effective because its low resistance to registration

Register at the chaturbate affiliate program and try it. You will see a high opt in rate

However, a close second is the largest adult cam affiliate program. That is Adult Webcam Empire. Their affiliate program pays 3x more per sale but again the users of the IFC streamate sites tend to stick around longer using the Streamate sites. Therefore, it’s a matter of your own opinion which is better from an affiliates perspective.

adult webcam affiliate programs to register for.
adult webcam affiliate programs to register for

At this time, these are the 2 programs that we consider the best to promote in the adult webcams business. 

  • UPDATE: PUSSYCASH – (As a distant 3rd I can suggest PussyCash.) REGISTER HERE

PussyCash has in the trans cam niche, and in the straight niche, and in the gay niche. Those are their flagship sites! You can Join the PussyCash Affiliate Program here. I suggest you opt for PPS or payment per sale there. They offer a graduated scale of commissions based on the volume of signups. However, on average expect to be paid $150.00 per paid registered user. Paid registered user is anyone who buys even a single show. Once they do you earn for that registrants. Typically though again the best affiliate program is the chaturbate affiliate program because users keep coming back for years. Taking revenue share of %25 for life there makes you a lot more money than the short 1 time large payout.


The fact is the first adult webcam affiliate program I suggest above chaturbate affiliate program is the best. The truth is overall we (as customers or users of the site) experience the best service from that site hence our reviews are totally honest, unlike other sites. We like to feel good about offering good guidance.

However, the pre-pay platform adult webcam affiliate programs, either AWE or PussyCash can be good to promote with pop-unders from places like ExoClick or JuicyAds traffic or on your own reviews sites because they typically have higher average spends. However, if you are writing a reviews site like ours, if you are to be honest about the best consumer value, the nod typically, at least by most metrics has to go to the pay-as-you-go platforms.

Besides these 3 programs most other programs are not worth your time! Anyway, I hope that helps.