RealLifeCam Review, Costs, & What to Expect

Real life voyeur cam sites like reallifecam are popping up all over the web, but do they really deliver any unique value in adult entertainment? Today we look at one such site called This so-called real life cam site has developed a bit of a cult-like following and some even use the abbreviation of RLC to identify it. Our review will touch on the costs and prices of real life cam, as well as how to watch real life voyeur cam shows on this website.
This is what users experience on

There are also many alternatives to reallifecam such as camarads, but today we are talking about just most popular real life cam sites; namely With alluring actor and actress names like Dasha and Sasha, or Ulyana, Leora or Martina and Alberto, it’s a bit like a cyber soap opera without lots of sex as one would expect. This explains why females users of sex cams are more apt to be into the long drawn out spaces between any live sex scenes.

Our test started with joined reallifecam and tuning in to the real life cam show of Carla and Yanai. There was also Jane and Eva with her new boyfriend. We spent enough time here to really give is a chance to impress. Truth be told, this real life cam site has a buttload of actual viewers but few are aware of the fact that adult webcam sites offer the same exact thing for free. Maybe it’s the spy cam aspect to watching people having sex in real life on webcam, but something draws people to cam sites like reallifecam.

Real life voyeur cam sites
Real life voyeur cam sites are just live porn. Credit: Dasha and Sasha from

Expect Real Life Sex Actors, Not Amateurs with Spy Cams

It’s so funny what people consider to be, “Real life cams”. In my humble opinion people who are just porn actresses and actors are not amateurs and a site offering real life webcams doesn’t really exist. I guess we can pretend that is what this is, but this version of reallifecam shows offered here is frankly pretty boring.

Frankly, you are way better off taking some time to register at the free live sex cams site called, than wasting any time on reallifecam.

Sex actors are all you get here and they try hard to look real but even the real life cam sex looks super staged. We were less than impressed but let’s go over the reallifecam costs and more details on what you get as a paying member.

real life cam membership costs
real life cam membership costs

RealLifeCam Costs

A base membership cost of $34.95 per month plus additional costs and with that you get the real life cam replay called RLC Replay. For free most of the videos are recorded and lifted onto free porn tube sites. However, real life cam vip costs a boatload more and these are the extent of the things you can expect to see and the basic features:

  • Peruse the peoples live video feeds
  • Catch occasional aked yoga
  • Maybe see some amateur pole dancing
  • Watch nude stretching on cam
  • The auto-follow function is kinda cool…I will give them that.
  • …and some other semi boring and totally staged sex acts that only voyeur extremists can get any satisfaction from.

So there is the ability to move around the house and view so-called real life cam shows from different angles but of course, the couples or the girl who’s house your looking at would be only in 1 room at a time which makes the whole thing a bit silly.

real life cams
You can view different rooms of real life cams once you are a member using this navigation.

We did a lot of research on real life cam including looking at the real life cam forum called real life cam fan. Even the real life cam forum has a white label or clone sex cam site called webcamsplus which is being run via Chaturbate. That should tell you something right there.

This webcam site and the reallifecam fans are basically a collection of people with apparently too much free time on their hands. We even snooped looking for a real life cam twitter account and there is no real social media presence on there or at Facebook, or even YouTube.

Those are signs, at least to us, that this site is a bit fly-by-night and dodgy. We did find others though who were not fans of tweeting about it.

real life cam twitter
The real life cam twitter latest stories shows other discussions about this site.

How RealLifeCam Works / Real Life Cam Review Summary

Since we discussed reallifecam prices let’s talk a bit more about how it works. See the screenshot of the home page here. It’s a fairly lengthy process to signup here and they have paywalls virtually everywhere. Those looking for any sort of real life cams free are fuck out of luck.

Frankly, reallifecam sites fall somewhere between porn tube sites and adult cams. They offer live sex but at a screaming high cost compared to what you get for free at all the best adult webcam sites.

real life voyeur cam
The real life voyeur cam site called reallifecam is just staged porn.

If you have any experience at all using cam sites for adults then you know nearly all true webcam chat sites have a couples section and the couples are having sex and engaging with you. If you took away the ability to have direct engagement with the couple as well as the ability to have private shows, that is what you pay a membership to wait for here.

Perhaps pretending they didn’t know they were on cam at a real cam site for adults is a better way to basically get the exact same thing that offers. Except you could fast forward through the hours of boring scenes and get a way better selection.

A blend of too few real life webcam scenes and not near enough sex is a epidemic at sites like reallifecam.

You find the same is true with voyeur house cam sites like voyeurhousetv. As a matter of fact, one of the newer sex cams sites called camsoda had a real life cam house featured on their home page next to the cam girls. People pretty much ignored it so they dropped the feature. This should tell you a lot about how fantasy is better than reality.

The best advice we can give people looking for real life hidden cam sites is to check out the traditional sex cam sites. These offer more real life cam porn than the webcam sites that are themed around real life cams; especially reallifecam.

After 3 weeks and more than 30 hours waiting to see if we could catch any hot scenes, we caught a screen capture of this live sex Doggystyle action.

That was about all we got for the price of the reallifecam membership though.

It was a total bust!

reallifecam basically offers expensive adult cams with actors, but the same couples cams are offered at all live sex sites.

For example, I watched a really hairy cam cutting his toenails for 15 minutes while scratching his balls. That my friends is not entertaining. I did this for you. 🙂 The least you can do is read our fucking cam site reviews.

Fuck all, the shit we do for our readers, This is about as much of a dud as jerkmate. Real life cam is a 1st inning strikeout and a webcam site we would assign a ranking of 2 of our 5 stars.

Frankly, that is overly generous as there is no real value in becoming a paying member of this site.

Perhaps a future iteration of this cams chat site will deliver something akin to a Streamate or Chaturbate, where we can see a more enhanced real-life cam that only turns on when there is something to actually see; until then I would most definitely pass.

Frankly, the best couples live sex sites far surpass any value of this site.

There you have it, I am not a real-life cam fan!

Frankly, I feel like this cam site is as dodgy as stranger webcams sites like DirtRoulette, and in a day and age where you can watch hairy cam girls and big booty porn live on cam it makes no sense to pay for a site like this one.

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