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A Guide to the Biggest Spenders in Adult Cams

Ever heard the term adult webcams whale? This is not your average Joe, but the biggest spenders of sex cam sites!

Cam site big shots are a big thing in the adult webcams industry. It turns out that billionaires with a b and meg-millionaires love to spoil their favorite webcam models.

Lots of whales are using video chat sites. These high rollers like truly luxury online sexual entertainment. 

These kinda guys don’t have the time or interest in tiktok nudes or even care about places for free onlyfans leaks. Instead, the big fish or whales of adult cams skip over cheap cam sex and head for the most exclusive cam models on sites like LiveJasmin and StripChat.

Well, chances are you’re not even a big fish yet unless you are either a very rich person or at least have a very large disposable income. The truth of the matter is that there are really 4 distinct levels of big spenders on adult webcams with 3 full levels you have to hit before you hit true ‘Whale’ status and 4 full levels before you hit ‘Super Whale’ status.

These guys are not fucking around at adult sites like omegle, instead, they go straight after pornstar cams and the hottest cam girls!

Here is our VIP Adult Webcam Guide to tell you where you rank in the world as far as being the biggest spender on adult webcams.

Are you a big spender on adult cams? Learn more here.
Are you a big spender on adult cams? Learn more here.

The average monthly spend on adult webcams per user hovers at between $40-55 on Streamate and the average monthly spend per user on adult cams at hovers at around $120.00, nearly double that of

There might different takeaways from that for different audiences here but I would strongly caution everyone from drawing any real facts about the sites themselves purely off those average monthly spend numbers.

Also, this post is not about averages but in fact about the super spenders or the VIPs who use live webcams sites. The truth is that about .5% of the users of adult webcam sites spend 10 to 15 times what the rest of the users do on adult webcam sites. Of those, about 10% are whales and then of those about 10% of whales are referred to as super whales.

The question many people are asking is, how much do these VIPs spend each month on sex cams and where do these luxury live webcam shows go down?

luxury live webcam shows
Luxury live webcam sex shows is a hobby of the elite and rich.

There is, of course, no hard and fast answers to those questions but as someone who researches and writes about the adult webcam industry, I can tell you that we have seen first hand the levels of spending on adult webcams and so we can talk first hand about the terms that have been coined from within the industry.

Use the guide below to see where you rank in the biggest spenders on adult cam sites. (Chances are you are not even a big fish yet but really more of an Average Joe) We have taken the liberty upon ourselves to adjust some of the lingo used for big spenders who use VIP live webcam sites. Really they are separated into four levels.

Who and What are the Biggest Spenders on Adult Cam Sites

Those levels are Average Joe, which hardly counts then the real big spenders are ranked in this order: 1. Big Fish 2. Mini Whale 3. Whale 4. Super Whale

Adult Webcam Spending Levels and Industry NicknamesAmount Spent Per Month on Adult Webcams by VIPs
Average Joeblended average $70.00 *for regular monthly users across the board which excludes 1 time users
Big Fish$ 300.00 month
Mini Whale $1,000 month
Whale $ 10,000 month
Super Whale $30,000+ per month
The Current Record For the Most Spent of Adult Webcams$100,000.00 over a 3 day weekend. $254,000 over a month. Most spent on a single performer was $128,000 in one month.

What constitutes luxury live webcam shows?Are you an adult webcams VIP? Find out here.

The truth is again that big spenders use the adult webcam platforms that the rest of us do! You may find it interesting that the largest whale to date that has registered under our marketing efforts is spending about $ 4,000 a month which is just above the mini whale level. Pretty impressive right?

However, that is nowhere near the true whales spending level when using luxury live webcam shows.

What big spenders on adult cam sites want?

As far as what big spenders on adult webcam sites look for in a cams site it’s usually pretty much the same as what an average spending user looks for except for the level of privacy they want. They tend to do a little more research on the adult webcam site they use before going balls out and just letting on rain money on some sexy girl.

Typically they also love the experience of shocking a woman with their resources.

That is at least what we hear from a few webcam ladies who have been on the receiving end of a super whale who has spent more than $20,000 on their shows within a weekend.

The current record you ask? The current record for the most spent on adult webcams is $100,000 in a 24 hour period which happened on

Another huge spenders site is ironically called

Myfreecams used to be popular with rich dudes but not so much anymore.

Think you can outdo them? Want to be the biggest spender ever on adult webcams? Be our guest!

most spent in 1 day on adult webcams
The most spent in 1 day on adult webcams is said to have been 432,500 at Flirt4Free,

Here again our age top picks for the best two cam sites for adults where privacy and security are paramount. They never share usernames or any identifiers to link back to your account. You can quietly toss your feet up and let everyone wonder who you are as the biggest super whale in the adult webcams industry. We are still waiting for the luck of the draw to land our true whale or super whale.  Is that you? 🙂

Won’t you be our friendly whale? Go ahead, show us just how much can be spent in one day on adult webcams by registering at one of the two top adult webcams sites and breaking the record for the most spent in 1 day on adult webcams.

Top 3 VIP Sex Cam Sites For Luxury Live Webcams Shows




Are you an adult webcams VIP? If you can break the record click on the whale to the left or above and REGISTER at F4f and get to spend!

vip sex cams
In the world of VIP sex cams girls are willing to do just about anything.

Show us what you got.

If you register by clicking on this whale we will be able to see just a tracking number for dollars spent per user. That’s it. If you break the record for the most ever spent on adult cam sites we will share the news here! …of course, we nor anyone else will never know who you are. SO MAKE IT RAIN.

Click the Whale and break the record.

We also wrote a post about high roller cam sites sharing lots of the same insights.

Sure, most high rollers are also very intellectual smart people so you know as well as I do that there’s no specific high roller for say adult webcam sites. However, the same sites that we rank are the cream of the crop including those that are a little bit is expensive are all accessible as are all the most elite webcam girls at these sites.

So the sex cams world is truly your oyster if you don’t have any limits on how much you can spend. You can get the attention of the most beautiful women on live cam sites if you’re flashing big bucks and willing to spend big dollars.

We once saw a dude spend $42,000 in a Chaturbate show just before he was headed off to the Oscars, or so he said. For someone in spending that kind of massive cash like it’s chump change and considering the Oscars was on that same evening he probably was telling the truth.

Likewise nearest regular Spenders on streamate (review at that link) who will dump $1,000 a day on their favorite cam girls.

Also, these guys are not super-rich always, sometimes they just have enough f*** you money each month that they consider this fun without the risks in the real world. Just steer clear of clone webcams sites like pornhublive or jerkmate as well as the chat roulette sites like dirtyroulette.

Remember to check out our powerhouse list of the best adult cams.

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