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15 Hottest Sexy YouTuber Girls & Their Popular Channels! (NSFW)

Little do most people know, men are always browsing sexy YouTuber girls. It’s true!

Hot female youtube channels attract lots of male eyes regardless of the topic. Sexy girls on Youtube cover all sorts of topics from make-up, to real estate, to even Yoga, and men love to toon in and do a bit more watching and commenting than listening.

Thus it was only a matter of time before we ranked the hottest YouTube girls!

hot female youtube
Check out this sexy hot female youtube girl list!

List of Sexy YouTuber Female Sensations

Below is a powerhouse list of hot YouTubers who are influential and successful and have carved out big niches on Some of them even crossed the mighty figure of one billion views on their YouTube channels. These ladies are skilled and sophisticated and there is no question about that but, they also have the beauty to match the brains.

…and let’s be honest.

Men like girls who are fun, intelligent, beautiful, elegant, and of course, hot too.

So we’d venture to guess that a fair share of guys out there are also ogling these sexy youtube girls as well.

The bottom line for us though is pointing out that these 15 hot female youtube stars in particular really know how to attract millions of people!

Let’s be real. 🙂

Of those millions of people watching female Youtube girls at least 20% of the male audience is perving while watching videos. I mean just read the comments from men and you will quickly see that lots of guys have just sex on their minds rather than what is being said in the videos.

With that in mind, we poured over the hottest girls on Youtube and compiled this list.

Without further ado, here is that breakdown of sexiest hot female youtube stars.

Also, stay tuned for some included youtuber nudes herein!

Anna Akana

Anna Akana is an American Youtuber, actor, writer, and musician. She is a sexy-looking Youtuber; aged 32 and has a massive fan base on social media platforms. Although she loves performing comedy videos and stage performances, guys love to watch the hot pics on her Instagram.

She came out as bisexual in 2018. Her incredible humor sense, petite figure, and acting skills have gained her 2.81 million followers on Youtube, 503K followers on Instagram, 190K followers on Twitter & 812K followers on Facebook.

Whoa! She really got something to look for. 😉

sexy youtuber
Anna Akana is another truly beautiful and sexy youtuber.

Here is 👉 Anna Akana YouTube Channel


iJustine is a blonde with pearly white teeth and a beautiful smile who takes on reviewing tech, video games, daily vlogs, and amateur cooking videos. Not only that, Justine Ezarik (her real name) has such creative ideas on social media that it has earned her acts in a few Hollywood movies as well.

She’s also fucking gorgeous too. Which can’t hurt.

37-year-old Justine Ezarik is our top pick for the sexiest Youtuber girl of all time actually. She has the full package and a cult-like following with the moniker of youtube presence being called iJustine.

iJustine is one of the hottest female youtubers ever.

With a cult-like following, iJustine has close to 7 million followers on Youtube, 1.6 million on Instagram, 1.7 million on Twitter, 1.8 million on Facebook. Shockingly, her Youtube channel videos have crossed one billion in total viewership making her a real force to be reckoned with on the platform.

Judging from the comments on her videos it’s clear the viewership is super male-heavy though, with many viewers leaving pervy comments!

Just look at her gorgeous smile though and banging body.

girl youtubers
Justine Ezarik aka iJustine is the hottest of all of the girl youtubers IMO.

So we actually did some digging on what other terms related to iJustine and Justine Ezarik were getting typed into search. What we found is that tech topics are the last thing on most men’s minds when watching the iJustine Youtube channel. Instead, creeps were asking, “Where does iJustine live’ and, “How old is iJustine”.

As a matter of fact, some 2,000 people a month are searching iJustine nude. Sadly though, deepfakes and lookalikes are all that exist and any leaked iJustine nudes are totally not her. So no Ijustine nudes are hereby debunked.

However, this one sure did bear a massive resemblance.

ijustine nude
According to sources, it is not really ijustine nude.

NOTABLE MENTION: iJustine has a hot sister that also vlogs on Youtube as well and her Jenna Ezarik. Watch for big things from her too.

Here is a video from her channel!

Here is 👉 Justine Ezarik YouTube Channel


Zoe Sugg is next on our list as a hot Youtuber from England. She takes up lifestyle, fashion, and beauty tips as the main content on her Youtube videos. What used to be MoreZoella is now changed to Zoe Sugg on her YouTube channel.

She is a delight to our eyes and currently has a line of beauty products with the brand name Zoella. Apart from that, she also released quite many books on beauty and her successful personal blogging experience. Her YouTube channel is inching towards 5 million subscribers soon.

hot youtuber
Zoella is another super hot youtuber!

Here is 👉 Zoella YouTube Channel

Brittany Furlan

Next up, Brittany Furlan joins our hot YouTuber girls list. No wonder she is still one of the internet sensations and sexiest female Youtubers to watch out for informative videos. She turned out to be an actor and comedian based in Los Angeles.

Who else gets kinky thoughts watching Brittany?

In 2015, she was named one of the most influential people on the internet by TIME magazine. Her YouTube videos consist of vlogs, worst firsts and podcasts. She is married to Tommy Lee, an American musician and founding member of Motley Crue. Her YouTube channel has 347K subscribers, 2.3 million followers on Instagram, & 311K on Twitter.

Brittany Furlan is on our list of sexy-youtubers too.

So here is the kicker, as it turns out she too has an onlyfans page and there are lots of leaked Brittany Furlan nude pictures. That said, most of them are low-quality images and have poor resolution. Likewise, she is nowhere near as sexy as the hottest onlyfans girls.

We found the 3 best pictures of Brittany Furlan naked though; or at least partially.

brittany furlan naked
This is my favorite picture of Brittany Furlan naked.
brittany furlan nude
The place to see Brittany Furlan nude is her onlyfans page.
brittany furlan nudes
Of all the Brittany Furlan nudes, these are the 3 best.

That’s about it as far as leaked Youtubernudes though. Most of these sexy YouTubers don’t have any interest in adult entertainment and make a killing as mainstream vloggers.

Here is 👉 Brittany Furlan YouTube Channel

Men Watch Hot Youtubers, Regardless of Topics

Michelle Khare

Michelle Khare is undoubtedly one of the female YouTubers with a stunning physique. Of course, she was a professional cyclist and a television host. Michelle is known as someone who loves to take up real-life challenges both physically and mentally. Thanks to YouTube show Challenge Accepted that gave limelight.

One might say she does have a flare of look as a Latina cam model, but Michelle is American YouTuber and definitely a successful one. Nonetheless, her YouTube channel has 2.45 million subscribers with videos that include adventures, workouts, podcasts, challenges, health tutorials, short films and academy videos.

female youtubers
When I think of gorgeous female youtubers Michelle Khare comes to mind.

Here is 👉 Michelle Khare YouTube Channel

Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny is undoubtedly one of the sexiest YouTubers on our list. Here’s a little intro to start, Amanda is a popular internet model and actress who featured as Playmate of the Month in October 2011 on Playboy magazine. She can put other hot female YouTube models to shame with her super sexy videos and Instagram photos.

We are expecting more delicious content from Amanda. (if you know what we mean :P)

Like other models, she was one of the pioneers to take up comedy in YouTube videos and seen success. With 2.75 million subscribers, Amanda’s excellent story on YouTube continues. We can explore fitness, live streams, workouts, beauty tips, sketches, and travel videos on her channel.

hot youtubers
Amanda Cerny is one of the super hot youtubers that people love to watch.

Of course, we had to address the stunning Amanda Cerny nude pictures that are leaked around the web. Yes, they too are real! Unlucky that we didn’t more out of her sensual photos and content on social media.

Here are the 2 hottest of the Amanda Cerny nudes floating around.

amanda cerny nude
This is the best Amanda Cerny nude pic from her Playboy appearance.

The Amateur-looking Amanda Cerny nudes from her leaked OnlyFans page are perhaps the hottest though.

Amanda Cerny nudes
These playful Amanda Cerny nudes are really hot.

Here is 👉 Amanda Cerny Youtube Channel

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is an exquisite-looking YouTuber from Ontario, Canada. She is a comedian, talk show host, and performer featured in many music videos. Aged 33, bisexual, and diva worth watching online. Her YouTube videos include rants & skits about her family, comedy, makeup, collaborations, and much more.

Lilly, one of the highest paying YouTubers for half a decade now and has more accolades than other hottest female celebrities on YouTube. She got two YouTuber channels, first with 14.7 million subscribers and the latest one with vlogs got 2.79 million subscribers.

Anybody who loves watching armpits can peek into the below. Not much though, but worthy enough.

youtube hottest
My youtube hottest list had to include Lilly Singh.
lilly singh nude
Sorry guys there are no legit Lilly Singh nude photos on the web, but you can keep hoping!

Here is 👉 Lilly Singh YouTube Channel


Jenna Marbles is a viral superstar on YouTube who started way back in 2010. With a decade-long experience, her YT channel is currently with 20 million subscribers. She got the looks of Dani Daniels, the adult porn model with a seductive face and luscious lips.

We would love to see her on Instagram & Twitter again.

Jenna’s videos are a little bit of everything with comedy on her channel and became very successful. Now that is not something easier to pull off for others. That said, her YouTube videos have crossed 1.7 billion views to date. Infomercials, makeup, personal vlogs, travel videos, dog, music, and songs are usual contents on her YT.

sexiest youtubers
JennaMarbles is one of the sexiest youtubers on the platform.

As far as Jenna Marbles nude photos that were supposedly leaked the jury is still out on if these are real. You decide.

jenna marbles nude
Leaked Jenna Marbles nude pictures or not? You decide.

Here is 👉 JennaMarbles YouTube Channel

Liza Koshy

A cute girl with extraordinary talent, a petite body, and romantic eyes, that’s the best way to describe Liza Koshy. She is an American actor, comedian, YouTuber and TV host. Her YouTube channel holds a unique record of reaching the fastest 10 million subscribers.

Since 2016, Liza has won 9 awards for her comical videos on YouTube and her acting skills on the big screen. Further, her YT channel features social goodness videos, makeup, funny adventures, and binge-watching type Liza on-demand stories.

youtube hot women
We found lots of youtube hot women but Liza Koshy is just gorgeous.

According to a number of websites, this is a screen capture showing Liza Koshy nude getting fucked from behind. Damn! That is one heck of a leak online. Is this for real? Sure as fuck looks legit for us.

Liza Koshy nude
Here is a Liza Koshy nude picture from her leaked sex tape.

Here is 👉 Liza Koshy YouTube Channel

Grace Helbig

Next comes Grace Helbig, another hot blonde with a charming look and an exquisite tempting voice. This 36-year-old American YouTuber creates weekly podcasts inviting talented artists and personalities for a small gig at her videos. #NotTooDeep is the hashtag she commonly uses for podcasts.

Currently, she got 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.4 million followers on Instagram, 1.1 million on Twitter and 152K on Facebook. Apart from podcasts, she got sexy costume challenging videos, cooking, fashion reviews, tutorials, vlogs, & collabs.

youtuber sexy
When I think of youtuber sexy gals Grace Helbig is one of my favorites.

There is only one Grace Helbig nude photo online that we are aware of and it’s a doozy.

grace helbig nude
We know you are probably going to be zooming in on this hot Grace Helbig nude pic. Just wow!

Here is 👉 Grace Helbig YouTube Channel

Rosanna Pansino

Up next, Rosanna Pansino, one of the highest-paid YouTuber women and the first to be mentioned on Forbes magazine. Nerdy Nummies is the cooking show on YouTube that got her name and fame in Forbes. In fact, she was one of the top influencers on the food list back in 2017. Right now, Rosanna is an author of top-selling books, a singer and an actor too.

Another Italian delight to watch, but this time on YouTube.

Coming from four different ancestries such as Italian, Croatian, German and Irish, Rosanna looks damn hot even crossing her 30s. From 2008 to date, she has made appearances in tv shows on 12 occasions. Overall, Rosanna Pansino is a powerhouse in social media with 13m subscribers on YouTube, 4.3m on Instagram, 900k on Twitter, & 700k on Facebook.

you tube sexy girl
Rosanna Pansino is a really hot you tube sexy girl.

Sorry guys the only Rosanna Pansino nude pictures I could find were clearly fakes. It appears this classy lady is a bit more modest and has no interest in showing her lady parts on the internet.

Here is 👉 Rosanna Pansino YouTube


Cassey Ho is an American YouTuber commonly known for fitness videos on YouTube. She also got a website for selling fitness apparel. Many young fitness enthusiasts consider her videos as a helpful resource for building and strengthening muscles on abs, thighs, arms and legs working at home itself.

Sure this sexy youtube yoga girl is not trying to be sexy but those thigh thrusts are excellent wanking material! Cassy, or Cassie’ we’re not sure how its spelled but we know lots of guys go hard watching her; another one of the hottest female youtubers.

Look at those flat butts after consistent squats, strong & stud.

hottest female youtubers
I don’t care how many deny it, Blogilates is one of the hottest female youtubers.

Here is 👉 Blogilates YouTube Channel

Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting is a super hot looking YouTuber of Bruneian origin and currently lives in Australia. Chloe’s workout videos are very noticeable among others as she performs them without any equipment. As a result, her YouTube channel boasts 22 million subscribers and going strong.

Never thought we would see a sexy girl from Brunei.

She’s didn’t stop only with fitness videos and carries out publishing healthy food recipes, travel vlogs, fashion and fun videos. Her FREE workout program gets us fond memories of watching sexy personalities with skinny clothes bending their booties and doing the exercises. Chloe also has an online clothing store tied to her website with sharing healthy recipes.

you tube sexy girls
No need to search for you tube sexy girls anywhere when we have Chloe Ting on the list.

Here is 👉 Chloe Ting YouTube Channel

Which Girl is the Sexiest YouTuber? You Decide!

Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren has to be the youngest and hottest YouTuber on this list. This social media personality loves to flaunt her beautiful body on Instagram and YouTube. Skincare and beauty routines, workouts, music, and mental health wellness are the topics she focuses in social media.

Who wants to see hot girls like Alexis nude often? Well, I do.

Her Instagram account has 15 million followers, Facebook with 5 million, and YouTube channel with 1 million subscribers.

hottest youtuber
Alexis Ren should be awarded as the hottest youtuber. What do you think?

Perhaps the next hottest Youtube naked I can think of is this young lady. She has many naked pictures across the web but this is one of my favorites.

Alexis Ren nude
This is a truly stunning Alexis Ren nude photo.

BTW we didn’t set out to make this about naked Youtubers. It just so happened that lots of hot female youtube stars are have been caught baring it all online. Aren’t we lucky?

Here is 👉 Alexis Ren YouTube Channel

Patry Jordan

Last on our list is Patry Jordan, a splendid looking woman from Spain. Aged 37, specializes in hair and makeup videos on YouTube and got a well-toned body and looks of Monica Bellucci. She runs seven YouTube channels, the first one with native Spanish language having 4.5 million subscribers and the second one with the English language having 1 million subscribers.

She’s got a whole lot of videos only on hair styles. Here’s an interesting and healthy fact; she’s been in a relationship with the same guy for the past 19 years. Spanish does sounds beautiful coming from her videos.

The rest are YT channels on workouts, travel vlogs, and a creative agency she has named MISTIM.

hot youtube girls
Exciting to watch hot youtube girls in tight pants and doing exercises.

This Latina has tons of different channels and even watching her do her hair seems to get the guys excited! 🙂 Not a shame to admit, I’m one of them.

However, the abdominal workout from her Gym Virtual channel is terrific wanking material.

Here is 👉 Patry Jordan YouTube Channel

As you can see there are lots of glamorous and beautiful sexy youtube vloggers to choose from. Clearly, YouTube is a place for mainstream entertainment and education but I am sure lots of us guys love the fact there are so many hot entertaining women at

At any rate, we’d like to congratulate all these top female youtube stars for their success in spanning all different realms of topics. We have to say; that some of them even reminded us of a lot of cam girls from Very classy-looking girls for sure!

Nevertheless, chances are you are never going to see any other of these hot female youtube girls naked, so maybe after watching their latest videos check out the best cam sites for adults. The great thing is that there are lots of girls on YouTube who cam for cash on the side.

Take for example MeganSwitt, who does both YouTube and dirty private live sex webcam shows. With a smile like hers more naked YouTubers might be crossing over to offer more 1-on-1 chat services; who knows?

nude youtubers
MeganSwitt is one of the hottest nude Youtubers. Check her out for cheap live cam chat.

view her live cam show

Truthfully, cam2cam sites offer tens of thousands of hot webcam entertainers to choose from; so just maybe you can find an iJustine lookalike for some private companionship on live cam!

If you liked this list you will love our posts featuring the hottest cam girls!

P.S. I hope you also enjoyed the nude YouTubers!

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