5 of the Craziest Live Sex Cam Shows!

Live sex webcams were crazy a few years ago, but I am here to tell you that it seems like they keep pushing the envelope.

The things we are seeing on adult cams make even me blush. Capitalism at its finest I suppose, we are seeing some of the sexiest adult cam models making a killing. We don’t judge here either, but rather we simply share what we see as we make our rounds writing about all the best live sex cam sites.

Therefore, in this post we are sharing another installment of our featured cam models; this time it’s some of the wild and weird things we’ve strolled across on live sex cams.

Let’s get to it!

First off, let me just say that the majority of the madness tends to take place at Streamate. To date, we’ve probably watched in excess of 1,000 live adult webcam shows which they refer to as Gold shows at this site. You can join as we have said in our review for nothing. You can watch public shows for nothing.

So yes, you have nothing to lose. All these shows are ridiculously cheap though as well if you aren’t too tight to tip the ladies.

Typical buy-in prices for the open to all shows come in around 4 bucks but they are never usually higher than $8.00 tops. Every night around 5-10 pm is when the most gold shows are starting and there is truly something all kinks and fetishes. 

Anyway, I have to start this list of crazy sex cam shows with TwiztdFreaks, mostly for the name. They are a couple that performs on cams but it’s mostly the lady you will see with her boyfriend or hubby rarely joining in. No, it’s not the purple hair or the Iron Maiden poster in the background that led us to choose to share their live cam show, but rather the unabashed peculiar eroticism of their show.

It’s one not to miss, basically because you just watch and wonder, WTF is going to happen next?

With that in mind, this theme is shared by all these unique sex cams shows below.  

An erotic live sex show by a couple that are just plain weird, but oddly entertaining to watch.
An erotic live sex show by a couple that is just plain weird, but oddly entertaining to watch.

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Nikki_Ferrari and her extreme masturbation shows are also something I can safely say I’ve never, ever seen before and I used to live in Thailand so that is really saying a lot! Really her show is somewhat of a spectacle in the realm of extreme masturbation live cam shows.

That being said, you know how the saying goes. “If you have not seen it before………”. Anyway, she has a whole bed full of accessories like power drills with dildos attached, baseball bats, etc. You can use your imagination or go check it out for yourself.

Something you have NEVER seen before...I can assure you of that.
Something you have NEVER seen before…I can assure you of that.

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Next up I had to share this ball of fire called VeronicaKendall, not so much for her show but to illustrate a broader point. First off, take special note of her tattoo. Then glance back at the wall and see the Tiger print on the wall behind the bed. As of late, it’s this kind of subtle and not-so-subtle thing you are starting to see more often with performers on live adult cams.

Specifically, a few years back you did not see extraordinary efforts on the part of the models to make adult cam shows, ‘clever’ if you will.

That’s changing fast! Live cam models are now really trying to stand out to attract a following and get more guys into their shows.

Anyway, she’s a great performer and was also a great example of the broader pattern we see with cam models, which is really branding their own shows and doing things that are either a wee bit crazy or in other cases totally over the top!

Live cam models are doing unique things to make guys remember their shows.
Live cam models are doing unique things to make guys remember their shows.

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When it comes to over-the-top live cam shows this next firecracker goes by cams username VICTORRIA in call caps. She has a look so innocent you’d never believe what REALLY goes on once you click, ‘Enter my show’.

I would just also add that she’s one of the sexiest adult cam models out there.

Jenny_Couture probably belongs on this list as well. Why do you ask?

Well, it’s not every adult cam model that places a Tiara under a blackboard where they write the name of their all-time highest tipper.

Luckily nobody ever will know your username as long as you are tactful when you choose it, right? However, can you imagine your friends seeing your name there? 🙂 All fun and games aside, her show and possibly this model herself are a bit crazy. Oversize toys, over-the-top everything….that is Jenny_Couture.

Jenny_Couture would land high on any list of crazy adult cam shows.
Jenny_Couture would land high on any list of crazy adult cam shows.

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Another one of the hottest live cam models that REALLY goes off in her show is FastHighSquirt. She’s a 19-year-old Hungarian webcam model who is still new to adult cams.

First off, I just have to comment on her username. Evidently, it must be a testament to all the men out there who love to watch women have squirting orgasms.

There are by the judge of things many, many men that love these kinds of shows. Anyway, that is her specialty and she’s got it down to a science. Check out the look of determination on her face below!

If you like extreme squirting orgasm shows live this is your gal.
If you like extreme squirting orgasm shows live this is your gal.

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There you have it, 5 of the Craziest Live Sex Cam Shows! Did we miss any? I am sure we did.

The bottom line is this, the era of watching recorded porn is basically over. Men and yes women everywhere are now flocking to join the live sex shows sites which are really now rapidly mainstream. In thousands of rooms online you can bet you’ll find all sorts of crazy sex acts being performed on cam at this very second.

You can peruse our reviews to learn more about which sites are the most popular or I can share with you my favorite right now; which also happens to be the most popular.

It’s called Streamate and you can join free here.

As I have said before and will say again, there are NO CHARGES to join and everything is clearly marked. Millions of people are members there now. Before you go make sure to read our list of the top adult webcam sites and whatever you don’t fall for the gimmicks and nonsense of cam sites like reallifecam.

Remember we share what it’s like to use all the most prolific webcam sex sites such as LiveJasmin (review at that link) and of course the world’s largest nude cams platform Chaturbate (review at that link) as well as dozens of other live video cam sites.

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