5 of the Hottest American Amatuer Cam Models!

This installment of featured adult cam models is going to be a bit different than our regular posts about the most stunning women on adult cams.

How so, you ask? Let me explain…

American live cam girl MalenaMorgan, is widely known to smoke while using a vibrator in her live cam shows.

If any man were asked what makes a cam model hot, if he were to answer honestly he would have to say it really depends on his mood at that time. Oftentimes, what really makes for a sexy cam model is if they are engaging and REALLY look like they are into their show.

I mean there is probably something seriously wrong with you if you want a cam model who looks unhappy to be doing what she is doing. Right?

Well, we happen to think that sometimes it’s less about looks and more about the ladies that really like to put on a show.

So in this post, we are going to strictly share 5 of the sexiest Amateur American cam girls.

Let me first say this. Typically Amateur American cam models are not as prevalent on adult cam sites. Why?

Economics plays a large part in that. Men tend to gravitate towards adult cam shows that are cheap or less than $3-$4 per minute. While Amateur cam models from the US tend to charge from $4.99 – $7.99 per minute.

Sure there are many, many exceptions but we think as a general rule that this price range does play out to be fairly realistic.

Costs aside, considering the fact that we do reviews on adult cam sites this gives us an incredible opportunity to see loads of adult cam models. When we notice American girls on cams we always take a look.

So without further ado here is a short list of some of the sexiest American cam girls!  (But sexy in the way that they really put on a show and are friendly and fun to watch!)

Here is the good news for you guys out there a tight budget but still looking for affordable adult cams that have amateur cam girls for the US. We are only including cam models that cost less than 3 dollars per minute.

Also, we are only including those models that do interact with customers in free chat as well. So that means if there are any ridiculous references to charging $5 for just standing they were off the running for this list right off the top.

Most of all the emphasis of this list is it’s our personal favorite of just raw adult cam entertainment talent. That means ladies who use their imaginations and really know how to turn you on with what they say rather than just having chiseled thighs or a booty like Kim Kardashian.

Do you follow? Are you ready?

Let’s roll…

These ladies came straight off my working notes from reviewing dozens of adult webcam sites over the past year. (I can’t complain, the work wasn’t that hard, just a bit time-consuming) I can promise you this. These ladies are some of the best American cam models online…

American cam girls

American Cam Girls, the best of the best!


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First off what fun little freak Janey_Genius is. She’s a full-time cam model at Streamate. From the moment you stroll into her webcam show, Free show I might add she’s all about your satisfaction. She has to be one of the most erotic but also overall friendly cam girls I have ever watched.

If she could bake you a virtual apple pie and send it in through your internet connection, surely vanilla bean ice cream would magically appear just as you consumed the last delicious spoon full of your pie. She’s got a seductive look, sexy voice, and if you’re short on ideas for trying something wild and new she can suggest something that will have you wanting to come back for more!


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Next up we have Shybooty365 a 20 something American cam girl from Canton, Ohio. She put the, ‘F’ in a freak. Don’t believe me? Here is what she lists as her turn-ons.

If I could, I would LOVE to just have everyone cum ALL OVER me! ;-)”
The bottom line is this. I’ve seen loads of Amateur American women on nude cams but I’ve seen just a handful that are as, ‘balls out’ as this young lady. She’s totally fun to watch and truthfully she’s having as much fun or more as you are. Shybooty365 my ass!  🙂

P.S. She makes you get on cam with her b/c she LOVES to watch you get off!

TIP: Click on her private shows if she is not online when you visit. She’s got some super naught recorded live masturbation shows using a Hitachi wand on herself with all the accessories. It’s a spectacle.

So by now, you’ve noticed that most of these cam girls are not exactly hometown hotties, right? Clearly, these are not the sort of ladies you would see on an episode of Girls Gone Wild. No, these areas I said before are REAL American amateur cam models and that’s exactly the point of this feature. Some of the best entertainers!

Next up I just have to share RosePettles from Once you join you can find her by using their search box for that cam model username. This lady is an American but lives in Canada and she’s a brilliant adult cam entertainer! There is not much as far as kinks that she’s not game and she’s also super friendly in free chat with everyone.

Feast your eyes on her outfits for free chat! Ummm yeah.


I should also add that right now if you sign up for they are offering $15.00 in free credits just for registering which can be used anytime you want later on, for private shows! You can register here.

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Like your cam models with curves? This next gal’s cam name is AmiraJoy and she’s perhaps the cutest adult cam model that we’ve seen from the great state of Texas! She is 26 and performs 3 or 4 days a week at

Like the previously mentioned models, she really prefers you to join her by showing yourself off via your webcam while she performs. Everyone leaves smiling from her shows!


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Alright so I know I said the 5 hottest American Amateur webcam models but for #5 we had to include one stunning beauty from across the pond. Yes, one British cam girl from the U.K. She is 22 and from Sussex to be exact. The truth is there are even fewer cam models from the UK so we had to include at least one. The one we chose has it all going on for her as well. From a sexy British accent to a video on her profile page showing her doing a 6-guy gang-bang while looking like the most innocent girl next door.

She’s super cute and friendly and puts on a great cam show! Her name is AveryRose and just take a look at her photo…


You can register to watch AveryRose in her private or free cam shows here.

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 Honorable mentions: xRosieSparksx, MalenaMorgan, and MissBounty at Streamate, as well as UncutDiamond at Adult Webcam TV. Also, make sure to check out our list of 5 of the sexiest brunette cam models. If it’s pure looks your after those models are worth checking out.

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