livejasmin versus chaturbate

Chaturbate vs LiveJasmin Head to Head Comparison

It’s time again for us to look at direct comparisons of two very popular adult webcam sites. First, we have Chaturbate, a site that was launched in 2011 versus LiveJasmin a site that was and maybe still is the undisputed king of adult webcams. This is a head-to-head comparison of Chaturbate vs LiveJasmin. Remember at any time you can skip this and go direct to the rankings and reviews for the best adult cam sites. This tool saves you time in sharing our experiences using adult webcam sites.

Which adult entertainment site is better and why?

livejasmin versus chaturbate
LiveJasmin versus chaturbate

head to head comparison of LiveJasmin vs Chaturbate

Let’s start with the old guard, LiveJasmin. LiveJasmin was started in the good old early days of live chat and it was a league ahead of everything else when it came to naked adult webcams. But what about now? It’s since matured into a refined adult webcams site with loads of gorgeous ladies, but there are cracks in the seam and it’s not perfect. For example, as LiveJasmin has grown up it’s placed rigorous requirements on studios and performers to constantly improve the quality of their internet speed and also provide the site with high-quality professional photography.

This is sort of the hallmark of LiveJasmin and if we can insert our own opinion for a moment we also think this is a reflection of the personal style of György Gattyán and Karoly Papp the men who first created this website. They must envision live webcams for adults as something that will inevitably blend with Hollywood; perhaps they see LiveJasmin webcams as a place the stars of the world will use for their adult escapades and make money from those endeavors. But will they? At least looking from the outside in on how LiveJasmin has evolved this is just one webmaster’s impression.

Next, we have Chaturbate, a site that over the first 3 or 4 years was sort of looked down on for the fact that everyone was allowed to see all performer’s shows. The focus of the site was to mimic a local strip club; albeit to be the online version. These are one must agree radically different businesses. Most thought that Chaturbate would burn through their performers and that this freemium model would not compete with premium adult webcam sites. Most were wrong though at least so far.

Chaturbate today continues to take market share from LiveJasmin and performs as well. Their traffic continues to grow and because it’s all driven by the models it’s hard to bet against their business model. Chaturbate does not provide the same quality user experience for those who want 1-on-1 sex chat, but the powerful weapon it does have not is more of a cool factor than ever before.

Couple that with more American cam girls and you have a real threat to LiveJasmin live sex webcams site as well as the other top adult webcams sites. As of the last few months, more models with Colombian and Romanian webcam studios have also moved over to Chaturbate and some of the top models on LiveJasmin have also started to broadcast from Streamate. (Streamate is an American premium adult webcam site. Full Streamate reviews) Or just try and see what we mean.)

NOTE: Another site like Chaturbate is on the rise called BongaCams. Learn more about BongaCams in the bongacams reviews.

Adult Cam Siteschaturbate comparisonLivejasmin comparison
Cost of ShowsTie - LiveJasmin and Chaturbate are neck and neck for costs but LiveJasmin provides lower cost shows because of the fact their are more foreign girlsTie - It could also be said Chaturbate was cheaper for sex webcams though if you look at shared group adult chat.
Number of cam modelsChaturbate does not have as many model but their are more American webcam girls.Cost and value again are two different metrics that you can argue til the cows come home. However for bottom dollar savings Streamate does prevail.
Business model, post pay versus pre-payYou can use paypal here and you cannot at LiveJasmin. However both are credits systemsReally both are prepay businesses where you have to buy tokens or credits for adult webcam chat. LiveJasmin in that way is the same as Chaturbate
Quality of modelsThis is a tie too as the styles of cam girls are quite different at Chaturbate. Real American cam girls then Chaturbate but not if you want truly private naughty showsLivejasmin wins clearly for quanitity and of course has more cliche slender glamorous girls that by magazine standards maybe better looking but this comes down to preference.
Outcome:+1 -2 and 1 Tie +2 -1 maybe - Again near a dead tie

As you can see these two adult sites are really not as different as one might expect.

What you see at LiveJasmin
What you see at LiveJasmin on the home page.

LiveJasmin Pros:

LiveJasmin offers arguably more attractive women. Or do they? This is a matter of preference and LiveJasmin glamour girls look some would say is more cliché and not real in that it does not reflect women in their free sexual form dressed and acting in the ways that really reflect their lives.

However, for the man who wants the glamorous girl with a perfect body in the cliché sense of the word LiveJasmin has more of these ladies on webcams.

LiveJasmin Cons:

LiveJasmin has a few real girls next door for American men who use sex cams. That is a BIG WEAKNESS. Jasmin is losing the cool factor with real women in the United States. That could spell real long-term trouble for the LiveJasmin webcams brand.

However, LiveJasmin still attracts more traffic every day than any site in the world and that is partly because they pay more for traffic; this bodes well for models. The model registration page for LiveJasmin is here.

LiveJasmin Overall Strengths

LiveJasmin as we said in our LiveJasmin reviews is still the king of adult webcams and they have such a massive amount of models and webmasters still pushing the site as well as such a massive amount of money that they could to be perfectly honest probably buy Chaturbate.


Next up Chaturbate…


Chaturbate Pros:

Chaturbate as a recent article claimed does indeed have the ‘Cool Bitch” factor now and they have been very successful at making Chaturbate a mainstream and somewhat socially acceptable site. This begs the question, “What if the same models across America that work in strip clubs” came online? Just how big can chaturbate get? Chaturbate recently introduced daily pay and this is a HUGE advantage for performers in a pinch to get paid fast. This is not available anywhere else.

Chaturbate Cons:

Mobile user experience even with the new mobile beta does not compare at all to other top adult webcam sites. They must improve their mobile experience. Likewise, private shows are nowhere near as enjoyable because the focus at Chaturbate is on open group tipping. For the closet pervert in all men and some women too, this is a huge ding for Chaturbate, where LiveJasmin is still a far superior site.

Chaturbate Overall Strengths

Chaturbate can run the map and get most of the talent as far as American adult webcam girls if women are paid more, paid faster, and feel more comfortable. Because American men prefer to talk with American webcam girls this is a huge strength and will make Chaturbate a go-to site even if mobile and private are areas where the site is not as good as other adult webcam sites.


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