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(Warning) Hidden Cam Sex & Spy Cam Sites are Scams

Over the past couples years hidden cam sex has become a popular niche term in adult entertainment. That said, this squarely falls under the general type of content you’d look for at an adult cam site. However, since a large number of people have yet to register at or discover how the most popular mainstream sex cam sites work, their is a lot of ignorance around voyeur cams. Let’s just come right out and say it; hidden cam sex sites are lying to you to get your money.

hidden webcam sex
If you sex acts live on cam you can be assured it’s not really a hidden cam!

We are debunking hidden webcam sex because someone has to.

Scam is a strong word, but the meaning of scam is basically to take your money by deception. This is exactly what these so-called hidden cam sex websites are doing. However, let’s draw a line here between these truly different live sex services. What were talking about when we talk about hidden webcam sex and spy cams are not the real live webcam sites for adults. In fact many of the most widely used adult cam sites are popular, safe, and offer a good user value. With that said, I will explain the difference between that and these knucklehead sites that claim to offer hidden cam sex.

Most Hidden Cam Sex Sites Are Totally Fake

To get the full impact of what we are saying here you really need to have a bit of experience on some sex webcam sites. We will assume most of you do since adult webcams connect millions of people who do not know each other to chat on cam about sex and perform shows; something that has proven pretty popular over the past decade. Most recently though this new crop of live sex sites is claiming to offer live feeds of hidden sex cams. IT’S IS SIMPLY BULLSHIT!

Here are a few of these scammy real life cam sites:

  • voyeur-house.tv – They just try to make it look real with night scenes and actors but their is no real life sex on cam happening that is not known to be recorded.
LIES! Do not believe the lies of sites like voyeur-house.tv. All those seen on the site are fully aware they are performing on cam.
  • camarads.com  – Camarads is complete joke as far as live sex entertainment but yes they offer real life cams. If you want to watch a bunch of broke looking washed up MMA guys clip their toe nails this is the site for you. If you want hot xxx sex cams, you’ve struck out on this website.

    camarads is another purely fake hidden cam sex site. Nice pink poney homey!

  • voyeurhouse.com – one of larger supposed voyeur cam sites, voyeur house actually is so boring they refer out most of their traffic to legit live sex sites. The funny secret most users have no clue about is that this voyeur cams site is actually fucking owned by StripChat, an adult cam site itself. Naturally their adult webcams sister sites gets 500 times the traffic of this cheesy fake hidden cam sex site.

    voyeur house
    voyeur house I’d call ‘boring house’ unless you like seeing girls poop on cam

When it comes to watching spy cam porn there are a plethora of options for surfing stale old ass porn. You can do so using voyeur sex tube sites like www.tubev.sex or www.fulltube.xxx…or dozens of others. That shit is pretty boring though right?! Most of us prefer and are looking for the live sex sorta action, over recorded free porn. Likewise, free porn video sites are of course not going to give you any options to watch live spy cam sex.

The Point is it is ALL MAKE BELIEVE

Once more the reason these hidden and spy cam sex sites are fake is simple. It is against the law in every country in the world to film someone having sex against their will or without their full consent. Moreover, that’s seriously dangerous and high risk behavior to try to even find some shady ass, sex cam sites that would offer illegal content. So just stop it and learn what live sex cams do and and what is legal to view.

So in a nutshell, there are lots of different types of hidden cam sex sites on the web, but none of them really have hidden sex cams. That said expect the same is true with spy cams. The best advice we can give those looking for hidden cam sex is try the mainstream live sex sites. These are the 3 top live sex sites!

It also helps to understand how most adult webcam sites work if you are just looking for true voyeur cams. As a good rule of thumb just avoid any site claiming to offer voyeur cams and then try out some of the top ranked xxx video chat sites. That is closest thing to real hidden cam sex.

Likewise by reading our our adult webcam reviews you can learn about sites like Streamate or even chaturbate, sites which will actually deliver on satisfying your fetish for voyeur cams and not rip you off. If using these live sex video chat sites you can at least enter a show without others know and view a model who is performing for others as a true voyeur enjoys. If that does not get your rocks off, then try doing the same on with a couple having sex live; which is as close as it gets on the internet to couples spy cam sex! REAL TALK.

 Voyeur Cams
Voyeur cams are one of the most popular types of sex cams.

Real Life Cam Sex Sites Are Flourishing…

So while, your not going to find any sort of legit hidden cam sex sites on the web, you can easily view real life cam sex on all the leading adult video chat platforms. It’s simply a matter of deciding which webcam sex site offers the features and functionality that best fits your viewing preferences or personal style.

Oftentimes this depends on the device your wanting to watch live porn on and you also sometimes are limited by country filters or hindered by slow load times if that site is hosted outside of your country. Lots of people choose LiveJasmin because of the fact that the models are typically more glamorous while many others will select Imlive as they have pretty fast mobile sex cams. Just make sure it’s not a clone version like xhamsterlive, in which case you want to try the real version of that site found at stripchat.

Real Life Cam Sex
The wonders of xxx cam sites have made the ability to watch real life cam sex as easy as logging into a computer.
 Voyeur Cams Truly Come in All Flavors

Hidden cam sex sites are a big buzzword in adult entertainment currently but were here today to share a rarely discussed truth about how these types of live sex cams are totally bunk. Spy cam sex is basically a lie, the entire premise if true violates privacy laws around the world.

The truth is hidden cam sex sites are just a ploy to lure you into traditional adult webcam sites. Sure some sex cam sites offer oddly placed cams inside of a house that captures things like real people having sex and girls showering and the like, but those on cam are totally aware their being filmed and are also being paid for it.

That is why we laugh when we hear people discuss spy cam sex or hidden cam sex. It’s all completely fake guys!

Take it from Brad the Cam Sites guy. The truth is real life cam sex is a fad term and the real users intent when looking for this is typically just voyeur sex cams. Most people who are searching for this also are new to cam sex sites and just don’t have any fucking idea what is going on. Luckily you found B.A.C.S. which is a internet masturbation guide and goldmine as far as getting the root of the truth when it comes to using sex cam sites.

hidden cam sex
So the next time you get an urge to view some hidden cam sex, just realize adult cam sites are the best option.

…but the bottom line is we tested hidden cam sex sites & real life cam sites like voyeurhouse, camarads, and many others. In each case, we always found these sites to be scams. Not to mention that their are 24 hours in each day, the average man has sex for 15 minutes 4 times a week. That means of course you’d be do up for lots of waiting. 🙂

Listen guys, its really no different from trickery of jerkmate, the camonster, camfuze or pornhublive clone tricks we talked about here, or even the real dangers of shagle. Voyeur cams & spy cam sites are not legit and stranger cams are downright dangerous. Stick to the true mainstream adult webcam sites where chances are good their own greed will lead to being treated well so that you will want to come back. These are of course used by millions and they verify age and deliver the goods. We rank the best sex cam sites here, just the trusted sex cams websites.

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