DXLive Review: How it Works And is it Safe or Not?

Asking if dxlive is a good Asian sex site? My dxlive review goes into great detail on how dxlive works and if DXLive.com is a safe Asian cam girls site. We also talk about how much it costs to use dxlive and how it compares to other Asian sex cams websites. With that said, welcome to our updated dxlive site summary and reviews.

Is DXLive Legit?

For those of you asking if dxlive safe and legit and how it all works we have been active on this Asian video chat site for 6 years and know it inside and out. First off let’s look at the actual site. Below is a screenshot what dxlive home page looks like. This is where you land when you first visit or when you return as a user if you decide to register. As you can see they also have an actual how to section on the website.

The home page of dxlive Asian sex site.

DXLive Costs & Features Comparison

First off, dxlive is a lesser-known Asian sex cams site to most North Americans.

However, millions of men in Japan know dxlive.com as a go-to destination to chat with nude Japanese girls on cam. As a matter of fact, dxlive is about as popular in Japan as Streamate (review at that link) is in America. More Americans are starting to venture out and try new Asian video chat sites though and so more people are curious about DXLive.com. That is the primary reason we writing about our experiences using DXLive.com as well.

This means lots of desperate and antisocial Asian men (and some westerners too) are blowing bucket loads of cum and cash here. :-). Are they coming back though and are they really getting their money’ worth?

In general, the answer is yes they are. DX live cams, while small does offer a legit niche Asian cams experience.

Meanwhile, timid looking young Asian cam girls are stripping for that cold hard yen! Gotta get those Anello or legato largo bags if you know what I mean. Of course, the currency and costs to use dxlive are displayed in your local currency which is dollars if you chose the English version of the site.

For those not familiar with our reference it just refers to the fact that in Asian countries status symbols like handbags are huge with girls in their 20’s and many of the webcam girls on dx live are lured into camming for the perks they earn like designer handbags.

Anyway, it’s just an Asian virtual jack shack at DXLive.com and again it is safe and legit.

Likewise, the same company that serves DXLive is also behind sakuralive which is just a new skin on the same Asian sex webcams platform.

Basically dx live cams is a unique standalone Asian sex site for live cams chat connecting Asian girls and those who want to talk with them in a sexual manner.

While we like this site for what it is, there is no arguing that the technology they run on is more than a decade out of date and they still employ flash players to display live webcam feeds.

Likewise, dx live has a unique points-based system. The prices for Asian babe cams are pretty standard.

dxlive prices
dxlive prices

Here are the exact costs to use dx webcams live as far as the prices to chat with Asian cam girls in private.

  • *$50.00 (25 POINTS) (Starter package is the best way to go until you establish if you feel like you get a good value for money)
  • $100.00 (50 POINTS)
  • $200.00 (110 POINTS)
  • $300.00 (170 POINTS)Another thing that stands out about this Asian sex site is the fact that they don’t really have than many Asian girls on cam compared to the largest sex cam sites but because it’s a niche Asian sex site focused on cams chat the whole site gives off the appearance off having more Asian women on cam.

They do offer remote-controllable sex toy shows here as well. This is, of course, something Chaturbate (review at that link) became famous for. The dxlive version of teledildonics though is not as refined. That said, the, ‘how-to guide’ and images on their tutorials and faq section make it very simple to understand how that and all the features of dxlive.com work.

remote controllable sex toy shows
Yes, they also offer remote-controllable sex toy shows. The image shows how they work.

We may be inadvertently introducing some of our readers to a new place to chat with Asian cam girls but that isn’t the worst thing we have ever been accused of. I do suggest you read the entire dxlive review and summary below though before you get too excited.

Japanese sex cams
Japanese sex cams girl AnnyLaurens performs on cam.

DXLive User Value Proposition

Since we already covered the dx live prices, there are some not-so-subtle differences with Asian adult cams I should mention. First off, Japanese cam girls play heavily on eroticism and role-playing. This means you can expect a lot more lead-up and teasing with Asian girls on cam at this chat site. As you can see from the screenshot of dxlive.com as well, there are 41,000 Asian girls working on this Japanese sex cams site.

TIP: The number of Japanese cam girls truly online at any one time is radically smaller.

Japanese cam girls
Don’t be surprised to see fewer graphic shows when it comes to Japanese cam girls.

Our last visit showed that 20 out of 59 women were Japanese with a few token Russian (white girls) mixed in. We even found a BBW Mexican cam girl too. WTF? No idea, but hey maybe some of us get so horny we just forget about it being an Asian cam site.

I do love the section with a daily ranking of the top Japanese cam girls on this site. It’s an awesome little shortcut to find some of the sexiest Asian girls on cam.

top Japanese cam girls
Daily ranking of the top Japanese cam girls on dxlive. ooHana and MACOpii, as well as XmaaaX, are our favorites.

DXLive Reviews Summary:

Okay so I am not sure how Japanese or even Asian the name NatashaIvanov is, but the vast majority of webcam girls here are Asian. I’d have to give dx live 3 out of 5 stars. I like it, but I don’t love it.

The truth is, if I get sick of the selection of Asian webcam girls at the mainstream adult cam sites then I will occasionally dip through here and look for real Japanese cam girls. The price is a bit higher and the fact that I can’t seem to find any HD Asian cam girl shows here turns me off.

However, if you have not tried dxlive I think everyone should at least give it a spin because it’s frankly a fun Asian sex site which is also a rare find. Also, if you are really into sexy Asian girls then dxlive.com may be a treasure trove of fun for you.

Also, check out our list of the hottest Asian cam girls which we aggregated a while back. We keep adding to is as we find all the hottest Asian cam girls across top live sex sites. We paid special care towards sharing some of the best Asian cam girls shows from a few of the top adult webcam sites.

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