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How do you measure up? A Comprehensive Guide to Online Dick Ratings

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to online dick ratings. They say comparison is the thief of joy, but it seems we just can’t help but rate ourselves and others on the infamous ten-point scale, no matter what the category may be. People everywhere are itching to have strangers online judge their gaming setups, cars, and home improvement projects.

Dedicated groups on practically all social media platforms overflow with pictures begging to be rated, so naturally, this phenomenon extends to erections as well.

Let’s face it. Despite being in the supposed age of body positivity, guys are still held to a pretty high, and often unfair, standard when it comes to dick size and performance. Porn sets the bar high. Porn sites are filled with thumbnails and clips of perfectly chiseled performers with huge, girthy dicks that can, of course, last for hours. When you feel like you’re competing with the likes of Johnny Sins, it can be hard to figure out where you fit on the sexual scale.

Dick Ratings Steps

Of course, plastering your dick pic in a public forum and screaming, “Rate my cock!” may not be the best way to go about getting opinions, but lucky for you, that’s where the pros come in.

  • Step One: Choose Your Rater

The truth is dick pics get a bad rap nowadays. At best, sending a dick pic to the wrong person at the wrong time ends a conversation, and at worst? Well…look no further than the latest headlines to figure out how that goes. Blasting your penis portrait to randoms won’t get you the results you want. You’re more likely to get blocked or downright canceled!

Despite what you might be thinking, asking your girlfriend isn’t much better. She’ll either be biased and tell you what you want to hear even if it’s not the truth. So, unless you want to risk an awkward bedroom situation with your lady, leave her out of it. We recommend getting an opinion from trusted professionals, i.e. live cam models.

dick ratings
It’s great to see hot cam girls doing dick ratings from top cam sites.

Signing up for a live cam site like is easy and most have zero sign-up fees. Once you become a cam member, you’ll be able to browse hundreds of hot models’ livestreams. The best part about a live cam site is that they’re active 24/7. Meaning, no matter what time it is, there will always be a cam model online ready to rate your cock.

Pick Your Cock Rating Models

In a real-time cock rating session, you can share your livestream to be judged. This typically happens in a one-on-one session, but some cam models offer group ratings or “cock contests” as well to determine which guy has the sexiest cock out of the bunch. Dick ratings are fun when you’re doing it the perfect way.

Getting a real-time session with a cam model might be intimidating or impractical to some, but not to worry. There are other options. Luckily, most cam sites allow you to privately message a model so you can submit a picture or video to be rated. There are a couple ways she can respond from here. She can simply provide a written review or send a video detailing your dick ratings score and why you might deserve it.

online dick ratings
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Seasoned cam models see dozens of dick pics and livestreams a week, and it’s safe to say their customers aren’t all ten-inch porn stars. You can count on these ladies to give you a fair review. There’s even sub-categories for cock ratings that different models specialize in that can give you the ego boost–or breakdown–you need.

  • The Honest Rating

When you think of dick ratings, this is most likely what comes to mind. In this kind of session, your rater will give you a truthful review of your dick from her point of view. A good rater will assign you a score out of ten along with a list of “pros and cons” about your erection. Remember that dick ratings, even honest ones, are still subjective. Performers’ opinions, like all opinions, are formed from their past experiences and expectations, so take each rating with a grain of salt. You can always ask for a second opinion from a different model if you’re unsatisfied with your rating.

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  • Cock Worship

If you want a surefire ego boost, cock worship is the way to go. A cock worship session is less of a rating than it is a mental jerk-off session with a sexy girl that practically drools all over your dick, describing in detail how attractive she finds your erection and what she’d do to it if she was with you. If you love hot and heavy dirty talk that leaves you on a high note, this is the type of session for you. With a cock worship session, you can guarantee a ten out of ten every time.

  • SPH (Small Penis Humiliation)

Cock worship may be all about stroking your ego, but small penis humiliation is all about tearing it down. SPH fetishists love being shamed for their diminutive dick size. They get off on being told how unfuckable and inadequate they are. In fact, don’t be surprised if your rater gets downright bitchy with your rating, calling your dick worthless and hideous for being so tiny.

small penis humiliation
Chelsea_evans_ is one of the small penis humiliation cams specialist online.

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In a session like this, your rater may tell you what she’d do (or in most cases, wouldn’t do) to your dick, but she might not be so nice. Small penis humiliation sessions are often coupled with other fetishes under the femdom umbrella like CBT (cock and ball torture), denial, cuckolding, and findom (financial domination), but many dommes do pure SPH sessions as well.

Some of the top small penis humiliation cam girls are available on my blog. Just be sure to negotiate what you’re comfortable and/or uncomfortable with beforehand so you get the best possible experience.

  • Step Two: Present Your Dick Pics

To get your dick ratings done perfectly, of course you have to present your package. This can be done easily with your smartphone camera by taking a simple, but tasteful, photo, video clip, or even live-streaming with your rater. Before your rating, consider the background, lighting, and composition of your shot. That’s one of the vital things you need to know before rate my dick sessions.

Choose a clean, clutter-free space to shoot in that won’t distract from the star of the show. No one wants to see dirty laundry, pizza boxes, or your toilet in the background. Make sure your space is well-lit–it’s hard to give an accurate dick rating in the dark! Of course, we understand that sometimes discretion takes priority when going for rate my dick cams. In this scenario, make sure you have night mode enabled or flash on. If this is not an option, take your photos or clips in advance when you have some privacy.

rate my cock
Always share HD picture of your penis if you’re picking models for rate my cock session.

Last but not least, composition. This can make or break your dick photo, and in turn, your rating, so listen up. Every dick is different, and each has its charms. Is yours curved or straight? Do you have large balls or small ones? What are the proportions between your head and shaft? Answering these questions can help you determine what to highlight or even omit from your picture to ensure the best cock rating for you.

If you want your shot to emphasize length, hold your phone against your stomach and take the picture at a slightly downward angle so that it captures the entire length of your erection from base to tip. This works whether you’re laying down or standing up. Holding your phone so that the lens of the camera “stares down the barrel,” if you will, will create the opposite effect and hide the length of your dick. In either case, you can use a prop for comparison (water bottles, lighters, soda cans, dildos, etc. or even a ruler for extra credit) if you want your rating to be even more accurate.

If your dick curves, and you want to include this in your shot, you can try the following angles to show this off. Also, if it curves to the side, hold your phone against your stomach and take your photo straight on if you’re laying down, or top-down when standing up. If it curves up or down, take a side profile of your dick. In any case, play with your angles. Don’t be afraid to shoot multiple photos and clips to determine the most flattering shot for yourself.

The Aftermath: Why did I get this dick rating?

There are many determining factors in deciding a dick rating. Your score may vary between raters, but most of them have similar criteria when judging your dick.

  • Length

This is easily the most obvious factor that separates the 1s from the 10s. In fact, your dick length and your rating are probably positively correlated. Generally speaking, ladies love guys with longer dicks that can satisfy them with deep penetration.

  • Girth (Thickness)

Second to length, thickness is one of the most important things to consider in dick ratings. Thinner dicks are more likely to be rated lower on the ten point scale, while thicker dicks tend to do better.

  • Hardness

To get the best possible score, try to maintain a full erection for your rating to maximize your penis’ length and girth. If your dick stands at half-mast or not at all, you’ll likely get a lower rating than if you have a raging hard-on.

  • Proportions

Many raters will take your overall proportions into consideration. For example, is your dick big or small compared to your body? What about the size of the head or balls in comparison to the shaft? Evenly proportioned dicks, as you can expect, tend to score higher among raters, but unusual proportions can make you stand out and even score extra points depending on who is doing the dick ratings.

  • Circumcision

Whether or not you’re circumcised may affect your score one way or the other. It really depends on who your rater is. On the one hand, circumcised dicks are the standard of attractiveness for most penises. However, many women report feeling better when having sex with uncircumcised ones due to the added sensation provided by the foreskin during intercourse. It all comes down to experience in this category.

  • Grooming

Each rater has their own preferences when it comes to grooming as far as whether you decide to manscape or keep it au naturel, but what we can all agree on is that your dick should be clean if you’re going to show it off to be rated.

  • Balls

It’s common for dick raters to consider the whole package when giving you your score. Whether your balls are proportionate in size to your dick matters and so does the perceived “tightness” of your scrotum. If your balls are slack or are lopsided, they will usually be rated lower than balls that sit higher and tighter to the base of the dick. However, some raters can appreciate the look of a “heavy” set of balls, so keep this in mind.

  • Ejaculation

Cock ratings often turn into hot jerk-off sessions, especially when sharing your cam live. You can score some extra points with your rater by showing off your stamina and crossing the finish line in style.

Unique Features on Cock Ratings

Raters may consider other aspects of your erection to determine your overall score. This may include curvature, discolorations, birthmarks, bumps, and veins, or any other notable qualities your dick might have. Depending on your rater, these irregularities may raise or lower your score.

Regardless of what score you receive, it’s important to not take it too personally. Dick ratings are all in good fun, and, as I’ve said before, purely subjective. In the end, your score does not define you or your sexual performance, and chances are you’re probably more average than you think.

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I want to send you off with some not-so-cold hard facts. According to seventy-five studies published between 1942 and 2021, the average flaccid penis length worldwide is approximately ~3.5 in.(8.70cm.), while the average erect penis length worldwide is ~5.6in(13.93cm).*

So if you’re above five and a half inches hard, congratulations! And if you’re not, don’t sweat it. It turns out that what they say is true–size isn’t everything. There are plenty of ways to please your partner that aren’t penetrative sex, like oral and digital (that means fingers!) stimulation. This works no matter what size you are. And let’s not forget that toys are our teammates, not our competition.

So whether or not you’re a one or a ten on the dick-rating scale, carry your cock with confidence, and never let a number hold you back. Feel free to hop in and check out our top small penis humiliation cam sites with hot cam girls.

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