LemonCams – Is it Safe? The Dirty Truth

Some people believe Lemoncams is a new cam sex chat website but the truth is less obvious. Today we are sharing a review of lemoncams.com which pulls the curtains back on how this live video chat portal is merely a landing page with some clever webmaster.

First of all, this is what I want everyone to be aware of about lemoncams.

It is not a new xxx cam site. It’s actually nothing more than an aggregation of MyFreeCams performances and Chaturbate webcam models.

The creamy surprise you’ll get here is not the one you are probably hoping for because of the shady webmaster tricks at work on this platform.

Let’s be specific though and just promise me to read this lemoncams review to the end so you know what you are getting. Especially, if you’re a new adult webcammer or video chat member who wants to know genuine information about xxx webcams, you better not miss this lemon cams review.

LemonCams Overview

Lemoncams.com is a 100% free live nude and sex cam site for adults (18+) to watch webcam shows and indulge in dirty chats. Of course, this is how they describe themselves on the front, but the reality is far from that statement.

Let’s talk about the reality of lemoncams. It is by far the most perfectly planned bait website to lure viewers. None of the webcam models, chat features, cam shows, filters, categories and sex cam attributes we see on lemoncam is theirs. This is more like a third-party webcam site that tries to become a bridge between the viewer and the webcammer.

The thing is we don’t need lemoncams.com to be a bridge between us and webcammers. We can directly go to webcam sites like chaturbate.com on our own and check the free cam shows. Make sense?

Here’s the Lemon cams features list:

  • Private chats

Lemon cams don’t have private chat sessions with any of the models stripping naked on their cams. Why? Because it’s never an original cam site in the first place, and it’s just an aggregator. Meaning – lemon cams compiles the best cam models from sites like Myfreecams, chaturbate and stripchat and shows them as their own.

So, clicking on private chats with lemoncams models will get redirected to their original cam sites. Yes, adult cam members are getting played in lemon cams!

  • Ability to add favourite webcam performers

To begin with, none of the women on the live cams are from the lemon cams website. The feature of adding favourite webcam members to our profile is a decade-old feature and it was originally launched by chaturbate.com.

  • Zoom

The ability to zoom in and out of live sex camwhores from lemon cams is a decent feature. Having said that, it’s totally controlled by the models to let the viewers watch their zoomed cams or not. Personally, the zoom feature only works better if you’re watching VR cams or exclusive private cam shows.

lemon cams filter
Understandably, lemon cams filter resembles a lot like chaturbate.

In that case, I’d rather head into myfreecams or chaturbate and watch them for absolutely free of cost.

  • Private nude chat sessions

Alright, I’ll add the real case of lemoncam’s forged attempt to lure users to its website by compiling models from adult cam sites. That will give the readers a better look at the reality of lemoncams.com and why it’s not the best place for private nude chat sessions.

Seriously, dude, adult video chat sites are your straight answer to finding the best nude chat sessions and live sex.

  • Blog

Coming to the blog posts from lemon cams, circle around the topics of Cam4, Stripchat, Livejasmin and other cam sites and models that got featured on their sites.

No clear-cut information on private cam pricing, comparison of cam sites, best cam girls, and cheap cam shows are mentioned on the lemon cams blog.

Over time, lemoncam really tests the nerves if you’re looking for affordable cam girls. There is no structure or relevant insights about adult video chat sites – which makes us realize that lemon cams are total junk.

Compare the filter options checking lemon cam and chaturbate for instance. It’s the same, and the latter one has far better authenticity and is probably the biggest cam site compared to others.

Now let’s get to the good stuff and why we issued a warning to our readers about lemoncams. It’s simple.

See the side-by-side comparisons we took screenshots of whereby it is super clear all the models are performing at MyFreeCams.com and Chaturbate.com.

lemon cams
Lemon cams are a clever bait to the viewers. Head to chaturbate for real webcamming experience.

Now let’s check the original cam model image from chaturbate.

lemon cam
Now you know why lemon cam is not the best place to watch live webcam models.

view a cam girls show button

Real performers stream from genuine cam sites like chaturbate and not lemon cams.

Comparing MyFreeCams & Lemon Cams

The sad reality is that – there are thousands of newcomers who mistakenly stop at sites like lemoncams and get at risk of losing their credentials and possibly money online. Think for a second, why would anyone watch a forged platform like lemoncams over original sex cam sites like myfreecams and chaturbate? The only reason could be a lack of information.

Realize, myfreecams.com and chaturbate.com have free sex cam shows 24/7 365 days and signing up is optional. That means you get literally a free ticket to watch live nude cam shows and send messages to models.

xxx webcams
Many xxx webcams from lemoncams are from other cam sites.

Now, let’s check on myfreecams models,

Is lemoncams safe
If you ask me – is lemoncams safe? I’d say a big fucking NO!

As you see, this is how lemon cams is taking credit for all the hard work done by myfreecams to date. I mean, that is so wrong in many ways.

So why on the green earth enrich some affiliates and sacrifice load times and further waste your time using this platform when you can chat directly without adding more costs to the equation? I mean chances are most of you are already familiar with those prolific and large platforms and even have accounts there.

Lemoncams Review Verdict

This webcam site delivers cam girls in a different way than the original sites that actually host these camwhores, but who really cares?

Lemoncams.com is a bit shady because they don’t share the truth about where the cam girls work at who appears on their website.

I mean since you can chat where they actually work without involving lemoncams, who would use some useless middleman site (if they knew before they registered here)?

That’s the truth; there is zilch that makes lemoncams.com special and no reason to believe it’s safer than Chaturbate or the websites where they’re redirecting cam sex shows from.

Overall, lemoncams didn’t offer any shit to the adult cam members instead, it’s showcasing models and their cam shows from other cam sites. This is an utter garbage platform if you ask me and I’d not recommend to anyone. Peruse our comparison table of best sex cam sites for transparent information before using 18+ live cams.

Find out more insightful and useful information on sex cam sites in my adult cams blog for free. It’s better to be safe than sorry wasting time and losing money using trashy cam sites like lemoncams.

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