Phonemates reviews

Phonemates reviews

A Mobile Sex Cams Site, but  how does it stack up to other similar sites?
A Mobile Sex Cams Site, but how does it stack up to other similar sites?

Phonemates features, pricing and safety information

Last Updated April 11th 2014 – Phonemates which is located at has 3 different and distinct versions of their adult cam site. One is best for Desktop and the other two are customized for the iPad or any tablet device and the mobile phone. First of all some men will think that there is a phone sex element to this site. That is not the case, phonemates is a mobile based adult wbcams site; so phone refer to watching live girls on your mobile phone. is operated by a company with a little bit of a silly name but they are a established entity in the adult webcam business; the parent co. name is called PussyCash. They operate on a global scale with partners across the swath of entertainer studies to affiliate marketers and other content publishing companies. The site is similar to (review at that link) which is also operated by this same co.


  • Registration is entirely free at this adult cams site but to get any action per say you will have to pay to play.
  • That being said, average costs Phone Mate or does tend toward the lower side when compared to other live sex cam sites.
  • Specifically, expect to pay $2.00 per minute on average which is less costly than some of the newest adult webcam sites like Flirt4Free. (Honestly, a lot of picking a live cam site really boils down to which user experience you like the best. Both sites are great and our list of the top 5 adult webcams sites is also here if you want to take a look at that before making a decision. The whole emphasis of our site is to share detailed adult webcam reviews so you can determine the best adult cam sites.

    Selection is never an issue here or at most of the top adult cams sites, the different more so lay in costs (credits vs. per minute) and other features that differentiate these sites.
    Selection is never an issue here or at most of the top adult cams sites, the different more so lay in costs (credits vs. per minute) and other features that differentiate these sites.


  • Image Pixelation/Quality of Image: Models with HD or higher quality webcams are denoted with a small HQ symbol. If your really wanting the highest resolution for broadcasting live on a console your best best maybe or Streamate.
  • Locations of most cam models: International webcam models is perhaps one the best things going for PhoneMates as you’ll be able to see many very exotic women live who are very willing to do a wide variety of things on cam for a lot less might otherwise be the case. I mean, if we are being honest here, that is the truth of any business or service and the same is true in adult cams.
  • Unique Features: Perhaps what this site is best known for in the realm of unique site features are the great angles you can achieve with their camera remote controls options. I love these and so do many other members of Phone Mates. This camera angle version that is live which you control is totally unique to you and does not change what the model is broadcasting to others so your live cam experience is totally customized in that way. More so than simply increasing the size of the screen your able to change the whole look of a show. You can zoom in and even make color adjustments which can be a lot of fun considering what you are watching. Here is a screenshot of how it works.

Phonemates Adult Webcam Zoom Controls (pictured below)

Try this feature when streaming adult webcams to a TV monitor and you will see live cams in a whole new way!
Try this feature when streaming adult webcams to a TV monitor and you will see live cams in a whole new way!

Likewise, for webmasters of affiliate marketers interested in starting their own adult webcam sites, PussyCash also operates WebcamWiz. WebcamWiz is an different arm of the company that has built proprietary technology that duplicates the content of, imlive, and phonemates enabling anyone 18 or older with some digital marketing skills to start their own virtual strip club, aka as adult webcams as we know them today. The options are you can promote any of the Pussycash sites by merely registering here.  (From  their own you register you will get links to add to your site from any of those 3 adult webcams sites. Alternatively you can set up your own brand by registering at webcam wiz here. (You have option of running adult cams from a sub-domains as well which maybe a great idea if you have a dating site or a adult site that already receives a fair amount of traffic. Anyway, getting back to the consumer side of things let’s take a closer look at more of the features offered at Phonemates.

Here is what you see on arrival. Pictured below is the welcome screen which makes you confirm your age. welcome screen
Sure, you can also click this and give it a try for yourself.

Now that you have seen this chances are that you will recognize this and other adult cam sites that have the same welcome screening page. When you see this under other brands you will now realize that those are sites operated by the same company but administered by webmasters. No need  to worry about security though as webmasters have no control over billing and do not even have access to your information. That is all handled at the main company level and so this centralization should put your mind at ease.

  • Amount of models: On average expect to see at least 1,000 models live at any given time.
  • Cam2Cam: It is super easy to deploy with 1 click of the mouse.
  • Billing Methods: It’s a credit system so buy a block of credits and then use them as you wish. The usage is rounded to the nearest second so it is very transparent and fair. Billing is discreet and one would never be able to determine you are using live adult cams from how this will appear on your statement. (Keep in mind that it’s a credit system so the whole numbers will though make it easy for you to tell, just not anyone else if they happen upon your bank statements.)
  • Payment methods and forms of payment accepted: You’ll never run into a lack of ways to pay. Paxum, any credit card, or any debit card will work just fine.
  • Responsiveness: Mobile version of the site is very fast and easy to use, but we do wish that the categories were as easy to find as you experience on the desktop version of the site. If your watching via a iPad or other tablet the experience is nearly identical to desktop which cannot be said for many other leading adult webcam shows.
  • Gifts: Phonemates allows and once could even say promotes virtual gifts which then appear on each cam models big page. I personally think it’s a waste of time using virtual gifts and I dislike icons but you can simply ignore that feature.
  • Onsite Model Reviews: Like most cam sites you may also leave and read reviews of what other customers liked or disliked about shows. Using your best judgment is still wise and even specific reviews are not that specific so the reviews on the site itself can only be given so much trust.
  • Language -There are two things we should share when it comes to language. First off your geo or location is typically automatically detected that will display the correct home page language. However, some models do not speak English so rather than rely on the webcam translation you can check each models page where you will see flags next to the language box, all of which denote what language is spoken by each cam model.


Phonemates is trusted by tens of thousands of men and women and generally speaking provides a great platform for adult webcam entertainment. We have no reason whatsoever why we cannot recommend this site.

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