Adult Webcam Sites Using Black Friday Sales!

Would you believe that adult webcam sites are using the holidays to capitalize on new customers? Of course they are. The fact is that between Thanksgiving and New Years of each and every year, no different from online dating sites; adult webcam sites experience a HUGE uptick of business. 

Time with family creates stress, adult webcams offer a release

Stress means more customers and the holidays bring on that stress.
Stress means more customers and the holidays bring on that stress. (Picture model is Genna Johnson) You can see her full profile and live webcam show here.

For many of the same reasons why people consume large amounts of alcoholic beverages during the holidays they also think more about s-e-x. For many adult webcams are a stress reliever.

While we cannot say it’s always a healthy way to work of that build up of holiday stress, that still doesn’t change consumer behaviors.

During this week in particular some of the top adult webcam sites like Streamate (streamate reviews at that link) and ImLive (imlive reviews at that link) report up to 30% increases in month-over-month registrations and sales.

Holidays make people lonely and horny

Another contributing factor as to why many people utilize the services of live sex webcam sites during the holidays season is because it can be a time when people may feel particularly lonely. Since live webcam sites offer 24 hours services this attention is sought out by many people. Sure, it’s probably safe to assume 90% of the business done at adult webcams sites is mostly to cater to horny men, but are many layers to people’s motivations to use adult webcam sites.

Affection or just sex?

Many women who work on live sex webcam sites report that a large number of their customers, in particular during the holidays season are more chatty and stay longer. Is that because they are extra horny or does the loneliness make them horny? I suppose that is a question for a psychologist, we just report the news, share the trends, and research the sites to offer reliable and trusted opinions on the best live webcam sites.

With that in mind, here is a list of adult webcam sites for those that are interested in learning more about which adult webcam sites are scams and which ones have good reputations with consumers!

You can learn more about the adult webcams business at our adult webcams blog here, or read detailed and honest adult webcam site reviews here.

The 3 best live adult webcam sites for high rollers

Luxury Live Adult Webcam Sites

Adult Webcam Insights: What High Rollers Expect from Adult Webcam Sites
Adult Webcam Insights: What High Rollers Expect from Adult Webcam Sites

Some people may foolishly suggest that there are specific adult webcam sites just for high rollers. The truth is that is a branding strategy and nothing more. What high rollers looking to use live adult webcam sites should know is that over 50,000 sites on the world-wide web are actually operated by just 3 platforms.

These platforms offer webmasters the ability to operate their own cam site but offer users the ability to have pace of mind that just the actual platform can access the users personal information and payment details. This security and privacy side of things is of course paramount to all users of adult webcam sites; not just high rollers.

That being said, most high rollers are intelligent people who can see the resemblances in the sites and immediately draw this conclusion. Nevertheless the purpose of this article is to share these top platforms that are known again by thousands of brand names. The companies themselves that operate the platforms will typically have 1 or more company brands that are the most widely knows. In order to keep fewer people in the chain costs that get passed along we always direct people to register at the company-owned brands over the white labels. This just makes the most sense for the content producers, models, platforms, and end users.

However, before I list out these top live adult webcam site platforms for big spenders I will zero in on some of the issues that are critical for the more affluent users; those users which I might add are often referred to as ‘super users’ and ‘whales’ by those in the adult webcam industry. We’ll pick up on these important privacy and security issues below.

( Pictured adult webcam model is ShannonSky one of the streamate models who often caters to big spenders)

ShannonSky, is an example of one of the popular adult webcam models on
ShannonSky, is an example of one of the popular adult webcam models on who we can recommend. She has a grasp on the different expectation that high rollers have at adult webcam sites.

What High Rollers Expect as Far as Privacy and Security.

At most of the adult webcam sites online, specifically the 3 leading platforms that we will be talking about today, webmaster remarketers only have access to general usernames and corresponding stats. The reason for this is so as to make sure users privacy is protected!

TIP: When you register on an adult webcam site make sure to choose a username that is different from usernames you select on different non adult sites. Also make sure your passwords are different.

High rollers or big spenders on adult webcam sites account for more than 60% of the income generated in the adult webcam industry. However, it’s not just the big spenders that want to make sure the sites are private and all their personal information is secure; all users of adult webcam sites have that expectation. Both of the sites we suggest for high rollers and big spenders are sites that DO NOT RESELL MEMBER INFORMATION. This is very important for your privacy on down the line.

Gorgeous American, English speaking models are typically the models that high rollers prefer.
Gorgeous American, English-speaking models are typically the models that high rollers prefer.

Sites that Offer High Rollers The Best Value & Security

The offers to those who spend the most have evolved a bit over the last few years. The two top sites that I think have the most emphasis on customer service towards this crowd are Streamate and Flirt4Free. I will explain in both examples why I think so below.

The Platforms for where those seeking Luxury Live Adult Webcams are best served are:

1. – (full review here) In the case of it’s as simple as this, they are rockstars among all the adult webcams sites. High roller or not, the shows are a stellar value and they are the largest site with the best selection! It’s really the only pay as you go site where you can simply leave a credit card on file and know with 100% certainty that:

A. Your usage for shows will be properly rounded to the nearest second.

B. That you’ll always be discreetly billed.

C. That if you ever have any sort of issue with the performer you’ll most likely get a full refund.


2. – (Full reviews here) With Flirt4Free, as I have said in the past, this platform is arguably where the up scale users go most often. You need to have a little more money to play on this site but it can be worth it! It’s not the least expensive but the prices are comparable and there are only people here as in models who have the hottest looks. You will find porn stars and upscale magazine cover girls who do private shows for the elite. It’s a playground to the rich when it comes to acting our sexual fantasies on cam and a true high rollers adult webcam site. Similar to Streamate, you can be assured of your privacy and security and that the site is all about keeping you happy so that you will keep coming back. Some users on this site have spent upwards of 100k U.S.D. on models over a weekend at


Expect to pay more when you get more. Discerning high rollers often use these sites for adult webcam shows.
Expect to pay more when you get more. Discerning high rollers often use these 2 sites for adult cam shows.

3. (UPDATED) Our 3rd pick was removed. At this time there are really only two platforms that we can suggest for high roller adult cam sites! I would just add that the 2nd selection is most suited for affluent men and women while the 1st is suited for everyone. Make sure to read our complete up-to-date adult webcam reviews. Lastly, if you are already a frequent user of adult webcam sites learn more about where you rank in our guide to the biggest spenders on adult webcam here.

Internet Modeling Tips: How to Do Raffle Ticket Shows

Stroll into any live adult webcam site these days and you will be greeted with internet models doing a wide variety or rather bizarre and crazy things on cam, but one novelty seems to have stuck and by the looks of things it seems to be a big revenue generator for live cam models; that is running adult webcam raffles.

Who knew raffle tickets would be such a boon for adult webcam models? We certainly never would have guessed it! The facts though do seem to show that internet models can increase their earnings with raffle tickets giveaways and that is why we are seeing it happening across dozens of adult webcam sites. If it works then why not let the cat out of the bag…

The hottest new thing for internet models on adult cam shows...
The hottest new thing for internet models on adult cam shows…

Therefore today we are sharing some resources and tips for adult webcam entertainers on exactly how to run adult webcam raffle giveaways in their live shows.

First though I just also have to touch on a trend that I am seeing virtually explode in adult webcam shows. This trend I speak of is models using these strange but rather pretty looking steel butt plugs. As it turns out there are now dozens of companies making these diamond studded buttplugs and they come in all colors. No they are not real diamonds of course but merely have a diamond cut of colored acrylic on the ends. Regardless of manufacturer, when we ordered we found them to be all nearly the same. However, considering these seem to be a cam girls new best accessory we had to share where you can find them.  (I will share an image below in case you do not know what I am talking about)

Anyway, I will leave a resource here on where you can order these shiny adult webcam accessories. Now let’s talk about these ever popular adult webcam raffle shows.

How to operate adult webcam raffle shows

There's a growing phenomenon in adult webcams; raffle ticket shows.
There’s a growing phenomenon in adult webcams; raffle ticket shows.


So the first thing you have to make sure to achieve in order to have any success with selling raffle tickets in adult webcam shows is getting an active full room; that means having at least a 50 or 60 viewers at once. INTERNET MODELING TIP: Use a gold show if you are using the streamate platform (review at that link).  Performer sign-up here.


Special videos you have filmed, private phone sessions, panties, and photos sets all make great giveaways to drive raffle ticket sales. Sometimes the simplest of things makes for a great inducement for viewers to buy your raffle tickets. Share a goal you have that is not too intense, playful, and positive and then also include that in the reason why you are doing the raffle. Consider things like creating a banner for the winner and dedicating your room to this viewer. Things that are fun and playful like this will really drive raffle ticket sales and get more viewers coming back for more.

TIP: Have a 2nd and 3rd place winner. Even if it is a very small prize everyone likes to be a winner!


Remember that most of the time we are dealing with men who have the patience of…well men. Therefore, short time frames are best for adult webcam raffle shows, but do extend the raffles at least a few days and in some cases a few weeks.

Special Dates can be great for raffles such as holidays like those listed below. Remember that adult webcam sites are very busy on holidays because people want to get some affection on these days in particular and more people are off work on holidays.

  • Christmas
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • …and even your birthday!

Below I am posting some quick resources to get the actual raffle tickets and bowl. The local party supply store or Party Depot will also have these. FINAL THOUGHTS: Whatever you do have fun and realize that your first raffle maybe a slow seller but stick with it and as your shows audience grows so will your sales in raffle tickets.

Oh and here is the quick link for these anal butt plugs that are now so common in adult webcam shows. They are called anal jewelry and come in sizes large and small.  The rose-red version is pictured below and it comes as a set of 2 for around $25.00; a fairly small accessory investment to get the guys riled up in your next show.

Good luck with your first adult webcam raffle ticket shows and if you are an adult webcam performer you may also get some added value by reading our post sharing social media tactics and strategies for making more money as an adult webcam model. You can find that detailed article here.

Are you a viewer of adult webcams or want to learn more about how it all works? If so head on over to the adult webcam reviews.

Wearables, Oculus Rift, and Adult Webcams? (Future of Sex?)

The question on the minds of many top executives at the leading adult webcam sites either should be or is, ‘How can we use emerging wearable technology to innovate the adult webcam business’. It’s an intriguing question with all the latest technology developments. You can already see the writing on the wall with adult uses for Oculus Rift being the talk of the porn world this past week….and you can bet there is more discussion to come. Actually not long ago an article about wearable sex toys appeared on Huffington post. However, that was not wearable in the same nature of what the future of technology and truly wearable sex toys will most likely consist of; at least not in our minds. Nevertheless, perhaps it’s a good primer on this discussion. Here is video from the Ti Chang’s ‘Foreplay Jewelry’.

Having opened the door to the reality that people are open to new ideas to reach new sexual heights one as to ask themselves how will future technology shift the way we play out human sexual fantasies? I for one think that future will involve something similar to the gaming and adult webcams crossing paths for truly virtual sex. It seems like that could involve something like the Oculus Rift. Here are just three creative ideas we cooked up. I am sure something similar to at least one of these ideas is not too far in our distant kinky future.

Are adult webcams on the way from technology like Oculus Rift?
Are adult webcams on the way from technology like Oculus Rift? MAYBE.

Where will adult webcam technology ideas for wearables lead?

First off, before we do a nose dive off the deep end, hang in there with me. Realize you have to think outside of the box to even try to guess what the future of the adult webcam industry, porn, and the overall future of sex toys might look like in 20 or 30 year from now. Does it all seem really that weird? I don’t think so. Of course it does a little, but again that is part of the interesting thing about trying to guess what future technology will bring to bear in this industry.

Here are just 3 wild ideas we came up with. That being said, I am sure that many who will read this can come up with some ever more creatives takes on uses for wearables in conjunction with live sex cams.

1. Oculus Rift penis attachment:

Is virtual reality and artificial vaginas the future of adult webcams?
Is virtual reality and artificial vaginas the future of adult webcams?

Imagine something similar to the  female sex organ device like a artificial vagina that incorporated a full visual stimulation with the oculus rift. Now imagine that being part of a game of some sort with multiple players in live time. Clearly something like this would involve some rather wild fetishes and fantasies…but maybe it’s really not that far off?

2. Oculus Rift Anal Toys: Nevermind. 🙂 We come up with some pretty kinky ideas but we’ll leave this for someone else to brainstorm. It’s just to far off for even us.

3. Oculus Rift Wand: Perhaps a cross between a Hitachi Wand with an added wearable accessory like Oculus Rift could become a replacement for the trusty old traditional hitachi wand that is used by millions of women these days. Again, by introducing auditory stimulating and gaming the possibilities in this arena are limitless. One also has to consider if gaming and fucking machines.

Will the future of sex involve gaming technology with machines?
Will the future of sex involve gaming technology with fucking machines? IT SOUNDS CRAZY NOW but we think that’s not too far off!

Judging from how things have changed over the past 20 years, whatever the future holds for adult webcam entertainment it’s sure to be much edgier than most of us would expect now.

NEW HERE? Check out the latest adult webcam reviews to find a trusted site and discover how things have already changed radically in just the past few years.

3 Super Interesting Statistics About Adult Webcams!

Just how popular are sex cam sites becoming?

Welcome back for another installment from the adult webcam blog section. Today we are going to share some adult webcam statistics. First of let me share what inspired me to write this post. I recently conducted a search for sites that cover adult webcam news and sites that provide facts and figures about the adult cam industry. I was a bit shocked to say that least that their really are no such sites. There appears to be very little content online of this nature which I think misleads people into thinking that adult cam are on the fringe. Such is just NOT the case!

What’s missing from the discussion:

How many people are using sex cams?
How many people are using sex cams? (And yes, they are now indoor and out!)

A. Any adult webcam industry resources or universally accepted trade groups. This has to change in due time.

B. News sites covering the adult webcam industry. You find few and far between news stories about a topic that really impacts millions of people. That is puzzling!

For anyone else doing similar research on adult webcams, considering the fact that information like that seems so hard to find online,  I wanted to share these 3 super interesting facts about the adult webcam industry…or (at least we think they are super interesting). Anyway, I do though really think that sharing these facts will illuminate just how widely used live cam sites are and how big this sub-industry has really become…so here they are.

Just how big is the adult cam industry?
Just how big is the adult cam industry?

3 Interesting facts about adult webcams and the adult webcam industry overall!

How big is it?

  • Fact #1. 25% of searches are searched conducted online and via mobile are for adult content.


  • Fact #2. The online sex industry is worth more than 4 billion dollars annually and that number is growing fast.


  • Fact.#3 As of 2014, there are more than 6 million people globally who adult webcam modeling.

My point is two-fold. First of all, it is clear that nearly everyone is watching porn online, millions of people are spending money on it, millions more are making money from it; so isn’t it time it’s more openly discussed?

We tend to think that more open discussions and resources lead to better experiences to be had by all. Specifically we think that one great way to deter cam site scams is to have more open debate and news coverage about the adult webcam industry. That being said I hope our very preliminary research into the world of live cams sites for adults can help you have a better experience using sites of this nature.  Also keep in mind that some great resources can be found here on this website; resource for both internet models and those looking to get started cam modeling.

Our primary focus is always on checking out the latest and most popular live cam sites for adult. Here are the top 5 live cam sites. Also here is a broader list of adult webcam sites that we have covered in the past, researched, and then written about. Lastly if you have a favorite porn star and want to find their private live show page you can use the porn star live cam directory here.

In a hurry? Just want to know the best overall? Here is the editor pick for the best overall value in adult webcams. You cannot go wrong at that site, safe, secure, and used by millions!

New Documentary Shares The Life of Webcam Girls!

I recently ran across this insightful documentary that I wanted to share with my readers here at Best Adult Cam Sites.

If you have been looking at solo cam girls in the UK you may have seen these glamour models from your computer. The creators of this BBC documentary take a deeper look into the lives of 3 adult webcam models. The cam models names are Sammi, Carla, and Olivia. What will really be interesting for many of you who may watch this documentary is the fact that many people, girls do perform on cam are just regular girls next door….and yes of course guys next door as well.

Go Inside the life cam girls!
Go Inside the life cam girls!

Other interesting insights about the life of a cam model are the numbers the documentary shared. Such as these facts and figures:

  • Average cam girls can expect around 20 customer a night after they have been doing cam modeling awhile
  • Average cam girls charge around $3.50 per minute but more successful cam models charge around $5.00 per minute.

Those numbers actually fall right in line with out findings. However, we caution new cam models who are of average skill and looks in that many cam models charge just $1.99 and have only 4 or 5 customers per shift when they first start; so the work can be tough for many and not everyone has what it takes to be a professional cam model.

Likewise, for the men finding the best live cams can be equally tough. Many sites are scams and do not disclose all fees tarnishing the industry as a whole. That being said there are still a handful of very reputable and very well-known popular adult cam sites that can be trusted. As you will read in our adult webcam reviews, we have tested and tried hundreds of adult cams websites using our own money and then shared detailed reviews on just the most popular adult webcam sites. Our top ranked cam site Streamate. (Review at that link)

Other great insights from this documentary are the myths that are debunked. Cam girls are not as some folks may think always people who are just looking to make a quick buck. Oftentimes the ladies behind the live shows are young women looking to do cams just for a short period of time to finance their education.

Anyway, this documentary does a wonderful job illustrating the lives behind the girls that do live cam internet modeling. Make no mistake about it, this profession is a lot more common than most might think. As a matter of fact there are now more cam models than there are private school teachers in the U.S.. Globally though the amount of people doing adult cam modeling now numbers in the millions and that number continues to grow.

Another thing that is there are really 3 different crowds heavily involved in the adult cams industry. These are:

1. The models

For anyone interested in internet modeling we can suggest the same platform we refer viewers to for the same reason; more viewers means more income opportunity. You can register to model here.

2. The webmasters

Likewise, these days many webmasters are opening white label versions of these adult cam sites. These are basically copies of the top platforms where they simply register a URL and buy and drive traffic to make money from home. Webmasters can register here.

3. The customers

Users or customers can register to watch the cams here.  


Anyway, I will post the video below. Enjoy and have fun camming!