Streamate or LiveJasmin – Which is Your Favourite Adult Webcam Site?

Asking me to choose between my two absolute favorite adult webcam sites? This seems to be a trick question. I have been regular on both equally, had my moments (or hours!?) of pleasure and yet this question has set me thinking…

What the heck? I am up for this challenge, and will review each of this top adult cam site on pre-set parameters and hopefully arrive at an answer.

To be unbiased and fair, I have laid down a few criterion and will be rating these sites out of 5

(5 being the highest) to arrive at a well-informed decision. So, let’s begin –

streamate vs LiveJasmin
streamate vs LiveJasmin – featured cam girl is from

Look and Feel

I have to admit, I am NOT a fan of shady looking, shoddy webcam sites that offer nude cam shows at cheap rates; I would rather spend a little and enjoy a good show. So, when it comes to ‘look and feel’, both the sites give each other a tough fight. They look clean, uncluttered, smartly laid out (Noobs rejoice!) and well planned.

But again, when it boils down to a personal favourite, I will have choose LiveJasmin over Streamate. That Red color in background sets the mood right and enhances the thumbnails that are populated by gorgeous cam girls and boys. Not only that I also get to choose the size of the thumbnails which means no endless waiting for the ‘next page’ to load. LiveJasmin also features – Two-way audio feature, Cam2Cam feature, and a private session with the model – this is something not available with ‘all’ the models of Streamate.

So, the score is LiveJasmin – 4.5/5

                        Streamate – 4.0/5

Costs – Which offers Cheaper Cams Chat

Costs have to be one of the most important factors while comparing two adult webcam sites. Let’s quickly have a look at the costs of each before we dive into comparisons.

LiveJasmin Membership Costs – LiveJasmin has few membership plans that allow you to purchase credits for a certain amount. The cheapest package comes at 17.99 worth of credit at $31.99, which I think is dirt cheap when you compare it to other good adult webcams. As the prices of the packages go up you also get to lay your hands on free credits with each package.

Streamate Membership Costs – Surprise surprise, Streamate offers you plenty of quality stuff at absolutely zero costs. It doesn’t have a concept of membership fees which makes it a free adult webcam site.  They also have this ‘pay per minute’ chat rooms that can be accessed without any membership fee or recurring costs. That means you only pay for what you see.

LiveJasmin – 4.5/5

Streamate –  5/5 (who says no to free, quality stuff)

good cam sites
We compared Livejasmin and Streamate 2 good cam sites to see which is the best.

Security – Are They Both Truly Private?

When you parting with your personal sensitive information like name and credit card details it is only natural feel paranoid about the security. Are these alleged ‘best sex cam sites’ safe? Take my word, when I say 101%. I have had inspected both of these from various angles, and have found them to be secured and safe. They both follow basic internet norms, and definitely fall under ‘safe to enjoy adult cam sites’.

We need to settle with a tie here.

LiveJasmin – 5/5  

Streamate – 5/5

Variety – Which Site Has Hotter Cam Girls

I couldn’t have possibly counted the number of models on each of these websites offering me Best live porn to ascertain which website gives me a better variety. So, I took the next logical route and compared the categories that each of this adult webcam sites has to offer. And, Streamate wins, hands down. It has about 25+ categories with approximately 50 cams in each. And, that, mind you, I have quoted on the lower side. Crazy is an understatement.

Of course, I have to admit that not all cams are free and I may have to shell out few bucks to see the show, but hey why not! That said, LiveJasmin, is not really lagging. It also boasts of about 15+ categories grouped on the basis of price, kink, ethnicity and so on. However, because it is a ‘comparison’ I find Streamate slightly better than LiveJasmin.

LiveJasmin – ⅘

Streamate – 5/5

I think I have summed up fair number of points for you to judge which adult webcam site is better than the other. I would, however, still remain undecided, and blissfully so!

Join Streamate and LiveJasmin and let me know whether you have a personal favorite or you like me would like to sit on the fence. To dig a little deeper read our reviews or Streamate reviews and see what else sets these two cam sites apart from the crowd. 


HomeWebcamModels reviews

HomeWebcamModels is a top destination for live sex video chat with adults in the United States. The site is more than a decade old and boasts hundreds of thousands of monthly active users. The platform underling the sex video chat site actually has more 6 million page views per month with 50,000 cam girls active on the site. Most users come from the United States. That said we share all facets of this popular sex cams site below in the review. Searching for beginner models and the young lady adjacent sorts? On the off chance that so this grown-up webcam site is themed around housewives and those new to utilizing grown-up webcams. Straight, gay, shemale, or non-naked discover something for everybody. Enrollment is free with Mastercard age confirmation which takes only a couple of minutes. From that point you can expect a fun and secure grown-up webcam involvement with more than 10,000 models and additionally joining constantly

Home Webcam Models Shows – How it Works

Coming in at #4 on our list of the best adult cam sites is features, pricing and safety information Costs:

  • One of the most popular Amateur adult webcam sites online with well, well over 10,000 amateur models as well as hundreds of actual porn stars, has gained customer trust by being 100% free to join and being very clear and transparent with what does and what does not cost you money to use. When you join the site there is no commitment to buy anything, no annual costs, no hidden costs, and no costs to you whatsoever. One caveat; unless you decide to seek out a private show. Thousand of men from Australia to New York and everywhere in between log-in each and every day and watch women live on cams without paying a dime.
  • However, let’s be honest here shall we…like all adult cam sites, what keeps this and other similar sites free is the fact that the vast majority of men opt for private chat at one point or another.  If you opt for 1-on-1 live cam shows the prices tend to range between $ 1.99 and $ 3.99 per minute for the majority of the ladies, but their prices are ALWAYS clearly marked on each performers page. This prevents you from ever getting any unwelcome surprises. Below is visual example and where you can find the costs if you ever do opt for 1-on-1 shows.
  • First off, once you arrive on the home page for you will see a small but bright orange and blue colored ‘Join’ button in the upper right hand corner. It will take you to this page, screenshot below.

    Age verification is required via credit card. This is the SAME requirement of all adult cam sites. There are never any charges unless you explicitly agree to them by opting for a private show. You can watch tens of thousands of live nude shows free.
    Age verification is required via credit card which by now you should be used to. This is the SAME requirement of all adult cam sites these days. There are never any charges unless you explicitly agree to them by opting for a private show. You can watch tens of thousands of live nude shows free but again it does not take a rocket scientist to know that revenue must come from somewhere for any site to stay online. Luckily for you, if your cheap, this site allows you to skate since people voluntarily opt for premium shows.
  • You may also be browsing the shows and be prompted join from a models page when you tried to enter a message direct to that model. Yes, when you go to comment it simply will prompt non-members to take a few minutes to join. Understand that, AGAIN these are not private shows you are being asking to pay anything, just to join if you want to converse at all. These are adult sites and legally these sites are required to verify your age. It’s the law. You will merely be prompted to join which puts you into public chat after you do so.
  • Luckily, to avoid any surprises there is a whole step in between going private and simply joining, which makes it super, super easy to ever avoid any charges. So yes, providing you want to visit with that models in their public shows, simply click on that join and complete the 30 second registration process.
  • I can assure you by entering that portion of the show you are NOT going to be charged a penny nor will you get singed up for anything. Again, it looks like the screenshot we share below and YES, there is no charge for completing the join form.

    Completing this does not mean you are going private. This is safe to complete and you will NOT be charged!
    Completing this portion in the right hand corner does not mean you are going private, this is merely the registration for the site. This is safe to complete and you will NOT be charged!

Once you complete the registration process you will then see yourself as logged in the upper right hand corner.

  • So, just to review in case you did not understand. This again is again another screenshot below from AFTER you have registered. Look closely. See the difference in the before and after screenshot in the photos above and below? One is a registration form and the other denotes the charges for an exclusive or private chat. Their both optional, otherwise simple stay away from the blue button and stick within free chat. The fact is most men opt for private chat which is just 1.99 for this particular cam model. BTW, this live cam models is a 23-year-old amateur Russian home cam model and she’s drop dead gorgeous I might add. Her name is Tatiana, a very common name in Russia. Anyway, while this model is not on much there are thousands of other cam models from Russia or for that matter any corner of world at that very same low price per minute.
  • Otherwise, again you can stay in public chat and simply close the box below and converse with the models all you like. Sure, most models will try to get you to go private but that should be no surprise.
For those of you asking how much do adult cam cost, this will be helpful.
For those of you asking how much do adult cam cost, this will be helpful.

TIP: Make sure to save your username and password, most guys are back often once they see just how simple and easy adult cams are.

So now that we have looked at the specific pages of how to watch home webcam models so we can see where the charges are for private shows (Screenshot above) let me explain the difference in the types of live cam shows. There are two main types of adult cam shows.

  1. Exclusive – this means that nobody else can enter and watch
  2. Private – this means that nobody in public free chat can see your comments AND that nobody else can join.

Let me give you a huge tip. Save your money from using exclusive and choose private instead. Few men use exclusive chat over private as most of the time nobody else goes into an already live private chat session since they want to have all the models attention. Think about it for a second, why would they? Sure, there is the occasional cam voyeur of course that wants to read what you type but who really cares. If your going cam-2-cam maybe it’s a different story but if your just having the model perform for you it makes no sense to pay extra. Not many people do. Besides your username won’t be your real name so you really have nothing to worry about.

For those of you asking how much do adult cams cost, at least with respect to one of the most widely used cam site this should have been helpful. Here is a safety tip you can use as well to make sure you never, ever pay a dime if that is REALLY your goal. It’s as simple as this: The blue button below is how to enter private or exclusive shows.

Instructions on how adult cams work at

Even if you ever hit this blue button to the right to check to see how much a models private show you can always exit out without incurring any charges.

However, if you never even use it you can chat live, free as much as you like. Many guys register and simply use free chat which is exactly that, 100% free. A whole lot more though just want a place where the charges are clearly marked and where there are no surprises; is just such a site. Temptation, even for the most straight-edged men will at some point get the better of you and there is no harm in at least registering to check out the ladies, converse with them, and get a feel for the how the whole world of adult cams work.

HomeWebcamModels Features:

  • Group Shows: Group shows present an extraordinary value for those on a budget. All day and all night, 365 days a year there are amateur cam models doing group shows. Sometime 50 or more men watching a single female doing a show? Crazy, right? This is the new world of technology and sex we now live in. Here is how it works. They post a buy-in cost and  clock starts then if enough men pledge to meet their show goal the show starts. This entitles you to join the show and watch the entire show. Typically the group shows will cost $3-$5 and they last 7 – 10 minutes each. They usually involve fetish or live masturbation shows.  Yes, to completion and one of the most popular show types is squirting orgasm live shows. Considering the very low costs for these shows they are a superb value for live adult entertainment. Sure, it is not everyone cup of tea but again we  just share the information; what you do with it is up to you. 🙂
  • Favorite models function: You can easily mark a webcam model as your favorite by clicking on the heart icon once you are a registered member. This way when you are logged onto the site two things happen. First, these models appear on the home page as the first picks. Secondly, you can always check which of your favorite performers are on by clicking favorites in the upper  right hand corner of the screen. It’s a very useful feature to say the least. Basically, every guy has a certain look that they love in women and this way you can organize all your favorite cam models and see who is online when you are in the mood for a cam show.
  • Tags: Tags appear under a models bio page or show page and they include things like fetishes and physical characteristics. This is one of two ways men share their thoughts on performers. You can also read the reviews  or leave reviews after you’ve had a show with any particular cam model. However, for searching the tags are very,very useful. You can even find low-priced cam models this way such as those who offer live private chat for 1 dollar or less. Here is another example showing you how tags work. If college girls on cams is your thing you can also search by tags like plaid skirt, braces, or pig tails. (Yes, it must be said that all models are 18+and there is no illegal content allowed, whatsoever) The point is for fetish shows  between two consenting adults tags are really a brilliant way to locate live cam models for specific niche fantasy shows.
  • Search functionality: You can search by age, hair color/style, ethnicity, region, language, height, build, body art, breast size, even pubic hair. With thousands of cam models online at any given time there is truly a match for all tastes or fetishes.
  • Webcam Models Calendar: There is a button along the top main tabs once you join that shows you a number of special  shows each week that are promoted. Typically these are for the most popular adult cam stars and for porn stars that perform on cams. (List of porn stars who do live cam shows at that link)
The webcam models calendar keeps you up-to-date on special shows which are typically porn stars on live cams and sometimes other popular adult cam stars.
The webcam models calendar keeps you up-to-date on special shows which are typically porn stars on live cams and sometimes other popular adult cam stars. You can check out the Calendar function here and see what shows are going now.
  • How Billing Appears: If you opt for private or exclusive shows the payments do NOT appear to be for any sort of adult product or service. Instead they look like they would have been for small payment for banking services. This is great for privacy.
  • Languages / Translation: English is the most common language used on the site but below are other popular languages supported and fully translated. As home webcam models become more popular around the  world more and more people are using them. The neat thing for the end user is you can see performers from all over the globe.
    • Deutsch
    • Español
    • Français
    • Italiano
    • Nederlands
    • Português
    • Svenska
  • Other Main Navigation Tabs: Support is  available 24/7 in all languages as well if there were ever a problem of any kind, but being locked out of an account on the way home from the bar; due to forgetting a password and not realizing that there is a password retrieval button is more frequent than any actual billing related issue. The times for private shows are literally rounded to the second as well. I should also mention that the the New Models search is perhaps the single most used function on the site so it should be no surprise they keep in on the main tab. It turns out men love to check out the newest cam models.
  • Other Cams/Features: Specialty cams include live cam shows with pregnant women, foot fetish shows, girls smoking on live cams, and transgender or transsexual masturbation shows. Like I said before, there is something for everyone. Besides that you will also find gay cams and even non-nude adult cam shows for friends to casually chat.
  • Most Recent Chat Sessions: Underneath the list of live cam show niches you will find your most recent chat sessions listed  in order of when you had them. This includes chat shows that were free so again this is not a premium feature, it’s available to all.


Good Safe Live Sex Cams

5 5 1
I have my own site where I do reviews as well on cam sites and this is the best place for beginners to start. Super easy to use live sex cams

Review Title
Review Content

HomeWebcamModels reviews Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 1 reviews
5 1

Our Conclusion / HomeWebcamModels reviews:

NatalieGalore one of the thousands of amateur strippers on cam here.

When it comes to live adult cam sites, is one of, if not the best cam site online both with respect the sheer selection of live cam models offered as well as due to the fact that you never accidentally get charged for something you did not agree to pay for. The latter is critical when it comes to earning long term trust and that is what has truly set this live cam site apart. These days more and more amateurs are joining sites of this kind not so much for a full time income, but more for to spice things up and earn a little extra cash on the side. There remains though thousands of strippers and cam models from all corners of the world who earn a full time living on cams and that number seems to be rising fast. All things considered, is a great place to have a safe and enjoyable time using adult cams.

You can give HomeWebcamModels a try by clicking the button below…visit the site

Being Respectful to Cam Models on Cam Sites!

Being respectful to models while using adult webcam sites is a topic not often discussed online but today it’s something I want to cover. I should also say that judging by the comments I see on public chat sessions at adult webcam sites this is probably well overdue. Let’s start off with the basics.

How to Treat Adult Webcam Models in Live Shows

Guys, just because you are on an adult webcam site does not necessarily mean that cold, crass, and outright disrespectful comments to adult cam models are ok. If you want to have a sexual based chat session with cam models consider a new approach if you are someone who thinks that starting off with these types of comments in free adult chat areas of these sites is okay.

THINK OF IT LIKE THIS. What if you were a roofer and your employer (a homeowner) came home and barked out orders at you. You probably wouldn’t appreciate that, right? Well the same thing applies to cam models who are merely people working and looking to make a living as well. Yes, the dynamics are sexual and yes it’s okay to be sexual and sometimes crass when the dynamics of a paid for show encompass that.

However, going into adult webcam sites as a non-paying member or non-member and getting your rocks off by demeaning cam models is a really shady and shitty thing to do. So, if ‘control’ or BDSM chat shows is your thing and that is what you are after let me suggest a better approach for talking with cam models.

Go into an adult cam site, choose a model who either agrees to that nature of live adult show, then go private, then have your fun with cam models!

Chaturbate cam site chat sessions are notoriously brutal and crass; and 100% public!
Chaturbate cam site chat sessions are notoriously brutal and crass; and 100% public!

The worst offending sites for treating models with disrespect

1. Chaturbate (review at that link)

2. Bongacams (review at that link)

3. Evelive (review at that link)

I should just add that it’s more difficult to tell if the same behavior I see on the above sites goes on in the private sites like Streamate, where fewer comments are public for that very reason the models are less likely IMO to encounter rude treatment.

Check out all our adult webcam site reviews here.

CamContacts reviews

CamContacts reviews

Is camcontacts a safe site?
Is camcontacts a safe site?

Today we’re going to talk about camcontacts. is an adult webcam site that has been around for more than eight years. Without beating around the bush, here’s the problem with Just imagine going back to MySpace after using Facebook the last three years. Wouldn’t that be weird ? What I mean to say is this… has very dated technology! used to be a popular adult WebCam site. However these days sex cam sites like ( see review below) and (see review below)  have taken the steam out of this formerly popular sex cam site.

Therefore, after using all the adult webcam sites, I cannot in good faith recommend to anyone. The fact is there just too many good choices out there these days when it comes to live adult cam entertainment. So let’s just briefly talk about as far as costs.


  • As far as the costs to you or what you’ll spend it’s just far too much when you realize the fact is that the same prices are available with better technology on different life cam sites. What I mean to say is the user experience is just that bad.

    Since so many cam models have left the selection is scarce!
    Since so many cam models have left the selection is scarce!
  • T o be exact though, typically you will spend between two and four dollars per minute at
  • As far as payment types they accept you use any major credit card like MasterCard or Visa and just about every other type of payment form.


  • As far as selection, when it comes to features there is an easy-to-use navigation to find all different sorts of kinks and fetishes for live cam models. However, more and more of the most popular adult WebCam models are leaving this site for other top adult cam sites.
  • Like most live cam sites they do offer a way to save you favorites.
  • video quality is also lackluster besides the fact the website is slow loading. Clearly it seems this adult WebCam site failed to keep up with the latest technology over the last couple years. All in all we have to give it a pass.
  • Customer Service / Billing: considering the facts that so many models have moved to other adult cam sites, coupled with the fact the site is slow loading; we frankly have not tried the site in some time and we actually may be removing it from her adult webcam reviews.


In conclusion, while the site may be trustworthy it just doesn’t measure up when you compare it to the more modern life cam sites. Therefore we would recommend you read the reviews and reviews, two of the most popular sex cam sites!

However, if you still want to try camcontacts you can do so here…

visit the site reviews reviews

LiveWebcamSite features, pricing and safety information Costs:

Last Updated June 8th 2018 –

  • Membership Costs Nothing
  • Prices per minutes start at .99 cents and range up to $4.99 per minute
  • Payment forms accepted:
  • Visa and Debit
  • eBanking methods Features:

  • Free adult webcam chat enabling member to interact with models. Payment required for models to see your comments and reply.

    online boot calls cam girl
  • Visitors can see non-nude action
  • Private shows or party show
  • You can select from thousands of models in different niches of interests
  • Cam2cam. Connect your cam and let the performers see you.
  • You can compile favorites by simply marking that model as your favorite.
  • You can send private messages to correspond with webcam models or exchange gifts
  • Models will on take off articles of clothing for tips in public chat
  • full support for questions and technical issues
  • New models are being accepted at all times

Our Conclusion / reviews:


Simple, clean, concise interface, clear navigation, wide selection of models and good support. The site is billed as the most trusted name is adult webcams. There are no reported issues and considering the fact that sites of this nature rely on your long term patronage you can be assured that you are only billed for time used and that anything that costs you a dime will be clearly marked. Your personal information as far as you credit card is secure and you do not need to worry about having any surprise charges.

Registration costs nothing and is 100% free meaning that you have no costs associated with signing up and talking with models. After you register in order to actually incur any charges at all you have to request a show from a model meaning there are no tricks or undisclosed costs.

Image quality is good and model selection is wide with not just many festish shows offered but thousands of women from Russia, the Ukraine, USA, and Asia.

You can give this live sex webcam site a try by clicking the button below…visit the site

The 5 Sexiest College Cam Girls!

Welcome back to another edition of the sexiest adult cam models. We always feature some of the hottest webcam models on the internet and today we are sharing the 5 sexiest college cam girls!  The following ladies are from streamate (review at that link), flirt4free (review at that link) and (review at that link) there are are top rated adult sex cam sites as you can read on our 2014 adult webcam rankings.

Let’s not waste anytime though. Bring on the sexy college cam girls…

The 5 Sexiest College Cam Girls!

#1.  It is fair to say that we have seen more than our fair share of live nude cams but this gals show is really spectacular. Candi_Tits95 is her name and she is 19 and is from Boston. Go Red Sox, right! Check out this photo of her. (Sorry it’s a bit grainy, she was in a private show when we stopped in last and so I wasn’t able to get a better screenshot)

Candi_Tits95 is a 18 year old cam girl from
Candi_Tits95 is a 18 year old cam girl from

Finding her show is super easy, just visit and then type Candi_Tits95 into the search bar. Also you are bound to run into some other hot cam girls along the way.

She’s playful, friendly, fun and REALLY knows how to tease and please. Great HD picture quality and super reasonable rates. TIP: Save some money with her gold shows. One you join free, the gold show buy in is just 4 bucks. Who can’t afford that? You can check out her show here.

#2. Addeliss really knows how to make men go nuts, a truly stunning and beautiful woman with great curves who doesn’t make you feel like your price checking a vacuum at Walmart when you speak with her. What I mean by that is she doesn’t seem jaded like many webcam models can come across. Yes she is working, but she’s also having a BLAST doing it! (…or at least she makes you think she is.)

Addeliss is a beautiful blonde cam model who has been doing live sex cams for just 6 months now.
Addeliss is a beautiful blonde cam model who has been doing live sex cams for just 6 months now.

You can watch this sexy college cam girl at the photo link above. I should also mention that once you get to the site you will want to simply type her username in search to get to her bio page. Lastly, via the following promotional link is offering $15.00 in free credits. (You’ll see the credit on your account once you complete the two minute sign-up)  There is no cost to you at all or future obligation. This is a great way to give live adult cams a try risk free.

3. Next up is Lucy777 a totally stunning cam model and who doesn’t love a sexy blonde cam girl with pigtails? Uber cute and she’s got that super sexy tan and those athletic thighs that drive men totally nuts. Now is your chance to play out all those naughty fantasies you always wanted to via live cams.

Check out her bio and see first hand just how down and dirty this wild cam model gets here.

4. amber_amour is a super cute webcam model and also a college gal. She’s 19 and has been doing live webcams for about 3 months now. Super fun, open minded, and aims to please.

amber_amour is a bombshell college blonde webcam model from flirt4free.
amber_amour is a bombshell college blonde webcam model from flirt4free.

Once you visit Flirt4Free, just type amber_amour in the cam performer search bar to watch live sex cam show. Also make sure to read our flirt4free reviews.  (The skinny is, it’s a great site but it’s designed for people who can afford more luxury adult cam sites!

5. Brittany Live is a regular and also a favorite at our top ranked cam site. She’s the real deal, a full time college student that does live sex cams on the side. Make sure if you visit this cam models show that you tell her we sent you!

BrittanyLive is a stunning college cam girl!
BrittanyLive is a stunning college cam girl!

If you like sexy girls live cams, these ladies are all smoking hot and excellent adult webcam entertainers who all have fairly high marks on their respective sites. We tried to be fair and feature at least 1 model from our top 3 favorite adult cam sites! Enjoy…

Update: Here  is a better shot of Brittany Live from Streamate.

Brittany Live from streamate is a popular blonde sex cam model from streamate.
Brittany Live from streamate is a popular blonde sex cam model from streamate.