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Being Respectful to Cam Models on Cam Sites!

Being respectful to models while using adult webcam sites is a topic not often discussed online but today it’s something I want to cover. I should also say that judging by the comments I see on public chat sessions at adult webcam sites this is probably well overdue. Let’s start off with the basics.

How to Treat Adult Webcam Models in Live Shows

Guys, just because you are on an adult webcam site does not necessarily mean that cold, crass, and outright disrespectful comments to adult cam models are ok. If you want to have a sexual-based chat session with cam models consider a new approach if you are someone who thinks that starting off with these types of comments in free adult chat areas of these sites is okay.

THINK OF IT LIKE THIS. What if you were a roofer and your employer (a homeowner) came home and barked out orders at you? You probably wouldn’t appreciate that, right? Well, the same thing applies to cam models who are merely people working and looking to make a living as well. Yes, the dynamics are sexual and yes it’s okay to be sexual and sometimes crass when the dynamics of a paid-for show encompass that.

However, going into adult webcam sites as a non-paying member or non-member and getting your rocks off by demeaning cam models is a really shady and shitty thing to do. So, if ‘control’ or BDSM chat shows is your thing and that is what you are after let me suggest a better approach for talking with cam models.

Go into an adult cam site, choose a model who either agrees to that nature of a live adult show, then goes private, then has your fun with cam models!

Chaturbate cam site chat sessions are notoriously brutal and crass; and 100% public!
Chaturbate cam site chat sessions are notoriously brutal and crass, and 100% public!

The worst offending sites for treating models with disrespect

1. Chaturbate (review at that link)

2. Bongacams (review at that link)

3. Evelive (review at that link)

I should just add that it’s more difficult to tell if the same behavior I see on the above sites goes on in the private sites like Streamate, where fewer comments are public for that very reason the models are less likely IMO to encounter rude treatment.

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