Camrabbit Review (Not What it Seems!)

Holy smoke another camrabbit site. Okay, so we already talked a lot about the ruse that RabbitsReviews ( is up to in the adult cams business. This reviews site is self ranking all their owned white label cam sites as the best and camrabbit is just the latest example of that. Yes, rabbitsreviews ranks their own clone webcam sex sites over the real brands.

They have been doing adult site reviews for over 10 years but yet the platforms that actually fucking power their own clone cam site they do not see as better on the review sites they operate. WHAT A JOKE, if only it were not true. It’s really too funny in how obvious it is for anyone who follows cam sites closely and reads the search results pages often. Here is a screenshot of Rabbitcams being linked from the top of the rabbitsreviews site.

Look at the 3rd from the left link on their home page. Then compare the logos. Disclaimer: We do not own this site we just write honest reviews about cam sites and tell readers which ones are original and how they all differ. In this case, there is some mischief around the reviews for rabbitcams.

UPDATE: CamRabbits updated their own reviews

rabbits reviews cams
rabbits reviews cams reviews are much different on their main site than the other sites they run under the radar.

In fact rabbits reviews now spends a shitload of time and money building sex cam reviews sites. Here is what they are up to. They are piling their clone white label branded sites, web sites like camrabbit, right over the top of the truly genuine sites that offer those live sex cams. Then they rank their own (owned) clone sites atop the real platforms. NO SHIT.

How CamRabbit Gets Away With It…

Thanks to technologies that allow a person to simply create a fucking logo and change some name servers (a task that you can do half-drunk in 10 minutes at any domain name registrar), RabbitsReviews has decided their own logos and clones are better than EVERYTHING ELSE. 🙂

In the case of (screenshot below) the original platform is LiveJasmin.

  3. …and now CamRabbit

So here is the ACTUAL real cam site this clone feeds off of.

camrabbit is merely livejasmin with a different logo
camrabbit is actually livejasmin

These goofballs are creating a boatload of believers behind the notion that camrabbit is a fucking genius sexual entertainment website. When it comes to rabbitscams they are doing the same and we wrote about that as well.

Anybody who has tried all the most visited live sex sites sees right through this. See this screenshot from a cam girls’ room. This is of course fed directly from LiveJasmin but with a fucking rabbit sex cams logo over it. NICE! 🙂 Silly fuckers.

camsrabbit is nothing more than a webmaster nameserver logo swap but on LiveJasmin. Always register at real platforms.

Their banking on the fact that most people won’t realize that sites like and is also owned by them. Since recorded porn basically died, they shuttered their affiliate program and seem to have redirected most of their SEO efforts along with buying a fuck ton of ads to pitch the idea that camrabbit is some sort of new thing. All those unsuspecting fuckers everywhere from Toledo to Frankfurt are actually start to believe that camrabbit is a thing.

Listen up, guys. This cam site is identical to LiveJasmin because it is LiveJasmin. So just register at LiveJasmin and go direct and bypass their silly fucking rabbit logo.

CamRabbit is RabbitsReviews
All you get at is a duplicate experience.

On the internet, you can make shit up and if it’s on the web apparently people will fucking believe it.

Do you research though folks, B.A.C.S. blog predates these faux cam site reviews such as my fav sex cams (myfavsexcams.xxxx). We spill the beans about all the different types of adult chat sites here. From random cams to stranger cam sites to hidden cam sex sites. All three of those categories are solid shit though. Stick to safe age verified live sex cam sites.

Likewise, watch out for these clone cam sites. There are loads of them on the web.

Yes, they are entirely safe but why use a domain that is not owned by the real platform you want to use for live sex. It makes little to no sense to do that long term. Also if you want to take the time to verify that what we are claiming about is true first register a username and password on LiveJasmin and navigate to camrabbit after. You will be able to log in at as well with the same credentials!

This is sorta like a case where if you register at StripChat you’ll also be able to login at, but at least in that case of the real platform and white label the two sites are owned by the same company; whereas in this case, camrabbits is controlled by rabbittsreviews. Maybe the only thing shadier than that is chatrandom.

CamRabbit is a Cam trick…

Stay above all the nonsense and get to the bottom of just which of the original live sex chat platforms are truly the finest. We have compared them all from every which way, taking careful consideration of the factors that users genuinely care about. This is a detailed list of best adult webcams. Likewise, we even ranked the cheapest live sex sites.


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