sexiest female athletes list

20 Sexiest Female Athletes in the World

If you are wild about sporty chicks, then you are gonna love this list. Let’s have a look at the sexiest female athletes whose bodies will make you drool.

We handpicked the hot female athletes who got talent, skill, and a whole lot of attractiveness to please the viewers. We beg your pardon if your favorite athlete has not been featured on this list. That said, you can glance at these lovely girls and share your feedback on who else deserves a right spot here.

So, with no further waste of time, let’s jump right into the sexiest female athletes.

Top 20: Hottest Female Athletes

1. Valerie Loureda:

Number one on this list of sexy female athletes is American hottie Valerie Loureda. Popularly known as “Master”, she is an MMA fighter with washboard abs, toned thighs, and a stunning chiseled face. Besides being a champ in the fighting ring, she is a total tease on social media.

You can visit her Instagram to be greeted by hot bikini images and gym snaps. Her sculpted body certainly deserves a mention when talking about the hottest women in sports.

Valerie Loureda sexy
Valerie Loureda sexy Instagram pictures are taking over the Internet.
female athletes
We share the sexiest female athletes of 2021.

Valerie Loureda Reddit:

Valerie Loureda Facebook:

Valerie Loureda Twitter:

2. Jaqueline Carvalho:

Brazilian women have a unique charm so I had to include Jaqueline Carvalho in this list. This smoking hot volleyball player has won several medals and indeed, it’s a visual treat to see her play.

Broad shoulders, a tiny waist, and a perfectly toned body make her one of the hottest volleyball players I have ever encountered. Those of you who love checking out hot gymnasts’ pics should definitely check her Instagram account.

hottest female athletes
It’s not hard to guess why Jaqueline is one of the hottest female athletes.
hottest volleyball players
Jaqueline is a renowned name among the hottest volleyball players.

Jaqueline Carvalho Twitter:

Stimulating Sexy Women Athletes:

3. Alex Morgan: 

As far as hot female athletes are concerned, Alex Morgan is an important mention. This 32-year-old professional American soccer player has tons of fans all around the world because of her sultry looks and impeccable playing skills. She was awarded her first gold medal during the 2012 Summer Olympic games.

Sporting a lean frame, charismatic smile, and confident aura, she is irresistible and I guess a majority of you guys will agree. Take a look at her stunning pictures on her Instagram.

Sexy female athletes
Sexy female athletes like Alex Morgan have a huge following worldwide.
Alex Morgan sexy
I bet there is no straight dude who doesn’t find Alex Morgan sexy.

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Alex Morgan Reddit:

Alex Morgan Facebook:

Alex Morgan Twitter:

4. Avril Mathie:

Avril Mathie is the true definition of a hot girl athlete for obvious reasons. Well-defined abs, tanned skin, and a firm ass, this smoldering babe has a physique to die for. No wonder she won the Miss Swimsuit USA International in 2014.

Avril had always dreamt of being a boxing world champion and began participating in amateur fights in 2012. Today, she is a pro boxer with nearly 300k followers on her Instagram who can’t enough of her sexy bikini pictures.

hot athletes
This list celebrates hot athletes from all over the world.
Avril Mathie hot
Check out Avril Mathie hot Instagram pictures.

Avril Mathie Reddit:

Avril Mathie Facebook:

Avril Mathie Twitter:

Avril Mathie Onlyfans:

Alluring Photos of Hottest women In Sports:

5. Anouk Vergé-Dépré:

Beauty and talent do not always collide together, but in this case, Anouk Vergé-Dépré proves that myth wrong. She is a gorgeous beach volleyball player from Switzerland. This superstar from Swiss has won several accolades already and comes from a fruitful beach volleyball family.

With that studded abs and petite body, it’s amusing watching her play on the sand. She is a European champion, Swiss champion since 2015 and was awarded a medal in the world tour. She got the skills to keep the viewers glued to their TVs for her game, and having such a delicious-looking body, her favorite food is pizza. Watch more lewd photos on her Instagram profile.

hottest volleyball players
Hottest volleyball players like this can give you sleepless nights.
Sexy Anouk Vergé-Dépré
Sexy Anouk Vergé-Dépré flaunting her athletic fit body on the beach.

Anouk Vergé-Dépré Facebook:

Anouk Vergé-Dépré Twitter:

6. Cate Campbell:

Here comes a powerhouse of talent from the Australian swimming team, Cate Campbell. Aged 29, she comes from a Malawi background, a star Olympian who won two bronze medals at debut on Beijing Olympics back in 2008.

She also holds the world record in the 4x100m freestyle relay beating her record in Tokyo Olympics 2020. Currently, she has 34 medals to her name and is one of the stunning figures you want to watch on swimming. She poses a mix of day-to-day life photos on her Instagram and missing those would be a regret.

sexiest female athletes
Sexiest female athletes gets all the attention despite winning or losing.
Cate Campbell hot
Cate Campbell hot photos on swimming pool.

Cate Cambell Facebook:

Cate Cambell Twitter:

Hot Athletes of 21st Generation:

7. Maya Gabeira:

Do the impossibles. That’s the motto of this peach of a woman from Brazil named Maya Gabeira. This 34-year-old Brazilian has two world records under her feet already. She got that admirable look and a surfing technique that will turn anybody become her fan.

Even though she got kids, Maya still got the same heavenly body, and she never misses to amaze her Instagram followers with topless photos and beach poses with sand. Watch her for the bombshell bikini photos, and I’m sure that is worthy of your time.

hottest women in sports
That’s how the hottest women in sports looks like. Wow!
Maya Gabeira sexy
Maya Gabeira sexy poses after a casual day out at the beach.

Maya Gabeira Facebook:

8. Alysha Newman:

Alysha Newman is a pole vault athlete from the country Canada. Raise the bar, wherever you go, that’s been the motto of her sports life, and she has done it a few times. Heavens, Alysha really got an appealing body and six-packs to look for while on and off the tracks. Besides, she has an attractive smile that can effortlessly pull hearts.

Here’s something you should know, she got into the maxim’s hot 100 women list in 2021. Aside from athletics, her Instagram account is a visual spectacle to watch for hot bikinis and provocative photos. She even sported a cat women look with a whip on her hands. Jeez, that’s so tempting and reminds me about the fun I had on with cosplaying cam girls.

hot girl athlete
Alysha Newman gives new meaning to the term hot girl athlete.
Alysha Newman hot
Alysha Newman hot butts and toned body.

Alysha Newman Reddit:

Alysha Newman Facebook:

Alysha Newman Twitter:

Alysha Newman Onlyfans:

9: Camila Giorgi:

Camila Giorgi is a professional Italian tennis player who is known for her fiery style of play. She is 29 years old and still got the terrific looks of a college girl. This blazing girl has often been misunderstood as a webcam model especially looking at her steamy photos from her Instagram.

She is the type of girl with the looks who can play any game and still steal the hearts of adults watching her play. No surprise to see her fashion style is magnificent to watch. Of course, her mother is a fashion designer by profession. So, you can guess it. Great to see her using social media profiles to show her other talents. She’s a winner to me on this list!

sexiest women in sport
Camila Giorgi, the sexiest women in sport and outside too.
sexy Camila Giorgi
Sexy Camila Giorgi taking sensual pics for her fans.

Camila Giorgi Facebook:

10. Beryl Gastaldello:

Next comes Beryl Gastaldello, the 3rd generation French Olympic swimmer. Such a breathtaking athlete to watch when she is on her best in the pool. I don’t think she has to do many things to show her style on sexy bikinis because style and awesomeness come to her naturally.

Alright. Here are some of the favorite hobbies of Beryl Gastaldello; soaking her body in bikinis, flaunting her assets on beaches, going for an equestrian trail on a warm and sunny day. She is a humorous person, dog lover, and most of all, a hot diva on Instagram that needs to be appreciated. Follow this lovely Frenchie athletic on her Instagram for provocative photos.

hot female athlete
Almost all the hot female athletes have great fan following on social media.
Beryl Gastaldello sexy
Searching for Beryl Gastaldello sexy photos? We have right here.

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Beryl Gastaldello Facebook:

Beryl Gastaldello Twitter:

11. Cheyanne Woods:

Cheyanne Woods is not the one for showing off her stunning figure on social media accounts, but that didn’t stop her from featuring on this exclusive list of hottest female athletes. She is an American professional golfer who is blood-related to the legendary Tiger Woods.

Furthermore, she got that delicious look of Jennifer Lopez on her photos from her Instagram account. Not a fan of golf yet? Watch her stylish booty moves before playing the shot, and you’ll fall in love with that. She already got the ‘Ladies European Tour’ win in her career.

female hot athletes
Female hot athletes setting the bar pretty high.
Cheyanne Woods hot
Here’s how Cheyanne Woods hot workouts looks like.

Cheyenne Woods:

12. Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk:

Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk comes next on our sexiest female athletes list for her perfectly toned body and a cheerful smile. Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk is from Ukraine, a long jumper who has won a silver medal in world championships in 2019 and a gold medal in European indoor championships.

Her beachside erotic photos on her Instagram prove that she is still in her best shape on and off the field. With the mix of perfect glamour, hot images, and tourism places, Maryna certainly knows how to charm the fans. Currently, she has more than 360K followers on Instagram.

sexy athletes
Sexy athletes are getting all the traction at the tokyo Olympics.
Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk sexy
Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk sexy images are unbelievably tempting.

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13. Anastasia Ashley:

Who else thinks there is something naturally sexy watching surfers on high tides. Anastasia Ashley is the perfect mix of talent, skill, and elegance. This 34-year-old American surfer and model can get her name on the hottest women in sports any day. She is an ageless goddess who has acted in a couple of Hollywood flicks as well.

Last seen on TV series such as Stoked with Adam Glick and Naked & Afraid, Anastasia Ashley perfectly balances her professional and personal life. She is the type of athlete who can stop you and scroll through her steamy hot photos on her social media profiles. She got more than 1 million followers on her Instagram profile.

beautiful athletes
All beautiful athletes have a playful side to share via social media accounts.
Anastasia Ashley sensual
Addictive to watch Anastasia Ashley sensual snaps on Instagram.

Anastasia Ashley Reddit:

Anastasia Ashley Facebook:

Anastasia Ashley Twitter:

Anastasia Ashley Onlyfans:

14. Darya Klishina:

Who said Russians don’t smile? Here is Darya Klishina, a Russian long jumper with the most charming smile and sculpted body. She has won several European and Indoor championship gold medals consecutive times, seven gold medals from 2007 to 2013.

We can see from her Instagram profile that she is not very much like other Russian athletes. The sensuous smile is there, but out of everything we have seen, her profile has more things that are so positive and intriguing to follow. If you’re into hot female athletes who are blonde and flirtatious, you’re looking at the right profile.

most beautiful female athletes
Age is just a number for the most beautiful female athletes of 2021.
Darya Klishina sexy
Darya Klishina sexy photos always come from perfect sceneries.

Darya Klishina Reddit:

Darya Klishina Facebook:

Darya Klishina Twitter:

15. Yuliya Levchenko:

Ukraine does produce some of the finest and beautiful athletes in the last decade. Yuliya Levchenko is 100% one among those. Her long jump career has seen ups and downs, but that hasn’t let her spirit down, and she constantly seeks to improve and win an Olympic medal for world championships.

However, she was a former European under 23 champion and a silver medalist at the world championship in 2017. We can tell you she is a lovely girl with a beaming smile, blonde hair, and a slender body. For more alluring pics of Yuliya, glance at her Instagram profile.

smoking hot female athletes
Perfect place to stop for snarking at smoking hot female athletes.
Yuliya Levchenko sexy
Yuliya Levchenko sexy looks are 100% obsessive to watch.

Yuliya Levchenko Reddit:

Yuliya Levchenko Facebook:

16. Yuliya Yefimova:

Coming up is another hot girl athlete named Yuliya Yefimova from Russia. She is a world-class swimmer who has won several medals across competitions. To name a few, she is a three-time Olympic medalist, 6-time world champion, and 7-time European champion. She is definitely a role model for young female swimmers to see her and learn how to carry themselves on and off despite big success.

Despite having 13 plus years of experience in swimming and championships, she still looks unbelievably hot. A natural lover, wanderer, and loves to learn new skills every day. I’m a big fan of Russian chicks for several reasons. They’re bold, dominant, and stimulating to watch. Check her Instagram for more hotness.

women athletes
Women athletes gets more gold medals than male athletes these days.
sexy Yuliya Yefimova
Sexy Yuliya Yefimova sporting a casual look.

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Yuliya Yefimova Facebook:

17. Leticia Bufon:

The legendary skateboarder Leticia Bufoni from brazil joins this exclusive list now. This 28 years old Brazilian has won 6 X-games Gold medal, most of by any skateboarder. She held number one rank from the world cup of skateboarding for four years and also has a Guinness book of records for the most number of wins in the world cup of skateboarding.

Dyed hair or natural hair look, she is just amazing to watch. She got a body of an MMA fighter, and that’s a no joke. Look at her Instagram profile, and you will know why. Also, she is ranked 25th on the Forbes list for ‘The Most Powerful Women In International Sports’ for 2018. Besides, she is one of the most followed sexiest female athletes on Instagram.

beautiful hot female athletes
Leticia Bufon joins the beautiful hot female athletes list three consecutive times already.
hot Leticia Bufon
Here is one hot Leticia Bufon photo showing off her chiseled body.

She got 4.2 million followers on Instagram. Further, she became a citizen of the United States of America in 2021.

Leticia Bufoni Facebook:

Leticia Bufoni Twitter:

18. Dina Asher-Smith:

Dina Asher-Smith is a British sprinter who has broken several track and field records. Currently, she is the fastest British woman on sprint runs and UK’s influential people from African descendant. She won gold for 200m in the world championships held in 2019 and a couple of silver medals under her bags for the 100 & 4×100 relay race.

She is a beautiful young woman with extraordinary talent and fury to accomplish great things and be a role model for younger generations to come. With more than 330K on her Instagram account, she posts the right mix of her sporting activities and a few hot pics on her bikinis.

hottest girl athletes
There is a seperate viewership counted for hottest girl athletes.
Dina Asher-Smith sexy
Dina Asher-Smith sexy pose on custom made clothings.

Dina Asher-Smith Twitter:

19. Alica Schmidt:

This hottest list of female athletes will not be complete without featuring the current world’s sexiest athlete Alica Schmidt. She is a German sprinter who currently runs 400 & 800 meters and 4 x 400 meters relay. If she didn’t make you watch the track and field Olympics, I’m not sure who else will on female athletes.

She looks unreal for the naked eyes. Yes, she truly is. Look at her blue oceanic eyes and those luscious lips, such a wowzer for adults. Despite having more than 2.4 million followers on her Instagram account, she always keeps track and field on first and next comes all the praises and beauty titles.

worlds sexiest athlete
I betcha, Alica Schmidt will go down as one of the world’s sexiest athlete of all time.
Alica Schmidt sexy
Alica Schmidt sexy snaps are increasing day by day.

Alica Schmidt Reddit:

Alica Schmidt Facebook:

20. Sanne Wevers:

On a parting note, here is Sanne Wevers from the Netherlands. This dutch artistic gymnast is 29 years old now, Olympic champion from Rio 2016, and also snatched gold from European and silver from World championships. She could take the spot on the sexiest gymnasts around the world at any given time.

Probably, her Instagram account is not that active and garnered many followers like other hottest female athletes. Nonetheless, if you want to see some hot gymnasts pics, look into her Instagram. Worth it!

sexiest gymnasts
Why is it that all the sexiest gymnasts are short and beautiful too?
sexy Sanne Wevers
Sexy Sanne Wevers at her holiday trip.

Sanne Wevers Facebook:

Sanne Wevers Twitter:

Finally, we have come to the end of the hottest female athletes list. Good heavens, what a fantastic ride this has been for all those adults who love watching their favorite female athletes boasting their sexy and sensual photos online.

As you saw, some of them are unrecognizable when they change into lingerie and seductive clothing. All the hot female athletes we have seen so far can pull fans despite age and country. Whether you’re 18 or 60+, you’ll have crazier and kinky thoughts watching them.

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