Just how big is the adult cam industry?

3 Super Interesting Statistics About Adult Webcams!

Just how popular are sex cam sites becoming?

Welcome back for another installment from the adult webcam blog section. Today we are going to share some adult webcam statistics. First of let me share what inspired me to write this post. I recently conducted a search for sites that cover adult webcam news and sites that provide facts and figures about the adult cam industry. I was a bit shocked, to say the least, that there really are no such sites. There appears to be very little content online of this nature which I think misleads people into thinking that adult cam is on the fringe. Such is just NOT the case!

What’s missing from the discussion:

How many people are using sex cams?
How many people are using sex cams? (And yes, they are now indoor and out!)

A. Any adult webcam industry resources or universally accepted trade groups. This has to change in due time.

B. News sites covering the adult webcam industry. You find few and far between news stories about a topic that really impacts millions of people. That is puzzling!

For anyone else doing similar research on adult webcams, considering the fact that information like that seems so hard to find online,  I wanted to share these 3 super interesting facts about the adult webcam industry…or (at least we think they are super interesting). Anyway, I do though really think that sharing these facts will illuminate just how widely used live cam sites are and how big this sub-industry has really become…so here they are.

Just how big is the adult cam industry?
Just how big is the adult cam industry?

3 Interesting facts about adult webcams and the adult webcam industry overall!

How big is it?

  • Fact #1. 25% of searches are searched conducted online and via mobile are for adult content.
  • Fact #2. The online sex industry is worth more than 4 billion dollars annually and that number is growing fast.
  • Fact.#3 As of 2014, there are more than 6 million people globally who adult webcam modeling.

My point is two-fold. First of all, it is clear that nearly everyone is watching porn online, millions of people are spending money on it, and millions more are making money from it; so isn’t it the time it’s more openly discussed?

We tend to think that more open discussions and resources lead to better experiences to be had by all. Specifically, we think that one great way to deter cam site scams is to have a more open debate and news coverage about the adult webcam industry. That being said I hope our very preliminary research into the world of live cams sites for adults can help you have a better experience using sites of this nature.  Also, keep in mind that some great resources can be found here on this website; resources for both internet models and those looking to get started cam modeling.

Our primary focus is always on checking out the latest and most popular live cam sites for adults. Here are the top 5 live cam sites. Also here is a broader list of adult webcam sites that we have covered in the past, researched, and then written about. Lastly, if you have a favorite porn star and want to find their private live show page you can use the porn star live cam directory here.

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