Go Inside the life cam girls!

New Documentary Shares The Life of Webcam Girls!

I recently ran across this insightful documentary that I wanted to share with my readers here at Best Adult Cam Sites.

If you have been looking at solo cam girls in the UK you may have seen these glamour models from your computer. The creators of this BBC documentary take a deeper look into the lives of 3 adult webcam models. The cam models’ names are Sammi, Carla, and Olivia. What will really be interesting for many of you who may watch this documentary is the fact that many people, girls do perform on cam are just regular girls next door….and yes of course guys next door as well.

Go Inside the life cam girls!
Go Inside the live cam girls!

Other interesting insights about the life of a cam model are the numbers the documentary shared. Such as these facts and figures:

  • Average cam girls can expect around 20 customers a night after they have been doing cam modeling for awhile
  • Average cam girls charge around $3.50 per minute but more successful cam models charge around $5.00 per minute.

Those numbers actually fall right in line with our findings. However, we caution new cam models who are of average skill and looks in that many cam models charge just $1.99 and have only 4 or 5 customers per shift when they first start; so the work can be tough for many and not everyone has what it takes to be a professional cam model.

Likewise, for men finding the best live cams can be equally tough. Many sites are scams and do not disclose all fees tarnishing the industry as a whole. That being said there are still a handful of very reputable and very well-known popular adult cam sites that can be trusted. As you will read in our adult webcam reviews, we have tested and tried hundreds of adult cams websites using our own money and then shared detailed reviews on just the most popular adult webcam sites. Our top-ranked cam site is Streamate. (Review at that link)

Other great insights from this documentary are the myths that are debunked. Cam girls are not as some folks may think always people who are just looking to make a quick buck. Oftentimes the ladies behind the live shows are young women looking to do cams just for a short period of time to finance their education.

Anyway, this documentary does a wonderful job illustrating the lives behind the girls that do live cam internet modeling. Make no mistake about it, this profession is a lot more common than most might think. As a matter of fact, there are now more cam models than there are private school teachers in the U.S. Globally though the number of people doing adult cam modeling now numbers in the millions, and that number continues to grow.

Another thing is there are really 3 different crowds heavily involved in the adult cams industry. These are:

1. The models

For anyone interested in internet modeling we can suggest the same platform we refer viewers to for the same reason; more viewers means more income opportunities. You can register to model here.

2. The webmasters

Likewise, these days many webmasters are opening white-label versions of these adult cam sites. These are basically copies of the top platforms where they simply register a URL and buy and drive traffic to make money from home. Webmasters can register here.

3. The customers

Users or customers can register to watch the cams here.  

Anyway, I will post the video below. Enjoy and have fun camming!

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