Bazoocam Review (Know the Risks)

Today, I am going to shed some light on Bazoocam, a random cam chat that seems to be trending these days. It’s bizarre and downright shocking to see how has suckered people into using it for dirty chat. 

However, is it a trustworthy cam chat platform? Read our bazoocam review before you consider joining this shady chat site.

Bazoocam – Or Should I Say Ballbusting Cam?

Bazoocam user
Did he accidentally land on bazoocam instead of going for a baseball game? WEIRD!!!!

If the thought of talking to strangers online excites, then I am sure you must have tried bazoocam. This free cam chat site pairs people randomly, with the option of letting the users chat anonymously.

You can connect with people from across the globe and also choose to interact with strangers living close to you. Umm, not sure if that’s a good idea though!

Picture this, your little guy is up after this cute girl tells you the color of her panties and you both decide to meet since she lives just a few blocks away. You are all excited only to find that she ain’t no cute girl but a fucking psychopath! Scary right?

So how does work?

It’s simple – Click on the “start” button to begin your conversation with strangers. If the person on the screen doesn’t interest you, simply click on the “next” button.

Think of it as swiping left and right as you do on dating apps. Although, the dating apps are a lot less creepy.

Bazoocam, or as I like to call it, Bluffcam is the shortcut to getting your balls busted. I will elaborate more on my experience in the next section.

What Can You Expect From Bazoocam?

Well, there’s one thing that bazoocam has in abundance, and that’s dicks. Yep, you get all kinds of them here.

  • I saw crooked dicks
  • Uncut dicks
  • Weird lizard looking dicks
  • Bruised and damaged dicks

Heck! I even saw some short tiny dicks that have no use at all besides being not what I was there to see!

I get that people are into the dick vibe, but that’s a small majority. Most of the men hop on this site to watch pussies and not dicks.

Seriously, do you want to start your day with a display of different types of peepee? I don’t think so!

Unfortunately, men outnumber women on bazoocam making it difficult to find one hot chick who would be ready for a dirty chat.

Bazoocam lacks the interesting features that most of its rival sites include. In fact, the homepage doesn’t seem to be eye-catching or intriguing at all.

Some of the key features of bazoocam are:

Bazoocam girl
The cam girls on bazoocam look bored. Not to mention the inferior quality of the cam!

Free cam to cam chat: Bazoocam offers free chat service to the users but the truth is that it is filled with men. So the chances of finding women here are dangerously low.

Available in multiple languages: Interaction on bazoocam is made easier since it is available in languages such as Spanish, Dutch, French, and more.

Games: They offer some lame ice-breaking games like 4 in a row, tic tac toe, and Tetris.

Registration on Bazoocam:

Like most of the other chat random sites, there is no compulsion of signing up on bazoocam and you can use its services for free. However, if you do decide to sign up, all you will need is a username, email address, and password.

On top of the home screen, I saw a list of names that I assumed were the user that are presently online. So I clicked on this name and was redirected to an entirely different site with the URL which is an adult cam platform. WEIRD!

Basically, bazoocam is just blowing smoke over people’s eyes and masquerading as something it is clearly not. The reason why I tell this is that first, they claim to offer a webcam chatroom for people to indulge in fun conversations.

Secondly, they seem to have a constant moderation that bans all sorts of nudity and sexually explicit activities. Then why the fuck do they own a nude chat site with a different URL?

I did watch a few of the cam shows and wasn’t impressed at all. The cam girls were okay but certainly not like the ones I see on

This is why I ask you to not waste your time on such shoddy sites and visit some real adult chat sites.

Sites Like Bazoocam:

Chatroulette and DirtyRoulette (reviews at the link) are sites like Omegle that are dangerous, owing to the fact that a lot of minors access them.

Our Bazoocam review spills the beans on this scam!

Bazoocam Findings & Conclusion

Bazoocam is an absolute mess, and moreover, an unsafe platform because of the lack of age verification. This shit reminded me of ChatRoulette or DirtyRoulette.

Just think about it, you don’t know who’s sitting behind the computer screen talking to you.

You could be accidentally chatting with a high school girl, for fuck’s sake! If you really want to watch girls getting naked, this is not the place to go. is a safe adult platform that keeps your personal information discreet and lets you jerk off on sexy cam girls. From petite babes to curvy mature ladies, you will find women with diverse body types and features.

I have been a user of for more than 6 years now and it never fails to amaze by the diversity it offers. is also a great option to get a taste of classy cam women nude teasing on camera.

So now you know why I don’t encourage shady sites like bazoocam. I hope this review helped you understand the actual truth behind this random video chat site. I hate seeing you guys suffer through sites like this when there are just so many better safe bazoocam alternatives.

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