Chatiw – An Extensive Review (How it Works)

Chatiw is a text-based chat website that is rudimentary but popular for sex chat. Today our review of explains how it works and what they offer. Recently we have discussed random chat sites more and more as video chat continues to get more popular.

However, one of the overarching reasons we have started to share reviews on other non-adult video chat rooms is because of the fact so many users tend to think you can use these sex chat rooms interchangeably with sites like chatiw.

Chatiw Review

Chatiw Chat Window
My inbox was flooded with messages like this!

A lot of people don’t want to go through the hassle of registering on a random chat site, while some simply like to keep things under the radar and stay anonymous.

Whatever, the reason might be, the main motive is to engage in a fun conversation without having to reveal your identity. Well, this is what chatiw is all about, it provides you an opportunity of crossing paths with interesting people from all over the world.

However, the question is, is chatiw a safe place?

Well, as long as you don’t share your personal information on this free chat platform, you are good. Chatiw claims to connect you with singles across the globe, with text as well as photo-sharing options.

Whether you are up for a casual conversation or are looking for free sex chat, apparently this place serves it all. I did my research and read several user reviews to understand what chat iw really offers. So let me take the lid off this chat site as we go balls deep into its functionality and features.

Chatiw Features

Just like free chat now, chatiw also doesn’t require a registration, you just have to fill up a small form with a nickname, age, and gender. Specify your country and state or simply use the GPS, click start chat now and you are good to go. This is what the landing page of looks like…

Chatiw Homepage
Chatiw Homepage

The following tabs appear on the top right after you enter the chat room:

  • Chat history: All your conversations are displayed here.
  • Inbox: Incoming messages from fellow users appear here.
  • Search: You can search for a particular user with the help of the filtering options provided like gender, age, country, and nickname.
  • Profile: Here, you can activate the desktop notifications so that you don’t miss out on any new messages. You can also make changes to your profile or check the users you have blocked.
  • Try video chat: If you want to interact with people on video chat, you will have to provide your email address, name, and age. After that, you will be asked to activate your camera for account verification. Basically, you have to face the camera and record your video, once done you can start video chatting with people.
  • Join Chat Rooms: When you click this, you expect that you will be taken to the list of different chatrooms on chat iw.
  • However, that does not happen and you arrive on a shady page called chat with strangers instead.

Chatiw Price:

Chatiw Price
Chatiw VIP Membership Charges

Although is a free chatting site, you can upgrade your free account to VIP membership to make the most of it. VIP membership will keep you away from pesky ads, captcha verification, and also give you the option of sharing unlimited images with users. There is a monthly, half-yearly, yearly, and lifetime package. The rates are mentioned below:

1 month – $4.95
6 months – $25.95
1 year – $49.95
Lifetime – $99.95

Other Features:

Blog: Although this site is inclined towards sex chat, they do have a blog section located at the bottom of the homepage, where you can find articles about online dating and relationships.

FAQ: You can visit this section for any account-related queries.

Safety Tips: Honestly, chatiw and safety seem to be an oxymoron to me. Anyway, this section has some guidelines regarding your safety, which I am sure nobody really cares about.

With all things considered, I can say that chat iw and chat avenue (reviews at that link) are Bobbsey twins because they offer you the same stale platter of trash.

The Good Side Of Chatiw:

Easy to use: It isn’t brain surgery, lol. This random chat site is pretty simple in terms of usability. You simply enter the site, give a name followed by your age, gender, and region to start interacting with strangers.

No registration required: If you are someone who is just looking for a quick sex chat and doesn’t want to go through the fuss of registering, then chatiw is your place.

A good place to kill time: If you are lucky, you might find a like-minded person to chat with. Also, the blogs and articles keep you engaged.

Underwhelming Aspects:

A sea of scammers: Just a few moments into the chat room and you will be swamped with messages from fraudsters asking you to register on fishy dating and hook up sites.

Chatiw features
Be ready to be banned every few minutes!!

Perverts everywhere: If you have been on chat sites like DirtyRoulette, then you must know that these platforms are majorly dominated by perverts bragging about their big dicks like it’s a fucking Eiffel Tower.

No age verification: With a lack of age verification, chatiw is accessible to everyone. One can expect the consequences if a minor happens to visit this site.

Pesky Ads: You will come across several links to dating sites all over, affiliate links that are fishy and unreliable.

Account ban: I honestly don’t understand the algorithm of this site, but it will ban you for no reason at all. I must say you will have to hold your horses while you are here because this didn’t happen once but several times to me. 

Chatiw Findings & Site Summary

Look, if you are working 14 hours a day and just want to loosen up, then you try chat iw for a casual interaction with a stranger.

Likewise, people looking for sex chat will find plenty of options here. However, you cannot say for sure if the user you are talking to is genuine or not. Sorta like how the jerkmate site is not what it seems as does the same thing that camfuze does with not making it clear you’re using an entirely different website where only the logos are different.

I mean, just imagine you are having a steamy sex chat with a chick by the name Ashley, things heat up and you decide to satisfy your horny self on a video chat. How would your reaction be if the Ashley you were talking to is actually Ashton? I hope you get my point. 🙂 

Our recommendations on top live sex sites are worth a read if you want to get your balls drained on live cam sex, so definitely check it out.

chatiw girls
You are not going to find chatiw girls at all in most cases and they are certainly not going to be doing the things that you want.

You can literally be anyone here as you don’t have to verify your age, add a display picture or other details about yourself.

Also, I have read several user reviews complaining about being verbally abused and called names like “whore” and “slut” just because they didn’t give in to the demands of horny buggers asking for nudes. 

Dude, if you really want to enjoy free sex chat with hot girls, naked to be more specific, then you must check out

This place is literally a fapper’s paradise, abundantly filled with beautiful babes on duty to make you cum. I explained how streamate is a cam girls site unlike Chatiw in the review and now much I love to use that site for adult chat on cam since I first stopped using cam4

Likewise, you know what is better than masturbating? Masturbating while you chat free with naked girls; which is what is all about. 

Register yourself on to experience a steamy free chat now.

To sum up, chatiw is a decent place to have some fun interactions with strangers but finding girls here is nearly impossible.

Just the same, find camwhores at all here is far too much to expect. So do not even dream of encountering your special someone here or even any naughty chat. Honestly, it is a bigger bust than 321sexchat if you ask me. As far as general usefulness (in the realm of nude video chat) won’t be useful at all, but with respect to just it being a fun adult chat website it reminds me of the experiences I had at DXLive.

Which was basically a feeling of coming away thinking it was ok but nothing special? Sorta like MyFreeCams or an xhamsterlive. At least though, it was truly free chat!


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