Chat Avenue (An Extensive Review) Updated for 2024!

A thought-provoking conversation or a casual fun chat, we all want those good experiences in the chat rooms online we visit. Can you really find those on Chat Avenue though? We present you with a detailed Chat Ave review where you can see if this free chat site measures up. Read about what our tests uncovered so you can see for yourself the things you can expect on chatavenue.

Chat Avenue Review

Chat-Avenue has been one of the oldest in the random chat business, with its debut in 2000. It has evolved a lot over the years and is now home to over 15 different types of free chat rooms. You can communicate with strangers from all over the world via text, audio, and video.

Chat Avenue
Chat Avenue is nowhere near the #1chat site as they claim.

In spite of being a popular chat platform in the market, I have to say that some features of chat-avenue are unsettling and makes me wonder if people are aware of it.

Seriously, guys, it is important to realize what you can get yourself into if you are not cautious. As per my personal experience, chat avenue is one heck of a crummy site and I will support my statement by revealing its weird features.

Chat Ave Features

So let’s start with what you will see when you arrive on the homepage of
A blue and white site background with a brief description of what you can find on chatavenue. The first shocking thing that grabbed my attention is the KIDS CHAT ROOM.

Like seriously? Who the fuck adds a kids chat room in a website containing live sex cams. Yes, that’s right. Chat Avenue also is known as chat ave features sex cams of cam models and that too from an entirely different site.

To start chatting with people, choose any one of the chat rooms. You will be asked to register or log in as a guest user.

Once you log in as a guest, you will be redirected to the chatroom, where you will see the following options:

A. Online: You can change your status from online to busy or away if you wish to.
B. News: So they have a new section where they put the latest updates, but I saw nothing but one irrelevant update.
C. Chat Avenue Live Cams: Now comes the shady part. When you click on this tab, you are redirected to the homepage of an adult cams site called MyFreeCams. Now if you are an avid live porn viewer, you must already be aware of MyFreeCams. So basically, chat-avenue is a phony site, that features the live sex cams of MyFreeCams. MFC is an okay video chat site but if you’re going to another place for free cams you really should read up on how each cam chat site compares and not just follow a random link off of #1chat avenue, which is far from the real #1chat site.
D. VIP: The VIP offers some unnecessary features like changing your username color gradient. I mean nobody gives a shit about it.
E. Quiz scores: Shows the list of the top scorers in the games.
F. More: Brief information about how the site works.
G. Music Station: A freaking music station on a chat site? It might have been cool a decade ago, but not anymore.

chat ave
chat ave redirects most of their traffic to a completely different site!

ChatAvenue Costs. Prices, & VIP Plan Details

  • 1 Month VIP Membership for $5.00
  • 3 Months VIP Membership for $10.00
  • 1 Year VIP Membership for $15.00
  • Lifetime VIP Membership for $20.00

Talking about the chats, most of the messages that will pop in your inbox would be from spam accounts asking you to register on dubious dating and porn sites. NEVER click cam links at Chat Ave, because they can be malicious and literally force download viruses to your machine.

The group chats on chat ave are boring, most of the time. Every now and then, you will find users abusing and talking about sexually

ChatAvenue may offer free chat rooms but consider the alternatives and value of your time as well as the risks.

offensive stuff in public or general chat areas. Not to mention the desperate pervs pouncing on women for nudes. It’s like a really shady adult theater in that aspect. The risks to you are massive if you accidentally end up chatting with someone under the legal age of consent and with the lack of age verification here that is really a possibility. SCARY!

While I was on chat ave, I tried the singles chat room. So a lady struck up a conversation with me and she seemed pretty genuine. We actually had a good chat until she suddenly started acting weird.

She started by asking about my work and how much I earn. Then she said that she has massive debts and needs money. What the fuck dude! This place is seriously weird and a total red herring.

Some of the popular chat rooms on #1 chat avenue are those…

  • College Chat
  • Adult Chat
  • Singles Chat
  • Dating Chat
  • General Chat
  • Teen Chat
  • Kids Chat
  • Gay Chat
  • Girls Chat
  • Live Chat
  • Video Chat
  • Sports Chat

Chat-Avenue Findings & Site Summary

chatave review
Any honest chatave review would explain why there are safer places to chat with girls on the internet and hot females like this do not waste their time on this website.

As you can see, there are a lot of things wrong with chat avenue. A kids chat section in a place filled with sexually explicit content can majorly create a mess. But these twats couldn’t care less about the protection of vulnerable kids. Don’t be a fucking twat!

Use the top cam sites instead of sites with zero-age verifications.

The chat rooms on chat avenue are the most fucking boring place to be. The site layout seems pretty outdated and there’s nothing interesting or fun here. You should also know that there are many truly terrible sites like chat avenue.

These are ChatAlternative, Chatib and Chatiw to name a few; but each of these has the same massive shortfalls as far as not being safe video chat sites or cam sex.

I would say, never visit these sites in the first place. However, even if you do, be sensible enough to not share your personal details no matter how genuine a person may seem.

Needless to say, chat ave is a shoddy and very sub-par place to expect some enjoyable adult conversations. As already mentioned, the sex cams on chatavenue aren’t original but taken from MyFreeCams (reviews at that link).

Therefore, if you are on chat avenue for sex chats and live porn, simply step out of it and start actually reading up on the more appropriate places for webcam sex.

I mean really man, don’t be stupid and use chat ave for this kind of chatting!

Why waste time on this crappy place when you can visit a LiveJasmin (reviews at that link) type of chat site or even better a where you get to watch sexy babes playing with their pussies and that too for free. Trust me guys, these girls are sexy as fuck and know to drain your cocks.

I have been using video chat sites and cam chat in particular for over a decade now so I figured it was about time I tested Chat Avenue and review it. Really though, if you want some way to talk with lots of hot girls free online then take 10 minutes and just read our Streamate reviews.

Now that I have given you all the best alternatives for chat-avenue, I hope you would stay the fuck away from it. Like seriously bro, it’s not a scam but it’s about the last place to chat with girls online that I would spend even 5 minutes of my own time. We all know that it can get expensive chatting with cam whores so I understand that people want to find other cheap sex cams or free chat sites for talking with girls on webcam.

Don’t be stupid though, steer clear of all the sites offering random chat and only use unsafe places for adult video chat. You put yourself and others at risk. That is why I would never recommend anyone use chat ave. It is a wild-goose chase where the vain attempt to get xxx chat on cam will never materialize. We think it is a bit of a rolling joke that this site has pasted #1Chat to the top of their home page. It is a bit like saying pornhublive is the greatest thing since sliced bread when their entire platform borrows the cam chat from a different site altogether.

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