Camlust Review (Is it a Scam or a Legit Site?)

Today we are discussing camlust, a place to find girls for skype video sex chatting.

Our review of will cover all aspects of the user experience as well as how it compares to other skype cam sex sites. We will also discuss camlust prices and give you a complete picture of what to expect using cam lust.

Likewise, our camlust review will delve into the features and how it works to chat with girls on skype about sex using this skype cam girls directory.

More importantly, though we will help you better understand the risks of using camlust and chatting with girls on skype about sex.

Lastly, we will also point out clearly why some people might be saying the camlust scam isn’t worth the risks associated.

And there are serious risks. That is the part I suggest you pay the most attention to.

camlust reviews
Most camlust reviews are not going to tell you the honest-to-goodness truth as we do. The so-called top models are often not even reachable!

What To Expect at and Is it Truly Safe?

First off, the so-called lust cam site which is located at is merely a list of links to skype cam girls. How it works is you register and buy a package of credits and then pay through the site. Thus you are offered a very minimal layer of protection to chat with girls over skype nude.

That said, the women are willing to in most cases strip and masturbate for you but whether you are nude is entirely optional (up to you). Each of the different skype sex cams models offers slightly different services at rates they choose, but they all collect funds from camlust as a 3rd party.

This is fundamentally different from how live nude cams work. 

Camlust doesn’t actually have a platform that keeps all the chats online nor do they actually verify each time your connected that it’s to the person whom you select.

Therefore, you open yourself up to more possibilities of trickery and deceit on the part of the skype sexcams performs.

I actually wrote a guide to skype sex that is really a good place to start if you are looking for skype sex chat.

The bottom line is that this site operates much like skyprivate and neither of those is a safe alternative to live cam sites for sex chat.

A Detailed Camlust Review (What You Need to Know)

The truth is it’s super inconvenient as well compared to other live webcam sex sites.

camlust review
I mean damn bro. I’d love to write a good camlust review but this is ridiculous!

I mean hell, just look at the visual steps they outline you have to follow to first use the site.

Who wants to jump through that many hoops and take that much time when there are so many alternatives to camlust and skype cam girls that are quicker and easier; not to mention offer far better selections and give you more peace of mind.
Sure seems appealing until you realize these girls are not even live now. Thus you will be waiting on them!

CamLust Scam: Is it a Legitimate Safe Webcam Chat Site

The answer is yes and no. Yes, this skype girls’ sex chat directory is offering a method to talk to dirty on skype about sex but who the fuck really cares about whether you’re using skype or an xxx video chat platform. The fact is that most of the top sex cam sites offer video and audio functionality not to mention LiveHDCams these days.

So there are really no comparisons between say a skype sex chat like camlust and a full-service LiveJasmin type site.

So perhaps saying camlust is a scam is unfair, but it’s not the place to go for skype sex chat either. Really you need to be thinking about the fact that you can lose your entire account if you are caught using skype for adult activities as well. This is happening more and more. If you read the skype terms of service closely you’ll learn that just for paying for skype adult video chat you are violating their terms of service.

This rule-breaking is something camlust openly promotes, so ask yourself if that is ethical?

I mean, we realize in the world of cam sex there are lots of bizarre and sorta shady things that can happen such as video chat sites going by different names when they are the same exact thing. Take for example livehdcams a lookalike of one of the most popular xxx cam2cam sites called In fact, there are hordes of webcam sites like LiveHDcams but works lot better and secure.

At least these sites are all totally safe to use though unlike

Reviews Are Mixed – The Final Word

Cam lust overall is merely a skype sexcam directory and with that, you are offered zero in the form of protection as far as age verifications. At most live sex camera sites you have peace of mind knowing that you are chatting across a moderated platform whereby the administrators of the site manually cross-check ids of the cam girls.

cam lust
I hate to say it guys but the fact is besides fairly good search functions cam lust pretty much sucks.

The risks here are too great that you could be lied to and end up chatting with someone underage.

This is why we steer clear of all skype sex shows. The bottom line is skype cam sex is dangerous and dirty video chat has no place on unregulated and unmoderated platforms. Some of the risks associated with using skype for sex chat are blackmail as well as unintentional exposure to underage girls.

Clearly, both of these might be rare occurrences but their both also horrendous outcomes that you should always make responsible decisions to avoid at all costs.

The good news is there are lots of cheap cam girls at legit dirty video chat sites where you can stay safe and have lots of fun.

There you have it.

The final word is camlust is a cambust.

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