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Guide to Skype Sex (Plus Top 5 Safe Alternatives)

Skype sex first became popular during the early 2000s which was a time of transition between cam sex and phone sex. During this time, cam sex had not quite taken off yet or become as mainstream as it is today but cybersex was moving away from voice to video.

Often referred to as skype porn, basically when one person is providing a skype sex shows it falls under the umbrella of skype sext or skype cam shows. For those who are not aware of it, skype is a platform that enables free cam to cam video or voice calling. Skype along with Zoom are now two of the most popular such 3rd party free cam to cam platforms.

Skype sex took hold via social media in the early days of camming when cam girls were not too familiar with all the safe alternatives to Skype. In other cases, some independent women were offering skype porn by stealing users from cam sites and offering lower prices via skype.

skype porn
When you are dealing with skype girls and skype porn, there are some things you should know beforehand.

Truth be told, the days when large numbers of people are looking for skype cam girls are pretty much coming to a close as cam sites have curtailed the efforts of unscrupulous skype sluts by banning them from their platforms for prohibited user redirects. Random cams as well as voyeur cams aka real life webcams have also played a role in the diminishing interest in skype sex cam shows.

Whether you spend two hours or just 5 minutes reading about sites in this niche from chatpig to camarads the conclusion we reached on those sites is much the same. They simply don’t measure up legit cam sex sites. We will discuss that more later, but what you need to know now is that neither of these types of nude cams offers good safe skype sex alternatives.

First, let’s take a closer look at the whole concept of dirty chat with hot girls on skype.

Sexy Skype Girls (Things to Consider)

In theory skype sex is a pretty great idea. In practice, it is a disaster.

Let’s first look at the ABC’s of trying to find hot girls on skype for a skype sex show.

A. Skype Porn Policy Prohibits Adult Content: There is a rising number of people losing their skype accounts as a result of prohibited uses such as trying to hunt down skype sex girls. While there are some skype sex directories that offer a list of skype sex girls, these lists of contacts are nearly always outdated. When you message just one person asking for skype sex and get reported you can kiss your entire account goodbye.

So finding sexy girls on skype is futile and risky at the least.

Not to mention, you have to ask how much value do you place on your time. ‘

Locating sexy girls on skype is a challenge in and of itself, mostly because once cam girls realize the demand is low for dirty skype sex chat they often recenter their efforts around the top adult video chat sites.

When this happens these women often never again update their images on these various skype sex websites. Skype sex usernames websites are also often nothing more than rudimentary blogs with nothing more than supposed sexy skype girls’ contacts and an outdated image. This is a real problem and yet another reason why cam sex sites are much better options for cam to cam sex.

Reasons Why You May Want to Reconsider using Skype Dirty Cam Shows

B. Skype Offers No Payment System: Are you seriously going to stoop down to the demands of mischievous skype sluts and prepay. I was born at night, but not last night and I know how often guys get robbed this way. If you are dumb enough to fall for that you belong in the camp of folks that believe jerkmate is real.

skype sluts
Skype sluts can easily blackmail you or rip you off if you are not careful. The pictured model is yum_yum_.

Realize the fact you can never use PayPal buyer protection and (She knows that) so the webcam girl may not even show up or may cut you off without recourse at any time during the show. This is because PayPal does not allow use for buying adult services. If they find out your entire account and funds in it can get locked for an obscene amount of time.

C. Cybersex Blackmail is a Rising Problem: These days the number of sexy skype girls with good intentions just is not what it once way. We have heard of too many horror stories of skype sluts taking screenshots and finding out where their customer works and then threatening to post screenshots of them in compromising positions either from skype sext screenshots or with video captures.

D. Convenience is Lacking in a Very Big Way: Skype sex girls basically can mark themselves as available or unavailable but they tend to leave themselves marked as always available when we both know that nobody is always available.

Hunting down skype sex accounts and randomly messaging or calling these webcam models is SUPER frustrating!

You know what I mean guys. If you have not taken the time to try to finding horny girls to chat with on skype get ready for a rude awakening. You will soon see for yourself what I mean.

To reach someone at all, let alone any hot girls on skype is a monumental task. 1 out of 20 will probably be cooking dinner or taking a shit. 7 others probably will have forgotten they were even listed on that site, while the remaining two might answer; but then you have to start the long process of negotiating and face the other frustrations I have outlined here. Even the cheesy

Hey, it’s just the honest truth. It is so not worth the time and risks when there are so many better skype sex alternatives.

Skype Sex Show Alternatives

So the next time you read some advert about horny skype girls, just realize that this is most likely some random skype porn webmaster who is not following the latest trends and not giving you a full picture of the very inefficient and risky method this is for live video sex chat. Moreover, it is probably just some random dude collecting cam girls skype usernames from a promo twitter account and posting them as a favor to his favorite so-called skype sluts.

Chances are he’s living in his mom’s basement with no job as well. For adults who have income and responsibilities and value their time and privacy I suggest the more modern skype sex alternatives.

LiveJasmin: It’s a supermall of webcam sluts and perhaps the best place for nude cam to cam chat across all major platforms. This place fucking decimates even the best skype sex shows you will ever find. Heck, the women here are so hot my wife can be caught her drilling for oil while watching

I have to tell you that beautiful nude girls like IzzyAiko, are simply not stripping on skype either and they look at that shit as super low brow stuff.

skype sex girls
Skype sex girls can be found online but most ladies are no longer messing with is considering cam sites take care of all the issues so models and viewers can focus on interacting and not issues like security or payments.

Streamate: I probably sound like a bitch boy from this video cyber sex site but I am honestly polishing the banister every other day at There is no contest really, compare this to even the best skype porn options and you will love the way you can charge cam girl shows to your card. You get safety, convenience and total peice of mind and shows are even rounded to the nearest second. No bullshit or things that waste your time. I have been using cam to cam sex chat here for a solid decade and never gotten fucked over. Not to mention the rewards program is bar none the most lucrative. I am on level 10 meaning I get a full 10% off cam sex shows for life.

skype sex shows
skype sex shows suffer from many limitations because the platform is not in any way designed for adult content.

Skype is also not the place you are ever going to run into 2 girl video sex chat shows like the show called DoubleHotSex from Streamate.

StripChat: If you like Chaturbate you simply must try The two sites have more than just a similar token and tipping concept at the heart of the experience. Not to mention that skype cam girls get a payment system and total security without having to fuss with some bullshit on-call type of skype sex service.

Chaturbate: This is the place that most of you who are looking for sexy skype girls will probably end up. I can’t blame you as is probably the top DIY orgasm site of the past decade.

ImLive: Perhaps the most similar to skype sex cams from a user perspective as the interface looks and feels like Skype. However, you have the layers of protection between you and the cam girl that any conscientous user would want. Moreover, if cheap sex cams is what you are after, these prices are even less costly than dirt cheap skype sex cams. Happy hours has live cam2cam sex at 88 cents a minute. I am not kidding you. Try and see what you think.

Hot Girls on Skype are Just Regular Girls Next Door

Listen, man. I understand that it feels powerful and neat talking to sluts on skype because you feel more like you are getting to have a dirty skype chat with a real woman who is horny, but the fact is these are just all cam girls.

I mean, we both know you are never going to find any free skype sex cam shows, so at least check out the more safe skype sex alternatives above.

You will be glad you did. Trust me on this. If you took these 5 porn cam sites and added the number of horny girls looking for adult video chat together, that number is around 8,000 performers at any given time live on cam.

These might not be horny skype girls but who fucking cares when the costs are less and you get convenience as well as security.

I suppose someone needs to tell Cosmopolitan that finding horny skype girls only works for guys in the case of already being in a relationship and the entire point of finding dirty skype chat is for a new sexual experience. At least that is true for most people men. 🙂

On the mainstream webcam sex sites, women are willing to strip for you, masturbate cam, and in many do super dirty cam chat for cheap, as well.

Moreover, a few of these are truthfully offering free skype sex alternatives in that you can register and watch nude live cams without any cost at all.

Of course for real private cam2cam video chat, you’ll have to pay; but if you do some discovery in our live sex cam site reviews, you will quickly discover the value is far better than wasting hours of time trying to locate sexy girls on skype.

skype sex sites
We explain the landscape of skype sex sites.

I honestly cannot even fucking believe that people waste their time with skype sex sites such as skyeprivate. if you are considering using that platform, you’d be better served just searching the twitter tag #skypesex. At least under that tag on Twitter, you can see girls online offering skype sex shows whereas at skyprivate you are getting a dated skype sex directory that just leads to total frustration.

Moral of the story: Stick to the safe cam to cam sex sites so you don’t lose your PayPal account or even your entire skype account, get blackmailed,  or ripped off by shady skype sluts!

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