chatrandom review summary

Chatrandom (Alert, Read Before You Register)

We tested chatrandom and found that it was not entirely a scam, but it’s far from legit and more of a crappy random chat site to be perfectly honest.

Our full review with chatrandom alternatives is detailed below. We can help you discover sites like chatrandom but far better which are safe for adult free chat and offer live webcams!

Many of our readers will be asking us, “What the heck is Chatrandom, anyway”. Well, enough people are getting duped into using this literally random cams website we just had to fill people in on what is really going on here at

So at first it looks harmless enough and tempting as you can see from this screenshot. It’s as simple as a blue start button, a grey stop button, and a pink girls button.

However, before we get into the really scary aspects of this cam site be also aware that you have to buy tokens to actually talk to more than a few girls. That is where the tricks start.

chatrandom review summary
The chatrandom review summary covers what to expect as used at this random webcams chat site.

Here is what is most important to be aware of at though. They are actually not designed to be sex cams at all! These types of chat sites are often classified under chat roulette sites and they are meant for bored and social interaction and nothing else.

Here is a screenshot of one of the random people we encountered using chatrandom. As you can see this person quickly covered their face when they discovered I was a dude.

He was probably hoping to chat with some hot young girls as most of the lonely men on here are. What most guys on here are after is sex cams though under the guise of something else.

Worse yet, most of the weird guys using this site do not even bother to read the chat random terms of service. The site rules explicitly forbid nudity and you can be privately recorded by even the service itself if you use these random stranger chat cams.

Moreover, yes there have been chatrandom arrests and for good reason. Some of the examples are here and here.

sites like chatrandom
sites like chatrandom are unsafe because they lack good age verification.

Basically chatrandom falls under the classification of roulette chat sites because you literally never know who the heck you are going to see, or who is going to see your cam.

It’s like gambling but worse, there are legal risks if you are looking for live sex and showing off your privates to random people on chat random. Take it seriously and stick to the top live sex sites or you can find yourself regretting it later.

Otherwise, just call it what it is; a curious waste of time.

Chatrandom Cams Can Be Dangerous

So as far as our chatrandom review we have literally shared the first 3 douchebags we ran into during our test of this weird webcam site. There are lots of other sites like chatrandom as well such as Omegle , ChatRoulette & Flirtymania.

However, expect that same shit on all of them but just a different logo. The truth is none of them are worth using as a guest and most certainly not registering on them or paying to see a bunch of other weird people.

chatrandom alternatives
You’re going to want some decent chatrandom alternatives after you see what this free cams website is up to.

Random Chat Sites Are Not What They Seem 

As far as sites like chatrandom do yourself a massive favor and steer clear of all of them, even the so-called chatrandom alternatives. This business model is also often a trap door to get you to register at white-label or clone webcam sites like xhmasterlive.

So often these stranger to stranger webcams sites also is just ways webmasters use to get you excited and then feed in webcams of hot girls on cams that look real but are not truly on the same site.

chatrandom tricks
Some of the other chatrandom tricks you run into are webcam girls redirecting you to xxx cams. Worse yet, those cam sites are not even the truly original platforms either.

Some of the sites that are actually providing the webcams which are fed into are legit and have nothing to do with chatrandom either.

For example, we have seen Chaturbate and Streamate shows appear in chat random but the truth is you should be going directly to those sites and not using this as a portal for another entirely separate adult chat service.

Just food for thought that but this editors’ opinion is that chatrandom chat rooms are riddled with potential issues.

We should also mention that chatrandom iPhone visitors and chatrandom for android are the most common users of this site; so chatrandom mobile visitors outnumber those using a desktop.

Also, users should be warned that if you use chatrandom for long enough (and for the purposes of naughty or adult chat) you are most likely going to end up stumbling onto minors who lied about their ages to register.

The terms of service do require that people claim to be 18 but the problem is that nobody personally is verifying those claims. That is the RECIPE FOR DISASTER.

There is serious stuff to be aware of here and at all chatroulette sites that do not adequately monitor who is talking with who on cam. So if like so many it is your intent to flash girls your dick or other bat-shit-crazy behaviors, just don’t do it.

Instead, discover all the top live sex sites where you know that everyone is after the same type of random stranger chat.

chatrandom suffers a fatal flaw in that your mixing horny men looking for sex with others who have different ideas.

Review Summary About Chatrandom: What To Expect

The bottom line is that chatrandom is a strong pass for all those reasons. Likewise, Chatroulette sites are just shady in every way and this is one the worst places you can go if you’re looking for a chat that involves either live sex or masturbating on cam.

People have a general curiosity and hunch about they will find and chatrandom with minutes their intuition is confirmed.

That is also why chatrandom is every parent’s worse nightmare. People who use this site get so into it that they even look for ways to bypass the payment system such as a rumored chatrandom hack. No such hack really exists.

The fact is lots of people do get a chatrandom ban but they sort workarounds for the chatrandom org site. There is no official chatrandom app and most users access via chatrandom mobile

There are tons of sickos and pervs showing their dicks to strangers. If you do find a hot girl on cam she’s probably going to lure you back to the type of site you really belong at in the first place if you are after sex chat; adult webcam sites.

These random webcams style of chat sites are a complete and utter waste of your time! Lastly, if you are just to cheap to pay for real sex cams check out our list of cheap adult cams.

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