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ChatRandom Review : How Sites Like It Work

Review of sites like Chatrandom & a detailed look into We share the risks and realities of random chat sites as well as offer up some good chatrandom alternatives.

Launched in 2011, Chatrandom is just another addition to the growing pool of random cam chat sites like Chatroulette and Omegle. As expected, the concept is mind-numbingly simple: connect random strangers from around the world through the power of webcam technology and a one-on-one chat log. Welcome to the detailed chatrandom review where you can read exactly how cam chat sites work before you waste your time joining them.

Sites Like Chatrandom Are Not the Same as Adult Webcam Sites

You know the site. Yes,

Chatrandom expands on this strangers cam chat format with a couple of added features including a gender and location filter. There are over 20,000 users on the app at any given time, so this is definitely a popular successor to these pioneering sites. Although Chat random doesn’t specifically advertise as a hookup or dating site, it’s certainly set up that way. Flirty banner featuring an attractive young couple aside, its gender filter sorts users by only three categories: male, female, or couples! Sound familiar?

You know the drill and we are happy to be able to save you lots of time yet again on a shady random webcams chat site like all the others. As some close others pop-up and take their place but the truth is these are all massive time wasters and worse yet risky sites to use which all lack the proper protections that legit adult cam sites offer. Namely sites like Chat random are not even designed to be used for nude chat. 

In fact if you merely took the time to read the terms of service you’d read the same.

Sites Like Chatrandom
Sites Like Chatrandom are all the same. We share a chatrandom review & how it all works.

History of Chatrandom

My very first encounter with random chat apps like this one was at the age of eighteen on Omegle. Luckily, nothing completely offbeat happened during my brief online adventure, but I had never really turned on my webcam before outside of Skype calls with classmates or friends, so the idea of greeting strangers this way felt daunting, and admittedly, even a little frightening. I could only imagine how frightening such an experience would be for even younger users on the site.

Unlike its predecessors, Chatrandom has no minimum age requirement for its use, meaning that even minors can get in on the fun. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that Chatrandom can keep all its “strangers” in line. Even though sexually explicit materials and illegal activities are prohibited by Chatrandom’s content standards, the site’s terms of use also outlines that they are ultimately not liable or responsible for incidents that might occur on their platform. Although Chat random hints vaguely at monitoring each conversation, there is little protecting the site’s huge user base, save for post removal, account termination, and in serious cases, communication with higher authorities. 

If you have not figured out the risks of using random cams chat sites bust read our dirtyroulette review and see for yourself in the images as far as what the test revealed. It was not but 5 minutes into surfing random cams that we encountered a police officer.

Chatrandom Security and Safety is a REAL Concern

My problem with this lack of security is the same as my problem with most random chat sites: measures to take down malicious users are reactive, not proactive. For some unknown reason, random chat sites keep a staunch tradition of open access with no login required, even after huge uproars from concerned parents looking to keep their kids safe from predators online. The possibility of predators using sites like Chatrandom as hunting grounds for their next encounter is especially harrowing, considering the site’s use of location filters to optimizeanyuser’s “search.” would be made much safer if it required every user to provide at least some identification to start chatting. Instead, log-ins are specifically reserved for unlocking additional features rather than keeping a growing all-ages community safe.

Summary of ChatRandom Review :

So we have not even yet mentioned that all adult use of chatrandom and the chatrandom app is prohibited by their own terms of use. We realize few people read this so here is the applicable section that shouldn’t be skimmed over.

ChatRandom Review
Most ChatRandom review posts we read raised the same concerns. Ultimately make sure you are not using it for nude chat.
chat random
We spent hours checking out chat random and it was chalk full of weirdos.


“You may use Chatrandom only for lawful purposes and in accordance with this agreement. You must not use Chatrandom:”

  • “In any way that violates any applicable federal, state, national, local, or international law or regulation (including any laws regarding the export of data or software to and from the US or other countries)”.
  • “For the purpose of exploiting, harming, or attempting to exploit or harm minors in any way by exposing them to inappropriate content, asking for personally identifiable information, or otherwise”.
  • “To send, knowingly receive, upload, download, use, or re-use any material that does not comply with the Content Standards stated in this agreement or the AUP.”

You’d have to be stupid to use chatrandom for sex chat guys. Do not risk your welfare or violate the law and use a random chat site as if it were an adult webcam service. That should be your takeaway.

Stick to the right places if it is actually sex cams that you are after because those places are vetted.

Listen guys, random cam chat and random video chat are a neat concept but their in the adult webcams domain and they ought to stay there. Funyo, chatruletka, camzap, and other cam sites centered on video chat with strangers are not safe unless they are in fact adult sites with age verification.

There are really three different types of cam sites to avoid. These include real life cam sites , chat roulette sites , and these random chat sites such as omegle which are prone to minors. Lastly white label cam sites that are not original are also a bad batch. Sites like xhamster, camfuzerabbitscams, or jerkmate.

If you’re an adult looking for some naughty webcam fun, why waste your time clicking “next” on Chat random to find that perfect stranger when she’s waiting for you on a real live sex cam site?! Visit or any of the best adult cam sites instead for sexy models on demand now!

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