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Internet Modeling Tips: How to Do Raffle Ticket Shows

Stroll into any live adult webcam site these days and you will be greeted with internet models doing a wide variety of rather bizarre and crazy things on cam, but one novelty seems to have stuck, and by the looks of things it seems to be a big revenue generator for live cam models; that is running adult webcam raffles.

Who knew raffle tickets would be such a boon for adult webcam models? We certainly never would have guessed it! The facts though do seem to show that internet models can increase their earnings with raffle tickets giveaways and that is why we are seeing it happening across dozens of adult webcam sites. If it works then why not let the cat out of the bag…

The hottest new thing for internet models on adult cam shows...
The hottest new thing for internet models on adult cam shows…

Therefore today we are sharing some resources and tips for adult webcam entertainers on exactly how to run adult webcam raffle giveaways in their live shows.

First though I just also have to touch on a trend that I am seeing virtually explode in adult webcam shows. This trend I speak of is models using these strange but rather pretty-looking steel butt plugs. As it turns out there are now dozens of companies making these diamond studded buttplugs and they come in all colors. No, they are not real diamonds of course but merely have a diamond cut of colored acrylic on the ends. Regardless of manufacturer, when we ordered we found them to be all nearly the same. However, considering these seem to be a cam girls new best accessory we had to share where you can find them.  (I will share an image below in case you do not know what I am talking about)

Anyway, I will leave a resource here on where you can order these shiny adult webcam accessories. Now let’s talk about these ever-popular adult webcam raffle shows.

How to operate adult webcam raffle shows

There's a growing phenomenon in adult webcams; raffle ticket shows.
There’s a growing phenomenon in adult webcams; raffle ticket shows.


So the first thing you have to make sure to achieve in order to have any success with selling raffle tickets in adult webcam shows is getting an active full room; that means having at least 50 or 60 viewers at once. INTERNET MODELING TIP: Use a gold show if you are using the streamate platform (review at that link).  Performer sign-up here.


Special videos you have filmed, private phone sessions, panties, and photo sets all make great giveaways to drive raffle ticket sales. Sometimes the simplest of things makes for a great inducement for viewers to buy your raffle tickets. Share a goal you have that is not too intense, playful, and positive, and then also include that in the reason why you are doing the raffle. Consider things like creating a banner for the winner and dedicating your room to this viewer. Things that are fun and playful like this will really drive raffle ticket sales and get more viewers coming back for more.

TIP: Have a 2nd and 3rd place winner. Even if it is a very small prize everyone likes to be a winner!


Remember that most of the time we are dealing with men who have the patience of…well men. Therefore, short time frames are best for adult webcam raffle shows but do extend the raffles at least a few days and in some cases a few weeks.

Special Dates can be great for raffles such as holidays like those listed below. Remember that adult webcam sites are very busy on holidays because people want to get some affection on these days in particular and more people are off work on holidays.

  • Christmas
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • …and even your birthday!

Below I am posting some quick resources to get the actual raffle tickets and bowl. The local party supply store or Party Depot will also have these. FINAL THOUGHTS: Whatever you do have fun and realize that your first raffle maybe a slow seller but stick with it and as the audience of your show grows so will your sales in raffle tickets.

Oh and here is the quick link for these anal butt plugs that are now so common in adult webcam shows. They are called anal jewelry and come in sizes large and small.  The rose-red version is pictured below and it comes as a set of 2 for around $25.00; a fairly small accessory investment to get the guys riled up in your next show.

Good luck with your first adult webcam raffle ticket shows and if you are an adult webcam performer you may also get some added value by reading our post sharing social media tactics and strategies for making more money as an adult webcam model. You can find that detailed article here.

Are you a viewer of adult webcams or want to learn more about how it all works? If so head on over to the adult webcam reviews.

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