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Wearables, Oculus Rift, and Adult Webcams? (Future of Sex?)

The question on the minds of many top executives at the leading adult webcam sites either should be or is, ‘How can we use emerging wearable technology to innovate the adult webcam business? It’s an intriguing question with all the latest technology developments. You can already see the writing on the wall with adult uses for Oculus Rift being the talk of the porn world this past week….and you can bet there is more discussion to come. Actually not long ago an article about wearable sex toys appeared on the Huffington post. However, that was not wearable in the same nature as what the future of technology and truly wearable sex toys will most likely consist of; at least not in our minds. Nevertheless, perhaps it’s a good primer for this discussion. Here is a video from Ti Chang’s ‘Foreplay Jewelry’.

Having opened the door to the reality that people are open to new ideas to reach new sexual heights one has to ask themselves how will future technology shift the way we play out human sexual fantasies? I for one think that the future will involve something similar to the gaming and adult webcams crossing paths for truly virtual sex. It seems like that could involve something like the Oculus Rift. Here are just three creative ideas we cooked up. I am sure something similar to at least one of these ideas is not too far in our distant kinky future.

Are adult webcams on the way from technology like Oculus Rift?
Are adult webcams on the way from technology like Oculus Rift? MAYBE.

Where will adult webcam technology ideas for wearables lead?

First off, before we do a nose dive off the deep end, hang in there with me. Realize you have to think outside of the box to even try to guess what the future of the adult webcam industry, porn, and the overall future of sex toys might look like in 20 or 30 years from now. Does it all seem really that weird? I don’t think so. Of course, it does a little, but again that is part of the interesting thing about trying to guess what future technology will bring to bear in this industry.

Here are just 3 wild ideas we came up with. That being said, I am sure that many who will read this can come up with some even more creative take on uses for wearables in conjunction with live sex cams.

1. Oculus Rift penis attachment:

Is virtual reality and artificial vaginas the future of adult webcams?
Are virtual reality and artificial vaginas the future of adult webcams?

Imagine something similar to the female sex organ device like an artificial vagina that incorporated full visual stimulation with the oculus rift. Now imagine that being part of a game of some sort with multiple players in live time. Clearly, something like this would involve some rather wild fetishes and fantasies…but maybe it’s really not that far off?

2. Oculus Rift Anal Toys: Nevermind. 🙂 We come up with some pretty kinky ideas but we’ll leave this for someone else to brainstorm. It’s just too far off for even us.

3. Oculus Rift Wand: Perhaps a cross between a Hitachi Wand with an added wearable accessory like Oculus Rift could become a replacement for the trusty old traditional Hitachi wand that is used by millions of women these days. Again, by introducing auditory stimulation and gaming the possibilities in this arena are limitless. One also has to consider gaming and fucking machines.

Will the future of sex involve gaming technology with machines?
Will the future of sex involve gaming technology with fucking machines? IT SOUNDS CRAZY NOW but we think that’s not too far off!

Judging from how things have changed over the past 20 years, whatever the future holds for adult webcam entertainment it’s sure to be much edgier than most of us would expect now.

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