PornHubLive Review – What You Didn’t Know about This Cam Site!

Pornhublive is not even a real cam site yet some 15 million people use it as if it were. Learn all about pornhub live in the review here. See what the testers and the most frequent pornhub live users have to say after trying this live sex cam site for years. Let me just save you a BUTTLOAD OF TIME. It is a copy of Streamate, so go read the streamate review!

Much like xhamsterlive, is a clone that is just running webcams of another entirely different platform over the top of their pornhub live site. You see, Porn hub is a tube site that merely offers cams via a 3rd party provider. Users are often unaware of this unless they really take the time to read the fine print on the terms of service page. 99% of pornhub live users are completely unaware of this.

See if is safe and legit in our pornhublive review.

Pornhublive webcams is a Behemoth Phony

First off, before we get into how pornhublive works, I just have to share something I find to be simply hilarious. 99% of the readers will now know this, but people are so preoccupied with masturbating on the computer that when they go to search the internet for pornhub or pornhub live people more often than not brutalize the super basic spelling of this site.

As a matter of fact, according to most estimates some 200,000 people a month with the intent to visit pornhub will actually type, ‘por hub’. Another 119,000 will type, ‘pirnhub’. These stats are based upon men and women apparently using just one hand to quickly navigate to free porn.

It gets worse though. Another 103,000 will input just pprnhub and lastly some 40k people will type in porn hib. That’s literally insane for such a simple two-word domain name with such basic spelling. Yet another 250,000 people per month will misspell pornhub in these ways.

  1. por hub
  2. porn hu
  3. pornhub.xom
  4. poen hub
  5. porrnhub
  6. oornhub
  7. porn hube
  8. pon hub
  9. pprn hub
  10. porhhub

You see pornhub is one of the most searched terms on the internet today. In fact the search term, ‘porn’ is only searched 11 million times a month in America but pornhub gets a whopping 74,000,000 searches per month. At any rate, let’s move on to discuss what is pornhub live and explain how pornhub live works because that is why most of you are here.

How Works

It’s simple enough in that you register with any major credit card to use the pornhub webcams service which takes as little as 5 minutes.

Afterward, as promised nothing is charged to your card but it merely is used to verify age and give you full access to the sex cams platform. Here is where it gets interesting…

Thereafter you can chat all you want with cam girls for free. You can also have access to premium shows. Literally all aspects of the site are clearly marked including the per-minute costs for the optional truly private sex webcam shows. However, what they are not telling you is you are just using from a different URL; that being

pornhub live
pornhub live home page screenshot

Sure we will run you back through the streamate features since they’d be of course identical to pornhublive cams, but really I suggest you drop the idea of registering at all via pornhub live and just to consider joining Streamate after you read the review of the true service that delivers webcam shows through porn hub live.

Still not understanding? Compare the home page screenshots

sites like pornhub live
There are literally thousands of sites like pornhub live because in fact their all truly white labels of streamate.

We should also mention that going into 2024 porn hub webcams have made it more seamless with some more integration tricks to make their cam shows appear to be more unique. You can witness this by also looking at

The fact is the order of the cam girls here is the same as making it a dead giveaway than in fact you are still using another platform service, thus why not go to that original source. It just makes so much more sense to use the real place servicing the cams which are

Don’t get me wrong: There is a vast array for cool features.

  • Mark favorite cam girls for super quick access later
  • Choose webcam show feed quality based on your connection
  • Peruse cam girls by location, age range, language, and more
  • Join group gold adult webcam shows for flat fees
  • In each cam girl’s room is saying the type of shows they’re doing, if their HD, the models country, and age.
  • In the upper left corner you can find cam girls who will do phone sex simultaneous to a webcam show as well as the current gold shows.

    pornhub webcam
    While pornhub webcam shows seem legit you merely need to look at the site we mentioned and it becomes obvious that you are part of a ruse.

That said, what they are not telling you (unless you took out a magnifying glass and spent hours reading their terms of service) is that your not at the true source of these cam girl shows. While you should totally feel comfortable registering for the same cam girl shows, you really ought to go to the source platform and do so there. The real platform serving the content where you should register at is called

Is Pornhublive Free (If not What Does Pornhublive Cost?)

You’d have to be a special sorta stupid to think beautiful women will strip on webcam for you when they cannot even fucking see you and have no idea who the fuck you are. So the clear and short answer is no pornhub webcam shows are not fucking free numskulls.

That said compared to all the other top cam sites the prices are very reasonable and low if anything for private shows on pornhub live cams. Likewise you can in fact have small talk free, but don’t expect to get any live sex shows in private unless you pay. Same as the case with LiveHDcams which is been copied their entire function of Streamate. Likewise, check out the talk of the town alternatives to LiveHDcams streaming wild porn shows.

Each cam girl has her per minute rate marked clearly. When you exit private cam girls show your time is stopped and that is rounded to the nearest second. It appears as ICF on your statement meaning nobody would ever imagine it was adult related. The currency is not token or credit-based, you pay as you go after the service is delivered, and the prices for pornhub live cams is in dollars.

Sites Like Pornhublive

pornhub webcams
AmberLynnXXX on pornhub webcams. Yet another way to tell that this cam site is just a copy of so many others.

As noted above there are literally more than 2000 sites like pornhublive on the web. If you searched a pornhub live models name you’d get page after page of cam sites like pornhublive. This is another way to tell that the idea pornhub webcams are unique is bogus.

Pornhub models are not working for pornhublive or pornhub either. Likewise, pornhub webcam performers do not get paid from pornhub live either, but rather from a company called ICF which is again an arm of streamate (The true platform that services porn hub live account users). This is why passwords will also log you into streamate.

That said, it’s another valid argument as to why before you considering joining pornhub live you should instead just create an account on This account will then provide the same username and password giving you access to thousands of different cam sites including pornhublive.

How to be a model on Pornhublive

If you want to register to be a model for pornhublive it goes back to understanding that this site is using a white label solution to make it appear as if the models are working at pornhublive.

Therefore, just register as a cam girl for pornhub live at this link and your shows will be available there too.

Summary: Is Pornhublive Worth Registering At?

The simple answer is no. You get no unique service at pornhub webcams because porn hub cams are in fact just a cloned and ported version of

Do we think that platform is cool and worth using? Heck ya! We love it just advise you not to get it from this site. There is no point at all in enriching this mega free porn tube site that is just misleading you into believing that the adult webcam shows present on the site are offered by them.

This is why lands on our list of the 5 worst adult cam sites. If you are looking for something less mainstream and all the run of the mill cam sites are feeling kinda mundane check out dxlive.

Since a lot of people were asking for some good alternatives for pornhub, we documented the best sites like pornhub.

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