7 Sexiest Stripchat Blonde Cam Girls!

I’ve been spending more than my fair share watching the Stripchat blonde category lately which got me thinking why not share some of the hottest Stripchat blondes?

There sure are lots of hot blonde webcam girls on this xxx video chat site and so if you like sexy blonde xxx models this is for you.

As a matter of fact, I would have to say that one of the best sites for watching young blonde girls masturbating on webcam right now is this platform.

Some of you may know it as xHamsterLive as well, but the truth is you should rejoin at Stripchat (after reading that review) because that is the original source site where all the ladies are actually working. Strip chat may not be as well known but it’s the root platform and where to join over the clone xhamster live cams version of this website.

we found all the best blonde webcam girls at Stripchat global.

So why the fuck am I writing about StripChat.com blondes?

Well, normally I couldn’t give a damn about hair color as long as it’s a cute cam girl with curves, but since I gathered such a sexy list of blonde cam girls why not share it.

After all, there must be lots of men out there looking for the hottest StripChat blondes just like I was.

One thing I can say for sure is that these 7 blonde Stripchat girls are great adult entertainers and they won’t pull any bullshit like slow stripteases or making you pay for extras. If you are like me I bet you hate experiencing that when you go into private nude video chat.

Don’t you hate that shit!

Anyway, peruse my list of the most gorgeous blonde cam girls from strip chat and tell them you saw them here first. Again these are blonde nude models who talk to guys about sex live on cam via the wildly popular nasty video chat site called StripChat.com.

The bottom line is StripChat. has become a favorite among those seeking adult video chat with stunning blonde cam girls. We ranked all the hottest strip chat blondes.

List of the Hottest StripChat Blonde Webcam Models

  • Orianazoe
blonde stripchat
The blonde Stripchat category really has a large selection of hot blonde cam girls.

She’s going to make you double-take for sure with derriere like that.

stripchat blonde
Orianazoe is my favorite Stripchat blonde across the board. She’s got a body like Megan Thee Stallion and gets super nasty!

This big booty blonde cam girl is not cheap though and will set you back 60 tokens per minute. The good news is there are lots of other hot blonde cam girls with a bit butt on sites like Stripchat that won’t be nearly as expensive.

However, since any real date will set you back $100 these days just imagine having a perfectly sexy young blonde girl stripping on webcam for you. That’s what you get with her private nude video chat sessions plus she does whatever fantasy shows you are into and also masturbates to completion.

This is one stripchat blonde not to miss and I know you want to go ass deep with Orianazoe, so here is a link to her room. Also please note that the sister site of Stripchat is called CheapSexCams so we linked you to her show there.

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A Stunning List of Blonde Cam Girls

…and we are not even done yet. These live blonde sex cams are mindblowing.

  • katyaaxo
blonde webcam girl
If you are looking for a really hot blonde webcam girl then check out katyaaxo.

Most of the time I go for the timid-looking Stripchat blondes you’d find in the teen cam sex category (18+), but that’s not always where you will find the hottest stripchat girls. It’s really not man; there is so much hot ass in the blonde Stripchat category.

To be blunt, what I have found over the past few weeks when it comes to Stripchat blondes kinda shocked me. I am just really surprised at how many gorgeous blonde pornstars are masturbating live on cam at this xxx cam portal. In fact, I slide in to check out xhamsterlive cam girls and found out that they’re from stripchat.

I mean stunners bro.

To be honest, some of the blonde women on live webcams on this cam site could be contests in a beauty pageant. Meanwhile, others are just fun and dirty camwhores. :-).

That was kinda anti-climatic huh.

Anyway, you get the idea. Katyaaxo falls somewhere between and her room is a lot of fun. You’ll first notice her fake as fuck nose job and botox-pumped cheeks but she’s got a really pretty pussy and is still a solid fuckable blonde even with the aftermarket parts.

Lastly, since I blew my load while she showed how she can take a huge black cock in her ass, the least I could do was feature her here on this list of hot blonde cam girls.

Her room is a fuckload of fun and you can’t get herpes if it’s online!  


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  • Sweetthrone

This next Stripchat blonde really is a bleach blonde who is overdue for her hair appointment, but that doesn’t make her any less cute!

shy girls masturbating
If you enjoy watching shy girls masturbating you will love Sweetthrone.

Watching shy girls masturbating live is always fun but Sweetthrone totally sucks you even more than other blonde cam girls. I would contend that it’s her super innocent yet mischievous smile that lassos most in.

This girl next door looks like she was peeled from the pages of a middle American cheerleading calendar; a young nubile smile with those big blue eyes and perfect complexion. She will have you wanting to totally spoil her in no time too because she is genuinely sweet. A big talker and a real-life screamer as well when she has an orgasm on cam; you just gotta check out her stripchat live xxx cam.

I might add she’s Ukrainian living in Poland due to being displaced; so now is your chance to offer some x-rated foreign aid.

You really need to go into her private room.


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  • sexytail007
blonde pornstars
Sexytail007 is one of the top blonde pornstars on live cam these days.

Holy smokes bro! Check out this sexy StripChat blonde.

Sexytail007 really caught my eye because she is so in tune with providing the best angles. I mean the truth is live strip shows are all about not just looks but the right clothes and the right angles. There is a lot more thought and creativity that goes into providing a really erotic live cam show.

That’s what you can bank on when it comes to sexytail007.

Check out her cam and see what I mean.


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  • Candy__Mila
blonde cam girl
Candy__Mila sure is a hot blonde cam girl!

Another one of the hottest blonde pornstars on cam is Candy__Mila. Candy has long blonde locks and the most supple thighs. The icing on the cake is she cams from home and literally has the sexiest clothes; all of which you can choose from in her xxx cam chat room.

What makes her one of my favorite blonde cam whores is her totally fascination with being the center of attention. This young webcam slut is a total nymph and totally soaks up all the attention she can get. Once you get her legs spread and start watching her rub one out she is damn near dripping she gets so excited.

There are few more authentic Stripchat blondes on the whole platform and that is apparent from the moment you enter her private nude show.

If you look closely you can see this chick has a real female orgasm on cam too, from seeing her butthole twitching in HD to watching her squirting on live cam; it’s all there!

Peer into her room and see why I gave her such a raving review and fat tip.

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  • KannaMoore

KannaMoore doesn’t speak much English and also does not know her worth. She’s a new 18-year-old blonde webcam model who just started camming.  She’s also fucking gorgeous, just take a look at those stunning eyes, award-winning smile, and her banging body.

stripchat global
KannaMoore is one of the most stunning blonde xxx models at stripchat global.

KannaMoore is a bit more selective on who she will go private with but she’s one of the most stunning blonde women who do sex cams I have found lately.

What shocks me the most is that she’s charging literally about 80 cents a minute and does it all!

If there is one thing we all love it’s a hot bitch that has no clue that she would be just as busy if she charged 3x what she does. It’s like finding a t-bone steak for 2 dollars after a 20-mile hike. I actually found her on Stripchat global when I removed my English language preference and I suggest you do that as well since most of the hottest blonde cam girls are international.

Finding hidden gems like her is why you need to keep an eye on my blog about cam sex. 🙂 I mean who else finds all these hidden gems and keeps you safe wanking to live cam girls!

PRO TIP: Don’t ask her to spread her ass when you visit her room. She will ban you for 24 hours. (Just saying!)


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  • Olivia_jazz
blonde cam slut
Olivia_jazz is a super hot blonde cam slut on Stripchat.

Olivia_jazz is a classy little blonde cam slut who greets all her visitors with a friendly, ‘Hey Daddy”. She’s got issues that’s for sure but lots of them might really turn you on. She actually loves to be choked and spanked and watched.

In a nutshell, she is into all that erotic shit most chicks will never tell you they get into!

I might add her live xxx webcam discussions are super affordable and she’s one of my favorite 8 tokens cam girls; not to mention another one of the hottest Stripchat blondes! Why not visit her room now.


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Well there you have it, I hope you liked my list of some of the hottest Stripchat blondes. You should also check out my list of the top Stripchat ebony and Stripchat Asian cams, that category is pure fire on strip chat global currently.

As a final note, some of you may be still exclusively wanking to chaturbate pussy. The reason I mention it as the cam site like Chaturbate that most people are using as their alternative to that platform is StripChat.com. So my point is that you may be spending some quality time looking at Stripchat blondes too. That is if you have not yet discovered this nude video chat website, and I know many of you have.

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