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Best Live Cam Sites for High Rollers

Are you the sort of guy that loves to make it rain from strippers? Today we are talking about luxury sex cams and where high rollers go to talk to cam girls.

Okay, so while there really is no such thing as high roller adult cams there are certain sites where those of us without any financial constraints are apt to have more fun and this article delves into our suggestions where whales and discerning men with lots of money will want to go to have the most fun with the most elite cam girls.

Luxury Live Adult Webcam Sites

Adult Webcam Insights: What High Rollers Expect from Adult Webcam Sites
Adult Webcam Insights: What High Rollers Expect from Adult Webcam Sites

Some people may foolishly suggest that there are specific adult webcam sites just for high rollers. The truth is that is a branding strategy and nothing more. What high rollers looking to use live adult webcam sites should know is that over 50,000 sites on the world-wide-web are actually operated by just 3 platforms.

These platforms offer webmasters the ability to operate their own cam site but offer users the ability to have a peace of mind that just the actual platform can access the user’s personal information and payment details. This security and privacy side of things is, of course, paramount to all users of adult webcam sites; not just high rollers.

That being said, most high rollers are intelligent people who can see the resemblances in the sites and immediately draw this conclusion. Nevertheless, the purpose of this article is to share these top platforms that are known again by thousands of brand names.

The companies themselves that operate the platforms will typically have 1 or more company brands that are the most widely knows. In order to keep fewer people in the chain costs that get passed along we always direct people to register at the company-owned brands over the white labels.

This just makes the most sense for the content producers, models, platforms, and end-users.

However, before I list out these top live adult webcam site platforms for big spenders I will zero in on some of the issues that are critical for the more affluent users; those users which I might add are often referred to as ‘super users’ and ‘whales’ by those in the adult webcam industry. We’ll pick up on these important privacy and security issues below.

( Pictured adult webcam model is ShannonSky one of the streamate models who often caters to big spenders)

ShannonSky, is an example of one of the popular adult webcam models on Streamate.com
ShannonSky is an example of one of the popular adult webcam models on Streamate.com who we can recommend. She has a grasp on the different expectations that high rollers have at adult webcam sites.

What High Rollers Expect as Far as Privacy and Security.

At most of the adult webcam sites online, specifically, the 3 leading platforms that we will be talking about today, webmaster marketers only have access to general usernames and corresponding stats. The reason for this is so as to make sure users privacy is protected!

TIP: When you register on an adult webcam site make sure to choose a username that is different from usernames you select on different non-adult sites. Also, make sure your passwords are different.

High rollers or big spenders on adult webcam sites account for more than 60% of the income generated in the adult webcam industry. However, it’s not just the big spenders that want to make sure the sites are private and all their personal information is secure; all users of adult webcam sites have that expectation.

Both of the sites we suggest for high rollers and big spenders are sites that DO NOT RESELL MEMBER INFORMATION. This is very important for your privacy on down the line.

Gorgeous American, English speaking models are typically the models that high rollers prefer.
Gorgeous American, English-speaking models are typically the models that high rollers prefer.

Sites that Offer High Rollers The Best Value & Security

The offers to those who spend the most have evolved a bit over the last few years. The two top sites that I think have the most emphasis on customer service towards this crowd are Streamate and Flirt4Free. I will explain in both examples why I think so below.

The Platforms for where those seeking Luxury Live Adult Webcams are best served are:

1. Streamate – In the case of Streamate.com it’s as simple as this, they are rockstars among all the adult webcams sites. High roller or not, the shows are a stellar value and they are the largest site with the best selection! It’s really the only pay as you go site where you can simply leave a credit card on file and know with 100% certainty that:

A. Your usage for shows will be properly rounded to the nearest second.

B. That you’ll always be discreetly billed.

C. That if you ever have any sort of issue with the performer you’ll most likely get a full refund.

2. Flirt4Free.com – (Full reviews here) With Flirt4Free, as I have said in the past, this platform is arguably where the upscale users go most often. You need to have a little more money to play on this site but it can be worth it!

Expect to pay more when you get more. Discerning high rollers often use these sites for adult webcam shows.
Expect to pay more when you get more. Discerning high rollers often use these 2 sites for adult cam shows.

It’s not the least expensive but the prices are comparable and there are only people here as in models who have the hottest looks. You will find porn stars and upscale magazine cover girls who do private shows for the elite. It’s a playground to the rich when it comes to acting our sexual fantasies on cam and a true high rollers adult webcam site. Similar to Streamate.com, you can be assured of your privacy and security and that the site is all about keeping you happy so that you will keep coming back. Some users on this site have spent upwards of 100k U.S.D. on models over a weekend at Flirt4Free.com.

beautiful women
Beautiful women like KylieClark demand top dollar and mostly affluent men view her show.

3. Our 3rd pick is LiveJasmin; virtual heaven of beautiful women and if you are looking for a place where rich guys can get all the tail they want as well as discreetly spoil gorgeous women, this is that place. The hot ladies come from literally all parts of the world and are willing to show all their parts for the right price!

It can be said that LiveJasmin.com is built for discreet online cam sex. With a plethora of gorgeous women and super hot college-aged girls, it is every man’s wet sex dream.

A few of our favorites, ladies that can be called the hottest webcam girls on the planet are DaisyDiamondX, charminex, AmberWillis, and KylieClark.

Let’s be honest, once you join that site you will have complete access to all the most expensive adult webcam shows on earth. These ladies are more apt to be some of the most beautiful women in the world.

If money is no object and no barrier all of these totally gorgeous women are willing to strip for you on webcam and do all sorts of kinky things. These are just the simple facts guys!

Loads of high rollers do use webcam sex sites and most of them know all about these 3 sites!

gorgeous webcam girls
DaisyDiamondX – Visit her show here but get ready to pay more than most cam girls
So naturally, all the top adult webcam sites are going to have elite cam girls.

However, some streaming platforms have more models across-the-board and are more expensive or shall I say more focused on elite cam girls shows.

However, you want to phrase it as there’s probably no politically correct way to say it; rich guys are going to more have more fun on the sex cam site than some dude with 20 bucks to spare.

So if you look to the right and left you’ll see two images of probably who are the absolute sexiest women in the world who do nude cam shows.

Okay so that’s just our opinion but the fact is if you Mosey over to any of these three sites you’re going to see some stunning girls but also some pretty high rates.

For example, if a cam site is charging you $10 a minute you’re going to blow a hundred dollars in just 10 minutes. If you spend an hour watching her go through her most private and intimate moments you’re going to send six hundred bucks!

Whales often spend $1,000 each time I log into an adult webcam site.

These guys have, ‘fuck you’ money and they have been known to sit on the toilet or cook while keeping cam girls on for hours.

If this is you, you’re definitely going to not want to waste your time on some nonsense site like DirtyRoulette or Flingster, instead, you will head straight with the big boys play.

Meanwhile, many rich guys get a rise from shocking teen webcam models with big money drops as they first get started. New Chaturbate girls attract lots of that, ‘fuck you money’ as well! Truly it’s new cam girls overall that are seeing the huge tips stripping.

At this time there are really only 3 platforms that we can suggest for high roller adult cam sites! I would just add that the 2nd selection is most suited for affluent men and women while the 1st is suited for everyone and you’re going to get a better selection and blend of so-so and super hot cam girls there.

Make sure to read our complete up-to-date adult webcam reviews. Lastly, if you are already a frequent user of adult webcam sites learn more about where you rank in our guide to the biggest spenders on adult webcam here.

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