Camwhores (WARNING – Stolen Cam Girl Videos)

Camwhores is a place to find stolen cam girl videos and I hate to write about it because I do not condone such outright theft or redistribution of free cam girls videos. That said, we still hope someone does something and so we are issuing this warning. 

Camwhores features a lot of sexy cam girls videos and have to say it’s not engaging to the eyes. Yes, I would love to watch free sex content and we have many porn sites for that. But Camwhores is stealing videos from some of the best adult sex cam sites and featuring on their site.

Camwhores looks 100% shady for the very start. What exactly Camwhores offers to adult users? Can we trust this site? Let’s find out more about this full-fledged review.

Camwhores: A Vulnerable Platform to Watch Free Sex Cams

Camwhores live model
Too many ads and redirects from Camwhores made the adult users left their balls dry for too long. This is not a good site! features a lot of different sites and their sex cam videos.

It works exactly like this, Camwhores grabs videos from some of the highlighted sites and uploads on their platform without proper consent.

In return, it tags some of the live videos as private and deviates genuine adult users into shitty cam sites.

Clearly, camwhores have no genuineness or idea to operate a live sex cam site, and furthermore, getting traffic and money using unethical clickbait techniques is their only source of knowledge.

I have personally seen hundreds of sex cam sites who are working day rigorously on delivering some of the best sex cam experience for adult users in a genuine and secure way. Compared to that Camwhores is nothing but a big pile of shit.

Most often than not, we can identify a live sex cam platform just by the way it looks and works. Camwhores site looks ridiculously old and runs on “Http” connection which is not secure to use to enter any data from our end.

Camwhores Features:

Camwhores tv sex
Camwhores tv sex cam shows are either stolen from somewhere or sponsored by vulnerable sex cam sites.

There’s nothing exciting to share about camwhores tv features and still for the review, I have completely checked and spotlighted some of the so-called features we see in camwhores.

Camwhores tv video thumbnail show time, rating, the time of upload, and how many people viewed he videos so far.

Home – Features a slideshow of 6 live sex cam videos from different cam sites and followed by thumbnail cam videos in different tags such as Videos being watched and New Videos.

Latest – All the latest and daily uploaded new sex cam videos are features in this option.

Top Rated – Some of the top-rated videos from users are mentioned here. We suspect it’s camwhores giving thumbs up for its own videos to attract users. Another old trick out of the hat to cheat adult users.

Most Viewed – Check out the most watched xxx sex cam videos from camwhores here.

Albums – Some of the xxx porn videos are tagged into different albums to spice up and throw some varieties to adult users.

Categories – There are a lot of categories being tagged according to the nature of porn videos. Here are some tags used in,

  • Anal, busty, fingering, naked, Asian, blonde, masturbate, fuck, sexy, bj, cum, milf, tits, lesbian, couple, private, boobs, squirt, facing, big boobs, tease, nude and so on.

Models – There are multiple videos of different models and featured in this option.

Playlists – According to the usage pattern in camwhores tv, playlists feature some of the recommended live sex videos for adult users.

Community – Lists some of the videos for community members in Camwhores.

Upload – If you want to upload any type of sex cam videos or live porn, you can sign up and use this option for that. Read the rules carefully before doing so.

Camwhores tv reviews
Camwhores tv reviews tell us one important thing. Never trust as a free sex cam video platform.

Although I would say it’s breaking the rules of many top cam sites and do not upload anything and get caught in danger.

Top Cams – Some of the top sex cam videos from popular cam sites are featured in this section. Why the fuck we have to watch in an unsecured platform like Camwhores? Think about it.

We could have easily gone on and watch unlimited sex cam shows on LiveJasmin (review at the links) and jerked off with ease.

Search – Users can type any videos based on different keywords or model names they know and get results.

Camwhores claim themselves as best cam tube for free xxx live sex cams movies and only a moron would believe that.

Here’s how the home page of Camwhore looks, home
Don’t get deceived from the sex cam video number and stats. is a big pile of SHIT.

Camwhores Pricing:

Pricing in Camwhores is baffling the users. Clicking on a private live sex cam show redirects to CamSoda (review at the link) and there isn’t much transparency in the Camwhores.

Camwhores clearly trying to quote the same price as Camsoda but the fact remains the same, Camwhores is not a legit place to watch live sex cam videos or pre-recorded videos. It’s not a safe platform. widely shows the Asian cam videos first that is hard to watch because of the un-attractive nature and the hardcore porn from Amateur cam girls.

Sites like Camwhores
Do you ever think you’re gonna watch sex cam girls like this in Never gonna happen. Instead, check out Streamate and watch free sex cam shows.

So, where exactly we can watch top sex cam shows from the best models?

The answer is pretty simple as long as you’re on the right track for the search of sex cam sites.

I have watched tons of sex cam sites and their videos, and nothing comes to the quality of what Chaturbate (review at the link) offers for live sex.

Camwhores Conclusions:

What’s the need for It’s made to confuse genuine and new adult users to a free sex cam video platform.

If you take a look at any top sex cam sites, they’re already streaming live sex cam shows for free.

Then, what’s the damn use of Camwhores? ZERO. This is another crooked platform to watch unethically saved private sex cams of models from different live sex cam sites.

Nobody would proper knowledge on sex cam sites would go and watch videos in Camwhores tv.

All the fancy numbers and video uploads can attract newbies but don’t risk yourself in a vulnerable and insecure platform.

Wanna shag yourself watching sex cam models naked? The easiest of choice is to have a look at which is one of the finest and most secured adult sex cam sites on the internet.

Don’t be fooled by Camwhores tactics on free sex cams. It’s not worth our time!

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