The Xcamy Ruse (What Most Members Don’t Know)

Did you get suckered into registering on Xcamy too? So many people are. We talk about xcamy.com the clone of Chaturbate here. A full honest review and analysis.

Okay, so I sorta have to laugh out loud in a literal sense when I hear people talking about xcamy.

Here is why.

The xcamy scam is not a scam in the literal sense of the word but it’s clearly a misrepresented live cams website because nowhere in plain view do they share the fact you are just being sucked into an affiliate scheme for a service not even truly offered by the owners of this white label site.

Dude, just look closely at the xcamy home page and you will see what I mean.

First off, as soon as you click a cam girls’ image you get redirected. That is your first dead-giveaway. The URL they divert you to use is https://cams.xcamy.com/.

BOOM. There you go, that is a whitelabel.

xcamy is totally pulling the wool over your eyes!

Xcamy Review: So Many People Duped By Overlay of Cams

It is so obvious but what they do is generate a whole bunch of dynamically generated keywords in a unique way as to get traffic to the site. Schemes like this without original value don’t tend to last long and sites like xcamy.com come and go fast. We are actually pretty sure the same website over of xcamy is also behind a number of other chaturbate.com knockoffs like screwcams.

Anyway, I won’t expend much oxygen on this because it’s such a blatant ruse they have going on and one most people see right through.

I just want people to know the truth about this dirty cams chat site.

The xcamy girls as you can see are entirely the exact same women and the exact same display patterns at the exact same time are being displayed. They are blocking robots from seeing the cam girls except for the aspects of bots seeing the fact that models are appearing, thereby making it seem from an algorithm aspect as if the site is legit.

It’s not.

Does anyone think that Surecakes is working on xcamy? HELL NO. The fake than the real platform where she works are displayed in the two images below so you can see with your own two eyes what I am talking about.


And here is the illegitimate one at xcamy.com.

surecakes chaturbate
This surecakes cam show is from chaturbate originally, not the site it seems to be coming from.

When you want to go to cakeland make surecakes it is the real dealio!

Truth be told, if they were any better at marketing the site they may end up on the list of the worst live sex sites, but for now few people are taking the xcamy bait.

Wow, man. I feel for you if you registered on xcamy.com and didn’t realize it was just Chaturbate.com. I mean heck, if you took this bait, you ended up with a slower version of the real thing with far fewer features, and one day when you go to the xcamy login you will notice it yourself and be kicking yourself for not just using the real thing!

Not to mention there is probably a reason they have not updated their @xcamylive Twitter in 4 years! 🙂

So clearly if you are wanting to know the real prices for xcamy are or what the xcamy costs are, just realize their the same as the site where these ladies are ACTUALLY broadcasting from.

Those that did fall for this and got an xcamy membership clearly had no idea that offering both their so-called random chat as well as the primary offering of live cams are simply API delivered services of live cam2cam shows for adults offered at Chaturbate (review at that link).

Sites Like Xcams Really Offer Nothing of Originality

There is a long and growing list of seedy duplicates of all the top cam2cam sites. The fact is some of the most well known or so-called popular porn webcam sites are f*cking fakes too. Such as rabbitscams, xhamsterlive, camonster, camfuze, and yes even pornhublive.

Heck, even xhamstercams is pulling the same shit but in their case, they are running stripchat over the top of their live sex cams.

Dude non of those are the true places where cam girls are working. They are using different programs but they’re all up to the same sneaky antics. There is actually a new one called Jerkmate that is doing this on a really grand scale as well.

Few xcams Reviews Exist Because the Site is Not Even a REAL platform

That is exactly what the site owners hope for on sites like this. Not to brag but that is one of many aspects that makes Brad the Cam Site Guy sorta special. Yes, I am talking about myself. Sometimes you have to toot your own horn. I totally call out all these duplicate and unoriginal video chat platforms and tell you about which real cam sex services you are using. 

I do so because we really follow the live sex webcam space across the web. So you don’t have to drive blind when you probably don’t have the kind of time that we do to research each site.

So the skinny here is that Xcamy.com thinks you are extra-stupid.

In conclusion, I would just add that sure, while xcamy maybe totally safe, who in their right mind wants to be wanking to some clone site with layers of sites between the true place these girls are working. Not me and probably not others as well if they knew the truth!

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