Chathub: A Cautionary Tale

Chathub claims to be an omegle alternative offering free random video chat. There is also a knockoff site of this adult chat site that goes by the name

Our review and warning apply to both sites. Welcome to bullshitville, a place where hogwash is free and orgasms are nowhere to be found. Let’s get honest about what you get at chathub.

You are not going to find the xxx fish sandwich that you are after.

Chathub Review (Do Not Get Bamboozled)

If you have stumbled upon chat with strangers websites that let you express yourself anonymously, then you also might be aware of the risks that come with them.

I am going to shed some light on how tons of users have been catfished on random chat sites.

Chathub cam
CAUTION: This is just a teaser of what you can expect on Chathub cams. The reality is a lot grosser.

Chathub is a bogus attempt at random cam chat with nothing new to offer. It sorta reminds me of luckycrush but even worse. You are fed the same old hoax of being connected with like-minded strangers.

As someone who has come across multiple shoddy chat sites, it wasn’t surprising to know that chathub is just a swindle. This strangers cam chat platform boasts about offering users thousands of online chat partners but what they don’t tell you is that most of them are just phonies posing as women.

I couldn’t understand the psychology behind a horny man pretending to be a sexy chick talking about the color and design of her panties. Perhaps, it’s some internal desire?

Whatever the reason might be, I am here to tell you that chathub has very little to offer, and indeed, searching for one chick amidst the endless ocean of dicks is an exercise in futility.

Tragically, you are a long way from Mount Pleasant!

How does Chathub work?

Without any mandatory registration, you can chat with users and practice your flirting skills. All you gotta do is select your gender and confirm that you are over 18 to begin interacting with strangers from different regions.

You have the option of talking via text or video and you don’t need to pay a penny. A lot of lust freaks bored of jerking off alone on mainstream porn sites look for some means to spice up their fapping game and end up on chathub.

Of course, you enter this chat site with the hope of finding sexy girls showing tits or twerking their ass on cam. I don’t intend to harsh your mellow but dude chathub is not a place to find coochies and boobies.

So yeah if the dick is your vibe, then be assured that you will find tons of them. As a matter of fact, chathub seems to be a pioneer in featuring old hairy meat flaps, just the thought of it is enough to make me shudder but yes, that’s what this awful site is all about.

Myriad Of Sick Fucks

The site design and layout fail to impress as you can see in the screenshot below.

Boring theme and a lousy interface are what chathub excels at.

First off, you will be asked to enter your gender and then once you click on “Start video chat”, you will be sent to the chat room. Furthermore, you have to choose between two chatrooms namely the main chat room and adult chat room.

Click on “search partner” and you will see random cams flashing on your screen and 99 % of them are men giving you a close up look of their nasty cocks, I had a similar experience on wickedcamchat, a so-called adult chat platform.

You get a choice of selecting the country and language, I was slightly relieved to see the option that lets you choose your preferred gender.

So I hit on “female” as fast as I could only to be prompted to join Chathub Plus that will enable the gender filtering feature. No thanks, I don’t want to pay $14.99 for a rip off when I can get my balls drained on Streamate cams.

You can opt for a text-only conversation if you don’t want to show your tiny guy on camera. However, the chances of finding even one intriguing encounter are slim so don’t get your hopes high.

Also, be ready to come across loads of fake profiles and spams asking you to sign up on some dubious hookup websites.

Anonymity gives you the confidence of pretending to be anyone you want. A 12-year-old boy might be posing as a 25-year-old stud to find a hottie he can jack off his horny ass with.

There is a real-danger here and it’s like a bad penis fly trap.

Moreover, you never know, the hot babe you are sexting with might actually be a Freddy Krueger. JUST SAYING!

You see, there are a lot of jobless dorks who have a shitload of time to fool poor fappers like yourself who actually believe when a slutty chick says that she’s picturing you while she’s flicking her bean.

Yeah sure, ask her to show her bean and then you will know that there’s no fucking bean but two hairy balls.

Chathub cam window
Freaky uncles everywhere!

As far as the site interface or user engagement is concerned, chathub has very little to no unique features. Simply put, they are just weaving a web of lies to dupe the users.

Are There Any Other Sites Like Chathub?

Yes, there are plenty. From the time internet has become accessible to anyone and everyone, the rise of free adult chat sites has been alarmingly high and time, and again, we blow the lids off such dreadful platforms.

We have tested some of the worst random chat sites and put forth our opinions. Now if you ask if there are some better alternatives to chathub, the answer again is yes.

You will never ever think of visiting anonymous chat platforms to masturbate your sorry ass on once you explore the stunning ladies performing on LiveJasmin (review at the link).

Likewise, go through the top 7 adult cam sites to get the real picture of affordable sex cams.

Chathub In A Nutshell

None of the claims of chathub have been true, and it’s pretty evident that the only thing it can serve is a disappointment. Several users have complained of catfishing because this place is majorly dominated by greedy dorks coming up with new ways to lure people.

Look, dude, I know your little guy is in hunger for real chicks who wouldn’t mind getting naked for a couple of dollars which is why I recommend you try

I have to admit that sometimes I get intimated by the professional demeanor of LiveJasmin girls and if you think you are more into the girl next door types, then might delight you. If you want to stare at real piss flaps that is much better place to do it.

We suggest lots of other cool sites like DXLive in our adult webcam reviews and we also warn you about the stupid sites too. Places like CamFuze and chatpig that are even worse selections than chathub cams.

When you want to find the upright wink it’s the best form, stick to the best sex cams. Your baloney pony will thank you later for taking some time to see which omegle alternatives are really safe!

Really though, the cute skinny cam girls on cam2cam sites like Chaturbate are a treat to watch. You can also check out the couple cams to witness some of the sexist fuck sessions.

My final words – Will I ever bother to visit Chathub again? NEVER in my lifetime.


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