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The 10 Strangest Live Webcam Fetishes!

So we can all agree there are some kinky people out there and NOTHING BRINGS OUT THE KINKY like live fetish webcams! Here is a list of the 10 most bizarre and strange live webcam fetishes!

List of the Most Bizarre Types of Live Webcam Fetish Shows

Exploring the world of live fetish shows on home webcams....
Exploring the world of live fetish shows on home webcams…

(As well as an explanation of what they entail, for those that have never tried these shows.) Which in this case will be most of you! We have also listed these kinky live webcam show types in alphabetical order.

  1. Anal Training Live Cams – Anal training versus merely anal live cam shows typically involve either two girls and a guy or a guy and a girl and they incorporate some elements of BDSM and domination into the shows.
  2. Balloons Live Cams – The balloon fetish is explained in detail here, but the basics of live balloon fetish shows are simply that some people get off hearing the sound of balloons popping therefore this adult cam shows girls tease and then pop balloons. Weird, right? I’d say so. However, to each their own…we are not here to judge!
  3. Cuckolding Live Cams – You’ve probably heard the term but never taken the time to see what it meant. No, it does not involve live animals or chickens so no worries. 🙂 The truth is cuckolding is simply having your partner be with someone else while you either watch or know about it and are turned on by it. Interestingly enough cuckolding is popular with the affluent, people with high IQs, and sophisticated people who hang in the burbs, and that in turn transfers over well to the world of live cams with many wives doing live cam shows while their husbands watch.

    There is something for every kink and fetish!
    There is something for every kink and fetish!

  4. Electrosex Live Cams – these shows are merely adult cam shows where models masturbating using machines. The truth is most of the time machines are not effective except for vibrators.
  5. Face Riding Live Cams – Again face riding only happens on live cam in the case of couples shows. Fairly straightforward though and actually quite a common fetish.
  6. Fisting Live Cams – Fisting happens often in live webcam shows these days but only by the female performer themselves rather than a partner. So while it’s not technically rare or that strange it’s certainly a top 10 live webcam fetish!
  7. Foot Fetish Live Cams – Ahhh, the so commonly referred to foot fetish. Many live cam models these days with sexy feet list this as a specialty in their bio pages. Occasionally you will stroll onto gold shows at Streamate.com where these shows are going on.
  8. Gags & Blindfolds Live Cams – Most couples these days have explored using gags and blindfolds so it’s hardly a fetish we can call weird considering this is foreplay that many singles and married folks are into, but truthfully in the world of live webcams you do not often run across models using gags or blindfolds. Perhaps the kinky dynamic does not adapt as well to adult cams?
  9. Humiliation Live Cams – Small cock humiliation is a live cam indulgence of many more men than one might imagine and the more dominant cam girls on top adult cam sites often do these types of live shows. It’s merely a dip into the world of BDSM which is becoming more mainstream all the time.
  10. Watersports Live Cams – Live golden showers on webcam are illegal as far as we know but you see many, many women who masturbate and squirt live, and truth be told this is one of the single most popular show types in the live webcams industry. What is it with men loving to watch women squirt? 

For the most common fetish cam shows this site (Streamate) is the best.

However, we have a more detailed review comparing all the top fetish cam sites.

Other less common live webcam fetish shows…

  • Pregnant Live Cams – I have always found women who are pregnant doing live webcam shows to be strange and not something I like to see. However, a source at one of the top adult webcam sites online tells us these ladies clean up; meaning they can make a lot of money doing sex cam shows when they are pregnant…the farther along the better, or at least that is the rumor we seem to have confirmed by our source.
  • Rubber & Latex Live Cams – You rarely see women or men in full rubber and latex attire unless you are at a site dedicated to live fetish shows.
  • Smoking Live Cams – While smoking is a turn-on for some men and some women, this is less typical to see in live webcams as there is inherently less mystery when you know the model is going to do a lot more than smoking.
  •  Medical Device Live Cams – Some men and women are turned on by the use of medical devices in sex shows, again a rarity to find on the most widely used live cam sites.

If you are looking for a site dedicated to only fetish webcam shows then your best bet for that is FetishGalaxy.

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