Adult Webcams Sites That Do Not Require a Credit Card

Adult Webcams Sites That Do Not Require a Credit Card

Looking for a cam site that does not require a credit card? If so this article is for you. Today we will take a deeper look into the frameworks of how adult webcam sites function and why they are in most cases free but free with a number of caveats that really make them of little value unless you find a site you can trust and choke up your credit card. 

Adult Webcam Business Models Explained

First, let’s look at the two business models and the variations that exist with those two business models.

  • First, we have Adult Webcams Business Model #1 – Pre-Pay with Credit Card or another form of online payment like PayPal or Payoneer; or in some cases bitcoins.

The variation to this is merely a prepay with a virtual currency. I am not referring to bitcoins when I say virtually currency either, I am referring to a credit that is devised by the adult webcams site themselves; one where you have to figure out the true value of your dollar, euros, or home currency because they give you credits via selling you a package of time.

This business model is NOT the most popular and adult cam sites that employ this billing method are losing more and more market share as adult cams go mainstream.

  • Next, we have the most popular Adult Webcams Business Model, model #2 which is postpay.

There is also a post-pay variation where customers are using some form of virtual currency in this billing method as well but it is even rarer.

This business model is the most pro-consumer if you will; for two distinct reasons. Those reasons are:

A. The post-pay business model in the adult cam business typically employs no virtual currency but rather has direct and transparent dollars per minute disclosed upfront with layers of protection so that you NEVER get any surprised on your credit card statement. These businesses are ones that discreetly bill you JUST FOR THE TIME USED and ONLY AFTER you use the service means you are not giving up the time value of money. Simple economics tells us that we should never pre-pay for goods or services, right?

The very best adult cam site for this business model is Streamate. (Read the full review here)

B. Likewise the same common sense tells us that the best cam sites should employ

Why you won’t find adult webcam sites that do not require a credit card

So read carefully here as I explain why you won’t find an adult webcam site that does not require a credit card, as far as REAL FREE SHOWS! The link below is no credit card adult cam site but only to the extent of seeing the models before they go to private shows. You may signup at using this special link to view the shows without any credit card. It will also allow you to chat with the models. However, what is the point of that when you cannot get a show?! Keep reading to understand better why I have to wonder why people are so worried about using a credit card on an adult cam site.

Send hours hunting for free, or think about economics for 5 minutes and then look instead for an adult cam site you can trust.
Spend hours hunting for free, or think about economics for 5 minutes and then look instead for an adult cam site you can trust.

It seems your asking the wrong question. Instead shouldn’t you be asking, ‘which adult webcam sites are trustworthy? Isn’t that what you are really looking for?

Logically, I can only assume at some point you are going to want to have an actual show, right? If so look for a cam site that has the best prices and offers the best value. Bear in mind it is that premise that these sites work off of as far as the convenience of simply getting a quick show and knowing there won’t be any hassles.  I can entirely understand your concern of not wanting an unpleasant surprise on your credit card but I would just say check around as what we are telling you is honest to god truth. Our readership only grows and people only refer their friends to this site for advice on adult cam sites when we offer information of value based on first-hand experiences.

Many adult cam sites are legit, and many men swing through for quick shows multiple times per week. We think that simply knowing the charges will be discreetly billed via a credit card in a post-pay system, rounding to the nearest second, and a cam site where dollars are dollars is the best way to go.  It’s a simple, easy, and no-fuss method to use live cam sites again all reasons we love some of the top sites we refer people to in our reviews!

Let me explain a few realities of the adult cam site industry for those of you who may have never really thought about it or researched it. First off, millions of people are using these live nude cam sites now!

As a matter of fact, in the U.S. alone, more women and men are adult cam shows as performers than the total amount of private school teachers. That number is a widely cited industry statistic that as of 2014 should really speak volumes about how popular adult webcams have become. That means there are now over 400,000 adult webcam performers and that is just the amount of U.S.-based performers, a fraction of the number of cam site performers around the world. After you take that number in then realize there is also the 389-t0-1 ratio of those that watch cams over cam site models. Getting the full picture yet? It’s everywhere, cam sites are very widely used and many sites are trusted by millions of men and women.

Therefore, all I am trying to say is that out of all those people using adult cams obviously a number of businesses in the adult webcam industry has a large and growing vested interest in running a very reputable business and a very tight ship. That is of course what we report on at; we do honest adult webcam reviews. (Here is our full list of cam site reviews)

Returning to my specific point though, that code above (Here it is again) will get you full access to, meaning it will grant you access to watch the shows and chat with the women but it won’t get you free shows! Free shows don’t exist my friends. Good values on adult webcams though do. That site though is part of the Streamate family of sites meaning if you really just want to see what you can get for free, without a credit card it is a great place to start. You need to use that special code though for the no credit card sign-up option. Actually really good values are out there on this site, especially when you think back to the fact that 10 years ago phone sex would cost you $4.99. I mean really, technology sure has changed the adult entertainment industry. The screenshot above is from what is called a gold show. These gold shows represent an incredible value. You get access to a live sex cams show for anywhere between 5-7 dollars. There is no per-minute charge. The shows run for about 10 minutes on average. Meaning you paying about .80 cents a minute. If you cannot afford 80 cents a minute, you probably have no business spending time on adult cams.

If you do not have a credit card simply head over to Walmart of Fred Meier and get a prepaid credit card as this will take you all of a half hour; problem solved. Adult cam sites do accept these as long as they have a Mastercard or Visa symbol and a credit card number. If, not having a credit card is not the REAL problem then just understand we recommend only trusted adult cam sites therefore, cam sites that have undisclosed fees are always highlighted here as sites to avoid. Again, a quick link to the reviews is above.  Keep in mind we try out each adult cam site and monitor our experiences with those that lead the industry over a long time frame. We share the best offers and the bottom line is we won’t steer you toward a site that is doing anything shady.

So there you have it, that’s all I wanted to share. Basically, the message is YES, you can use adult webcams without a credit card but YOU will never be able to get shown; which is the whole point of adult cam sites. The bottom line is when performers can make money broadcasting live nude shows why would they choose to do it for free? Answer that question and save yourself some time searching for something that does not exist. Now if you are ready for a safe experience using adult webcams I will again share our top pick for 2014; Streamate.

Want to learn more about starting your own adult webcam business? Hop on over to where we share the secrets of making money with adult webcams. Please note that

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