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Streamate vs Flirt4Free a Head to Head Comparison

Welcome to another update here on the adult cam sites blog. Today we are sharing a detailed and well-researched head to head comparison of Streamate versus Flirt4Free.

Head to Head Comparison: Streamate vs Flirt4Free

First off Flirt4Free is also commonly referred to by people in the adult webcam industry by its other names which are videosecrets and VSMedia. Streamate on the other hand is FlyingCroc from MTree or MoneyTracker. Both platforms are the parent sites for thousands of other adult cam sites that use the same exact adult cam sites under different brands. These are of course referred to as white label sites. We always suggest you go to the parent site as it just makes sense to use the main sites over a white label. Anyway, these are the two adult webcam sites in this head-to-head comparison.

Which adult webcam site is better? or
Which adult webcam site is better? or

Today’s focus is solely centered on user experience alone, not technical specifications, traffic volume, or anything that real people don’t pay much attention to. We are also not going to talk about other adult webcam sites in this post either as I really want this to be narrow in scope to highlight what makes these two adult webcam sites so great. At the conclusion of this post, I have linked the full list of adult webcam site reviews.

So I will also start off by saying what most of you might have thought would be left off for the conclusion and that is and are a dead toss-up as the two best adult webcam sites. Period. And here is why…

Cost of ShowsTie - Streamate overall costs are a bit lower but that does not always mean much though especially considering just how stunning the models are at Flirt4Free. Tie - Gold shows on streamate really push down the average spends on adult webcams. Considering more than 1 person can watch and models can get multiple paying this can be a win-win.
Number of cam modelsConsidering some of the biggest spenders in the industry choose flirt4free the level of privacy and quality more than make up for a few less modelsCost and value again are two different metrics that you can argue til the cows come home. However for bottom dollar savings Streamate does prevail.
Business model, post pay versus pre-payWhile it's true that you have to use credits, you do get a good value for your money in the QUALITY of the shows and adult cam models on Flirt4FreeThe edge here has to go with Streamate, a cam site that does not mask currency.
Quality of modelsEdge Flirt4Free. Considering by most of Luxury Adult Webcams or VIP Adult Webcams for the added sense of privacy this is where some of the world rich go for private live girls on webcam. Streamate has been and continues to be the king of the adult webcam industry but because they have more models it does not give the same aura or sense of exclusivity that Flirt4Free does. However, Streamate does win in selection and value making the two sites a near tie.
Outcome:+2 -2 Dead Tie+2 -2 Dead Tie

Moreover, below I have linked these two sites and then shared a quick resource for you to read our full reviews on both sites as well as detailed a summary on the pros and cons of both streamate and flirt4free. Ultimately the choice is yours but perhaps our research and insights can help you make a more informed decision.

A bottom line tie as far as the best overall adult webcam sites.
A bottom line tie as far as the best overall adult webcam sites.

Streamate Pros:

Streamate has a post-pay business model that consumers greatly appreciate. Many adult cam sites charge you before you do anything in the fact that you have to buy credits. Streamate makes being a member 100% free no catch, no games at all. You do have to input a credit card in case you ever do opt to go 1-on-1.

Streamate Cons:

There are really few cons or weaknesses to the Streamate platform from the angle of user experience. If we had to point out areas that the site could be improved it would have to be the ability to add a request refund button in case a performer did not do any kind of performance. This is however a problem that is very rare since the models are all paid on a commission basis based on how well they perform.

Streamate Overall Strengths

Streamate is the Walmart of adult webcams. You won’t find a better selection of adult webcam models anywhere in the world nor will you find a better deal. From couples to kinks, to gay cams, to couples shows; it’s all here. I should also say that Streamate is the place you should really start to get a good feel of how adult webcams work. Sure, it’s good to join both of these sites since there are no costs to doing so, but you really will get a good feel for just how popular adult webcams are when you spend a few hours on streamate.

By industry estimates, there are as many private school teachers as there are adult webcam models, which is approximately .4 million or 400,000. Likewise, the adult webcams industry obliterates all other adult industries taking in an estimated 1.1 billion dollars in sales a year as of the year 2014. So it is indeed, very safe to say, the chance your neighbors is on Streamate and perhaps even broadcasting themselves is quite high!

My point is, that this site is a safe, good place to start and it was also our best overall pick in both the two years.

You can join streamate here or read the complete/full Streamate reviews here.

Next up Flirt4Free…

It had to come down to the smallest of details and we still cannot say for sure either of this sites is better than the other.
It had to come down to the smallest of details and we still cannot say for sure either of these two adult webcam sites is better than the other. On this one, we suggest you register for both as it will be a close call for 99% of people.

Flirt4Free Pros:

The Flirt4Free adult cam site from a few years back and the Flirt4Free nowadays are two different stories. The site is vastly improved and you can really see the difference immediately when you visit the site. You see mostly all very high-end models with few excerpts, part of the reason for this is these ladies are chasing some of the biggest spenders in the world of adult webcams. I kid you not, some of the most attractive women work on

Flirt4Free is also where some of the biggest spenders go for what some might call luxury adult webcam experiences and the ladies here are keenly aware of that.

These big spenders are called, ‘whales’ in the adult webcam industry and flirt4free is known for attracting them. The platform itself also really caters to more private experiences than competing cam sites. Along the lines of these biggest spenders on adult webcams otherwise known as ‘whales’, Flirt4Free just had 1 user shatter the single-day spending record with that customer spending 100,000 over a 3 days period.

This just happened over the 4th of July 2014 weekend. Clearly spending 100k on adult cams requires some serious dedication not to mention a huge discretionary income. However, you can rest assured it does not take a lot to play with the big boys here as the costs are actually very comparable between the two platforms, with a slightly lower cost at Streamate.

Flirt4Free Cons:

Selection would be the only gripe and really that’s a week gripe because it’s hard to imagine getting bored with the selection at flirt4free. Couple that with the fact that some of the most beautiful cam models in the world work here and you’re not going to run out of models that fit what you are looking for anytime soon.

Flirt4Free Overall Strengths

Quality of cam models and the overall emphasis on private discreet shows. If you’re looking for a high-end virtual gentleman’s club on the web then this is it! You can join flirt4free here or read the complete/full Flirt4Free reviews here. Also, keep in mind you can read our constantly updated and always honest adult webcam reviews here.

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