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Free Chaturbate Tokens Hack (Warning!)

The urge to try just about anything to get free chaturbate tokens is understandable, but today we are debunking the chaturbate currency hack. This is a must-read if you want to really know if there are really any chaturbate hacks. First off, the chaturbate token hack is the stuff of urban legend. Is it really true?

I first heard about

Yes for a minute or two it used to work, but those days are long gone. With that said, let’s talk a bit about what the old chaturbate hacks were and if they really worked before.

free chaturbate tokens
So-called free chaturbate tokens and hacks are FAKE!

Before we do that, I do need to say that attempting to use a token generator for Chaturbate (review at that link) can get you into a heap of shit not to mention that their security these days is top-notch.

It is NOT worth the risk of losing your account and being banned from Chaturbate!

What Was the Chaturbate Currency Hack?

According to our experiences and the chaturbate tokens hack review we read, the so-called free Chaturbate token generator would allow you to get free chaturbate tokens and could be run from any browser, it was repeatable, totally anonymous and it would render up to 5000 free chaturbate tokens at a time.

This is the stuff of dreams!

Basically you want a free way to chat with all the hottest new chaturbate cam girls! Sound about right?!  Sorry, but we have to debunk this so-called chaturbate hack. Trying to trick or scam Chaturbate into thinking you are buying tokens in hopes of getting free Chaturbate token is a fool’s errand. Everyone who has taken some serious time to research and try these Chaturbate token generators knows that they are not real.

Sorry but there is NO Chaturbate Token Hack that Works

chaturbate token hack
There are no chaturbate token hacks that work! Since they offer free sex cams though, you can see a lot of nude webcam action without paying any fees.

The glitch that used to allow you to hack chaterbate and get those free tokens relied on a process where you tricked the system into thinking that you were processing a real transaction. You can bet your ass that once Chaterbate realized they were losing money to a chaturbate token hack they were fast at work closing those loopholes. These were the early days before Chaturbate became one of the top adult cam sites.

Again, my friends, there is no chaturbate token hack that works.

These so-called free chaturbat token apps or software claim to offer you a way around the necessity of buying Chaturbate tokens. Basically they claim to offer a way to get free chaturbate tokens. That said, we have talked to hundreds of tech-savvy chaturbate users and nothing could be farther from the truth.

Chaturbate token generators are fake and that whole notion of chaturbat tokens free is complete nonsense.

Moreover, trying a chaturbate currency hack will probably result in getting some malware installed on your computer or mobile phone.

These shady apk files that are claimed to work do nothing of the sort.

chaturbate currency hack
Now that you have learned the truth about the chaturbate currency hack be careful with software that claims to offer free chaturbate tokens!

You just have to be honest and play by the rules these days. Sayonara token hack!

A Chaturbate Hack Can Get You Banned!

While the chaturbate hack (even if it worked) can get you banned the good news is there is legit and real ways you can get free chaturbate tokens. If you are logged into chaturbate mobile look it’s not going to show up, but the next time you use a desktop at Chaturbate look for the, ‘earn free tokens’ tab along the top. It looks like this.

earn free token on chaturbate
This is the legit safe way to earn free token on chaturbate.

So the real way to get free chaturbate tokens is either by referral with the code that Chaturbate will give you or by joining the chaturbate affiliate program. Here is a link to become a chaturbate affiliate.

The only other method that works to get free tokens are by subscribing to chaturbat with the monthly fee; in such a case gifts you 200 free tokens. That is a one-time free bonus with an upgrade though and all you really get is the ads disappear.  The custom chat font, multiple cam viewer options, and anonymous tipping are sort of useless. At least these are real offers though compared to the fake token hack nonsense.

There is a 200 free tokens offer if you decide to complete the form to increase your daily spend limit on Chaturbe as well. However, that is only necessary if you become a big spender at Chaturbate.

With all that said, if you are suffering chaturbate burnout you also might want to read our myfreecams review. We wrote a really well-researched comparison of Chaturbate vs MyFreeCams as well to compare these two token sex cam sites.

MyFreeCams mobile is nowhere as good but there are some strong arguments as to why MFC is a fun xxx webcam option.

There are no MFC hacks or ways to score free sex cams shows at any other adult video chat sites, so it is not worth wasting your time trying to find something of that nature. However, all the token-based live sex cam sites are free to join, and frankly, they work better than any of the random chat sites.

Likewise, you might want to discover some of the more privacy centered nude video chat sites like LiveJasmin. Just remember to stay away from the dangerous places for live sex cams like DirtyRoulette and dodge the clones like xhamsterlive or jerkmate.

When you hear about free porn live, always remember to ask yourself some obvious questions! Is it legal? Is it ethical? Does it even make economical sense? If the site or claim does pass this 3-prong test then take a few more minutes and scan our cam site reviews to see what the site is really all about.

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