How to find the cheapest adult webcam sites!

So after taking nearly the last year to document our experiences on many of the most popular adult webcam sites we are now circling back to summarize some of the best and worst experiences we had as well as update our adult cam site reviews. (At that link you will find the top 5 best adult webcam sites as of January 2014. ) We have made adjustments to the list of the best adult cam sites more than 5 times year to date as prices and policies have changed. However, the top 2 live cam sites have not changed at all. Let’s look at what justifies the word cheap in both contexts of the lowest prices as well as the best overall user experience. 

Cheap is not always about the price per minute, but also about the value for your experience overall!
Cheap is not always about the price per minute, but also about the value for your experience overall!


List of the cheapest safe adult cam sites

Just a heads up, this is a mighty short list. Here is why:

We think it makes the best sense to pay as you go and not be obligated to fork over you hard earned money before it is actually owed or even earned by the service you are using. Whether that is for landscaping services or adult webcams, it just does not matter.  

This of course means that sites which do not make you buy credits have to come first in our reviews. After using more than 50 adult cam sites over the past year time and time again we always found that pay as you go sites were more fair and clear to use as far as determining what your actual total spend was going to be and how much time you got to spend with each model. Likewise of those pay as you go sites their was but 1 site that was fair with how they rounded the time you use with the models. Likewise, of those pay as you go adult cam sites one and only one has the safety record that makes it stand out in the industry. That is of course 

Streamate cams are the gold standard as the most secure and affordable adult webcam site online. Joining is totally free at Streamate and once you register for a free lifetime membership which again costs you NOTHING EVER, unless you optionally choose to go private makes this site still stand in a league of it’s own. Most of you alreay have Streamate accounts but if you do not you are truly missing out on the best user experiences in adult cam available anywhere online. 

However, value is not always defined by price per minute for adult webcams!

The only other experience that can seriously rival is Flirt4Free. However, flirt4free does require both a budget to play like a VIP and using credits. Flirt4Free was and still is the only other adult cam site besides that we could recommend with a clear conscious. 

Why Flirt4Free costs more per minute but is still cheap if you value quality.

For those who value their time and go for high quality experiences, Flirt4Free is the upper echelon of adult webcams. Some of the worlds very finest models use this site, meaning these models already have money, they sport high fashion tastes and clothing, and more often that not they have stunning and I really mean stunning bodies. Yes, Flirt4Free costs more than the best overall cheap adult cam site but it’s a website that everyone should try at least once.

Adult webcams safety advice – steering clear of the scams!

Our advice closing out July 2014 is stick with the top 2 or 3 adult cam sites and put safety first so that you never have to worry about surprises on your credit card statements and so that you have the peace of mind knowing that if there are ever any issues you can always rely on speedy customer service; such as that offered by both these two top adult cam sites. I can personally attest to the fact that if you experience any issues at either or that heir fabulous customer support always takes the matter serious and resolves it in such a way to make sure the customers come first.

I should also share that for a limited time Flirt4Free is offering 120 Free Credits worth more than 40.00 in free shows just for registering. Registering on the site is 100% no cost or obligation at all. Flirt4Free continues to grow in popularity and they are offering this limited time offer just to share with others what their site it like so people will see the quality difference first hand. I suggest registering, using the free credits and comparing this quality live cam site. That offer is here.

Also, as I mentioned, most of you are likely already members of Streamate, but if some of you are a last minute holdouts joining that site is a hand down, must. (Join Streamate Here Free)