ThePornDude Reviews Rankings for Cam Sites Are WRONG!

Dude porn is not rocket science! It annoys me so much when I see sites like theporndude offering a list of the so-called best free porn online. There are tons of these porn ranking sites that claim to offer you the best porn video or some best porn list that meets only their own perverted desires.

Let’s be real! Each of us is different and what turns one person on may completely turn another off. That is just life and the way that sex and sexual attraction works. With that said, today we are discussing the porn dude.

Theporndude is one of the most well known top porn lists.

porn dude
The porn dude list of sex chat sites has places minors might be present.

The website is located at and they claim to be the last word on where to find the best porn video as well as which cam sites are the best. That is a really tall order considering porn and webcam sites are totally different businesses. It is nearly impossible to actually have any expertise across both of these industries and that is where they fall short.

The fact is, porndude just doesn’t have any real idea about the best adult webcam sites but seems to instead rank the top cam sites based on whims (or maybe even which affiliate program is paying him the best!).

That is some shady shit man. 

Perhaps you have seen this website? We placed screenshots throughout this article to tell you exactly what we mean. It’s a link farm of affiliates offers chock-full of junk sites that I wouldn’t send my worst enemies to. Worse, he even suggests it is safe to use sites like Omegle for adults as a sex chat option when there is no real age verifications there.

Most of these xxx sites that they rave about and place atop the list of the best porn sites are not really the best at all. Look again at his rankings for sex chat sites. He has Chat Avenue as a place to go. Fuck that shit man.

Did you know you can end up behind bars for xxx chat on ChatAve?! It’s not intended for adult use at all. I mean what if you by accident end up talking to girls under 18 on cam there?! It is a real risk.

So perhaps a few of the categories they have a decent porn site listed but, come on man. Do you really believe that your own white label fucking clone webcam sites are the best in the world?

FUCK NO. The porn dude does not even believe that shit himself! He just thinks you are some stupid internet surfer that believes everything you read on the internet.

Dude Porn is Not That Simple, Mr. PornDude!

You see the porn dude actually just started covering webcam sites for adults a few years ago.

Clearly, porndude has yet to completely understand that porn is nearly dead in its old format. Unless you have been hiding under a rock you would have noticed that sites like xHamsterlive, one of the most prolific free porn tube sites is now completely focused on webcam sex. The same goes for pornhublive. Neither of these dirty fuckers is totally transparent though, and in the case of pornhub cams their own cam sex site is just a clone.

I mean, of course, I love Streamate (review at that link) but who ranks a clone of the original when you can be forthright and tell people where the true source of all those cam girls is. You know what I mean!

porndude porn site reviews are arbitrary and bias.

It’s just stupid.

You see everyone in the know in the porn industry in on the truth about porn streaming being the replacement for the ancient pornstar tube sites. And frankly as far as the best porn websites their all cams platforms. The same can be said for xxx cams when it comes to looking for the best free porn site. Sure you are not getting a private nude webcam show free you fucking idiot.

However, you can actually participate in sex chat, at nearly all the cam sex sites without paying. Theporndude really hasn’t taken the time to study the vast differences in user experiences at all the porn video chat sites.

Clearly, I mean who da fuck would say that

You need to know that most of the top sex cams don’t charge you a fucking dime to chat.

Most of you pussies have not taken the time to risk registering at live sex webcam sites. (Sorry but it’s true :-)). That is the problem, man. You are still fucking stuck in the 1990’s porn-scene mud. You are still thinking that adult pornos are the hottest places to jack off online. That is just so not true, anymore.

It’s like thinking phone sex is new.

I get it. I do. You probably got ripped off 10 years ago at some adultfriendfinder type con job hookup site. That is NOT what the good adult cam sites are after or all about.

the porn dude
the porn dude still lists some of the shady hookup sites that most people know to avoid.

These days webcam sex is a billion, with a B…billion dollar industry. This industry spans the globe and more than a half-million women work at nude cam sites. That means that adult video chat sites are focused on providing good value to you so that you will come back. These webcam porn sites get tens of millions of visitors per day.

That means that if they can just get 5 bucks out of 1 in 1000 people they make so much money that the platform profits.

Sure there are premium options and all that shit.  However, the porn cam sites look at each user’s lifetime value and they know better than to screw their own users. 

That is of course not the case at all the xxx video chat sites, but the ones we rank as the top porn cams, actually ARE! Unlike theporndude.

ThePornDude Must Not Even Use Live Cam Sites

Most of us that really are sex cam connoisseurs know which adult cam sites are good and which ones are a fucking ripoff.  However, when I see these stupid, ill-informed lists of top porn sites it just makes me want to barf?

porndude rankings
Porndude rankings include sites like CamWhores which steal webcam girls recorded shows and then sell ads on those same sites. THAT IS SHADY!

Do you really need some dim-whit behind a keyboard just building a list and collecting links to their uninformed and poorly opinions constitutes anything remotely close to real cam site reviews.

Someone, Please Tell PornDude that Free Porn is for Broke Losers

Want to know what the best porn ever is? Let me tell you. The best porn websites these days involve interactions with real human beings.  The days of free online sex videos are fucking gone man. The only real exception is the fact that most new porn videos are just video captures of webcam girls at porncam sites.

That is the fucking truth and if you took any time to actually check out which free porn tube sites are top-ranked you would see that is the case.

So if you want to just wank to free adult porn videos it is all good. However, most people would prefer to watch porn online free with the actual newest porn stars in live time. That is why webcam sex sites are the best porn sites.

..And it is also why porndude is totally out of touch.

Porn websites have completely changed man! 

Unless you don’t have 2 nickels to rub together, chances are (if you found a pretty girl) to chat with on cam who was ready to masturbate for you, you wouldn’t mind throwing her down a few dollars. Right?

That illustrates my point. The porn dude has missed the big picture in his top porn sites directory categories.

When it comes to ranking live sex cam sites, theporndude has no idea what he is talking about.

Moreover, the porndude rankings are all off base and the entire theporndude webcam reviews need serious help. I mean wtf man, saying (reviews at that link) is better than MyFreeCams (review at that link)? Are you bat-shit CRAZY?!

Yes, Chaturbate (review at that link) is good but better than You have to be kidding me!

My name is not Brad the cam site guy for nothing man. We are not here catering to fucking free porn losers and live sex freeloaders. Sure, we share the cheap sex cams sites, but the cost is not everything and quality porn plays a huge part in earning, at least legitmately any title of best porn sites.

These rankings are ASS-BACKWARDS! sex cam site rankings for sites 1-10 at least do contain some great cam sites, but once get past that their shit in many cases. Let’s look a little deeper at this. sex cam site rankings sex cam site rankings

Someone needs to step in and show theporndude what the real, key differences are in live sex cam sites.

The kind of shit a real xxx cam sites expert would know because he thinking that you can just do a five-finger knuckle shuffle and write about a site. It takes a lot more than some autoeroticism to really get a complete picture of all the different aspects of xxx video chat sites.

For example, did you know the cam site called PornDudeCams is a clone of So why not go to the source itself! You should. Also, you would never know by reading his review that they have a customer loyalty program where you can save a big percentage of the cost of cam girl shows over time. Once you reach a level 10 (like we are) you get nude webcam shows cheaper than the average joe.

The best porn is that which you can share with someone else! …and for that live adult video chat is the king of the mountain these days. The featured model is AbbeyAngels.
In other words, he must be going from hand fucking to mind fucking and not really putting any time or thought into extrapolating what each of these live sex webcam sites really has to offer.

Hell, he also has no clear earnings disclaimer either.

If you are comparing cams the porndude is the last place to check!

Rant over. However, keep in mind that in 2021 real porn experts know that the masses of people consider the best porn sites to be cam girl live video chat sites. The bottom line is they have replaced pornstars of yesteryear and that is why the entire landscape of porn is centered around live porn.

So stop wasting your time with the porndude and thinking that there is the best porn video or who the newest porn stars are because the truth is webcam sex stars are the real stars of porn. Free online sex videos are just rehashed events from these same ladies!

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